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Congratulations! You have logged in to work for three consecutive days. You gained 37 Exp. Points and 16 Gold Coins.

Lin Shu couldn’t help but feel curious as he listened to the notification of his gaining Exp. Points. That could be considered a log-in reward. Lin Shu wondered if it would be like those novels with terrifying log-in rewards, where the main character could check in at different places of the company and obtain other techniques and cultivation.

Such as log in at the office and gain ten years of work experience.

Or, log in at the meeting room and gain the ability to organize meetings for twenty years.

Or, log in at the car factory and gain 30 years of manufacturing experience!

‘That was terrifying! If that was the case, then it would be too awesome!’ Lin Shu thought.

However, it was evident Lin Shu wasn’t walking around to log in, but he was just sitting in his own seat.

Many colleagues in the office were paying attention to Lin Shu because they already knew that Lin Shu had resigned. That outcome surprised them, but at the same time, they also felt that it was expected.

After all, when Lin Shu said those words, he would naturally have to face the consequences.

In the world of employees, there was no such thing as a strong argument.

Lin Shu didn’t even notice the gazes of the others. Even if he did, he wouldn’t care because all he wanted to do now was to work hard and gain more Exp. Points. Although it would take a month to go through the resignation process, it didn’t mean he could waste it.

Even if Lin Shu didn’t have to work here in the future, he felt he had to do his job well every day.

Because that was the only way…


Congratulations! You have completed one reworked plan. You gained 289 Exp. Points and 15 Gold Coins.


Congratulations! You have completed drafting one work guide. You gained 301 Exp. Points and 23 Gold Coins.


Congratulations! You have completed drafting a technical flowchart. You gained 291 Exp. Points and 22 Gold Coins.


Lin Shu continued to happily farm Exp. Points.

Pessimist Qi Yuan looked at the smile on Lin Shu’s face. Qi Yuan was a little confused as he saw Lin Shu had been dealing with his work seriously even though he had tendered his resignation.

‘Why is he working so seriously? Isn’t he supposed to feel more relaxed after he tendered his resignation? Why is he still happily working? Could it be that he was pleased because he had resigned?’ Lin Shu thought.

The other people in the office naturally noticed Lin Shu’s odd behavior. They were also a little surprised because Lin Shu’s current behavior did not seem like someone who would resign.

After one resigned, one would start one’s last days of slacking in public.

It was odd that one was still so serious about one’s work.

That was because Lin Shu’s working attitude was outstanding. That was something that everyone could feel.

Zhao Xuan’s mood was also a little strange. He was also shocked that Lin Shu would still work so seriously after resigning. Looking at the email he had received, he couldn’t help but stand up and say, “Qi Yuan, hurry up with the instruction manual and SOP for each component group of the new product. Only Lin Shu has completed them and sent them to me. We’re going to try out the products here. We can’t wait until the workshop starts the trial production without the instructions and technical flowchart.”

Qi Yuan naturally nodded in agreement.

Hearing Zhao Xuan’s words, Qi Yuan and the others looked suspiciously at Lin Shu.

‘Is he really resigning?’ Everyone cursed in their heart.

However, there was no need to doubt it. Tian Cheng had also come to talk to Lin Shu alone.

Their eyes followed, but it was obvious that the other colleagues had no idea what was being discussed in the meeting room or how it went.

In the meeting room.

Lin Shu had no intention of conversing with Tian Cheng, but Tian Cheng was a little surprised. Yesterday, when Tian Cheng heard from Zhao Xuan that Lin Shu planned to tender his resignation, Tian Cheng was a bit surprised. After all, Lin Shu had always performed well. Even if Lin Shu rejected Zhao Xuan’s assignment, it was common at work. But now that he had really received Lin Shu’s letter of resignation, he had to process Lin Shu’s resignation.

To be honest, it was actually a norm for employees to leave. After all, the company would still be the same if anyone left.

However, Tian Cheng didn’t want Lin Shu to leave just like that. After all, Lin Shu was still competent. Most importantly, it was that now that Lin Shu had decided to leave, there wouldn’t be many people taking over the work that Lin Shu had been in charge of for a while.

Therefore, even if Lin Shu wanted to leave, it shouldn’t be at this time.

This was even more critical!

“Lin Shu, why did you tender your resignation?

“The company is doing pretty well in the industry. Have you found somewhere better?” Tian Cheng asked.

“No, I just want to take a break for a while,” Lin Shu shook his head.

Tian Cheng frowned. Such a reason for the resignation was too strong and free. It was completely idealistic and challenging to deal with.

“It’s true that you’re working a lot of overtime at the company, but you’re still so young. It’s also the time for you to work hard. Both Mr. Zhao and I know your capability at work. Because we trust your ability, we’ve given you more important tasks. This is all because we want to train you to become the company’s backbone,” said Tian Cheng.


Level 6 Rosy Pic Painter is trying to make empty promises to you!

Lin Shu was shocked as he looked at the line of words floating above Tian Cheng’s head.

Rosy Pic Painter: It’s good at making empty promises and flattery words.

Note: Its true form is a lie.

“You’re competent at your work, and we all know that. So, you have to work harder. You’ll have a lot of growth in the future. This way, you can become the backbone of the company. Your salary, bonuses, and other aspects will naturally be good. The company will not mistreat you.


Level 6 Rosy Pic Painter continuously uses flattery and lies on you!

Lin Shu looked at the line of words above Tian Cheng’s head and didn’t speak. He was thinking about how to kill that Rosy Pic Painter.

“Should I just expose his lies? But these are all just talk and unrealistic. If I fell for it, I would lose. How should I expose him?’ Lin Shu thought.

Lin Shu thought for a moment and couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Tian, I’m really grateful for you and Mr. Zhao’s high regard and training. In fact, as long as the company can give me a promotion and a raise, I could consider staying here. I will definitely work hard and fight for the company.”

Tian Cheng was stunned. He felt that Lin Shu’s words were familiar.


Congratulations! You have used the ultimate skill of giving someone a taste of their medicine, reflecting the Rosy Pic Painter’s attack and doubling it. You have dealt a certain amount of damage to the Level 6 Rosy Pic Painter. You gained 1,203 Exp. Points and 131 Gold Coins.

The smile on Lin Shu’s face became more and more sincere. He looked at Tian Cheng and said, “It’s true Mr. Tian. If the company raises my salary, I’ll stay and work hard.”

“I can’t decide on the salary increment here. The employee’s salary here is up to the Human Resources Department’s decision. Your current salary is actually a lot. It’s considered high.” said Tian Cheng.

Lin Shu was speechless. He didn’t know what to say anymore and thought, ‘What’s the point of saying those to me? From the looks of it, this Rosy Pic Painter was not that easy to kill!’

“You’re still so young. Don’t be impulsive. Give yourself some time and learn to be persistent. Only then will you have more room to grow and truly be able to take charge of the company.” said Tian Cheng.

Lin Shu remained silent and didn’t say anything. He just looked at Tian Cheng with a smile.


Congratulations! You have used Smirk, rendering the Level 6 Rosy Pic Painter unable to use its flattery and lies on you. You gained 1,001 Exp. Points and 161 Gold Coins.

‘Eh? So I could deal with Rosy Pic Painter with a smile.’ Lin Shu thought.

The smile on Lin Shu’s face brightened, and he smiled even more happily at Tian Cheng.

In a battle between experts, it seemed that one had to respond to changes by staying the same.

Lin Shu had recalled the word for “smirk” was…


The corners of Lin Shu’s lips curled up, and he looked at the other party. Lin Shu smiled at Tian Cheng like there were hidden swords and blades in the shadow fighting…

‘Continue with more of your lies! I will just smile and say nothing.’ Lin Shu thought.