Chapter 227 - First-rank Martial Artist, The Return of the God of War

Chapter 227 First-rank Martial Artist, The Return of the God of War

“If I were a first-rank martial artist, Great Qin’s army wouldn’t be able to keep my Great Xia diplomatic mission.” Meng Bai’s tone was calm, but the confidence within was simply about to break through the horizon.

Meng Bai’s ability to lead an army didn’t lose to anyone in this world.

If his cultivation could reach the first rank of the Martial Dao, he would have no shortcomings. Unless Great Qin brazenly mobilized its army… Otherwise, with the two thousand elite soldiers of the Great Xia diplomatic mission and a first-rank martial artist, Meng Bai was confident that he could lead the Great Xia diplomatic mission to leave Great Qin.

But this was provided he was a first-rank martial artist. How was it possible?

He sighed. Before he was injured, he might have had a chance to break through to the first rank.

But ever since he was injured, his cultivation level kept dropping. Until now, he didn’t even have a bit of spiritual essence left in his body. Let alone a first-rank martial artist, he was far inferior to even a ninth-rank martial artist.

“In that case, I think there’s something we can do,” Zhou Shu said. “Great General, you haven’t taken the pill I gave you, right?”

“Not yet.”

Zhou Shu changed the topic too quickly, and even Meng Bai couldn’t keep up.

They were originally discussing how to leave Great Qin, yet he suddenly asked about his cultivation. Now, he suddenly brought up the medicinal pill he had given him. What exactly did he want to say?

While Meng Bai was confused, Zhou Shu already continued, “Great General, why don’t you take the pill first, and then we can talk.”

“Take the pill?” Meng Bai’s brows furrowed slightly. He didn’t think that a mere pill could cure his injuries.

If it was that easy, why would he have suffered so many years of pain?

“You Marquis, the matter at hand is—” Meng Bai said. He was already on the verge of death, so he didn’t care about his own life and death.

If he sacrificed his life to allow Zhou Shu to leave safely and save a talent for Great Xia, he felt that it would be worth it.

“Great General, did you forget what I told you before? Why don’t you try taking the pill at a moment of crisis?” Zhou Shu interrupted. “Now, isn’t the current situation a moment of crisis?”

Meng Bai looked at Zhou Shu, his expression somewhat grave.

Could it be that the pill he gave him was a pill that allowed him to erupt all his strength for a short period of time by consuming the rest of his life?

Otherwise, why did he have to consume it at a critical moment?

If it really was that type of pill, Meng Bai didn’t mind taking it.

He knew that with his current condition, he would only have one final attack left after consuming the medicinal pill. Once the medicinal effect wore off, he would definitely die.

“Okay, I’ll take it.” Meng Bai nodded.

If he was given a few days, or even if he didn’t recover his full strength, even if he only recovered 50-60% of his peak strength, he was still confident that he could lead the Great Xia diplomatic mission and fight against Great Qin. Meng Bai asked his guard to bring the porcelain bottle over. Seeing this, Zhou Shu sighed.

He didn’t tell Meng Bai the truth about the Breakthrough Pill, so Meng Bai didn’t take it too seriously.

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If he didn’t bring this pill with him at all times, how could he consume it in times of danger?

Meng Bai opened the stopper of the porcelain bottle, revealing a thumb-sized pill inside. Without much hesitation, he put the pill into his mouth.

The pill melted as soon as it entered his mouth. It transformed into a cool aura that entered his stomach.

Zhou Shu stared at Meng Bai without blinking.

He was also very curious whether this Breakthrough Pill was useful to Meng Bai or not. The effect of the Breakthrough Pill was very clear. It could defy all external conditions and allow martial artists below the first rank to advance a rank.

Defying all external conditions… Meng Bai’s injuries could be considered external conditions, right?

Back then, when Yin Wuyou and Sun Gongping were seriously injured, the Breakthrough Pill had allowed them to directly break through a rank. Meng Bai should also be fine, right?

But Meng Bai’s situation was a bit different.

He had lost his cultivation due to his serious injuries.

There was no way to know his current rank.

In terms of spiritual essence, he was indeed not even a ranked martial artist.

But when he was at his peak, he was a second-rank martial artist. In terms of the Martial Dao, it was possible to call him a second-rank martial artist.

Thus, whether or not the Breakthrough Pill would be useful to Meng Bai, Zhou Shu didn’t know.

“It doesn’t work?” Zhou Shu stared at Meng Bai. After a long time, Meng Bai’s body didn’t change at all.

He had neither broken through to the first rank nor the ninth rank of the Martial Dao.

After he consumed the Breakthrough Pill, it seemed to be completely ineffective.

“That shouldn’t be the case,” Zhou Shu muttered. The Breakthrough Pill was a reward from the Legendary Armament Canon. It was impossible for it to be ineffective.

No matter how Meng Bai’s cultivation was determined, at the very least, he should have the strength of a ninth-rank martial artist. “Sigh…” Meng Bai was just about to open his mouth to speak. His body was already like a dried up lamp. Even if it was a pill that burned his life force, it might not necessarily be useful to him.

Suddenly, his expression changed.


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A powerful aura suddenly emitted from Meng Bai’s body.

The expression of the carriage driver and bodyguard, who had always been guarding Meng Bai, changed greatly. Just as he was about to move forward, the tyrannical aura already directly pushed him several meters away, smashing him into the wall with a bang. Zhou Shu also felt a powerful pressure coming at him. He stood rooted to the ground, not moving at all.

His face revealed a look of pleasant surprise. This aura, did Meng Bai break through to the first rank?

Zhou Shu looked over, only to see Meng Bai’s eyes tightly shut as heaven and earth vital qi crazily surged into his body.

In the air, an enormous vortex that was over a hundred meters in diameter appeared. Heaven and earth vital qi formed the shape of a funnel, and Meng Bai was below it.

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