Chapter 19

Name:Kill This Marriage Author:리사벨
Raul quieted down his steps, went out to the main gate, and headed for the backyard.

What he saw then was the sight of a woman climbing silently up a tree, with her white legs exposed.

Her pale feet clung to the tree and moved up and down.

Her face was already hidden between the branches.

‘It’s fun.’

There were few people in Raul’s life who had personal significance.

Grace was a rare exception to his life category.

A long time ago, when he lost his parents and became an orphan, Grace became his supporter as his teacher.

And she was devoted to teaching him in a situation of no gain.

Such a connection was not easily cut off. Raul was deeply indebted to Grace.

The problem was that Grace became a little strange after her daughter Siena died.

Grace was then easily taken in by young women reminiscent of Siena.

She would show generosity for nothing and sometimes give money. And she didn’t ask for anything.

In addition, Grace had a high status, and Grace was from two intelligence agencies, so she knew too much.

Grace was a woman Raul should take care of politically and privately.

So Raul was most wary of young women by Grace’s side.

For example, this woman who’s kneeling in front of him.

A woman who looks innocent and mysterious.

She looked at Raul with trembling green eyes, with her delicate golden brown hair hanging down to her waist.

Raul was confused at the moment how many emotions crossed in her eyes.

Do I know this woman?

“Who are you?”


“If you’re not a fool, you have to answer. And look into people’s eyes.”

He lifted the tip of his sword and gently touched Nicole’s cheek.

Nicole’s body got goosebumps as if she was caressed by a snake.

At the same time, she remembered his touch from her past life.

Nicole’s face began to turn red. Her hands trembled faintly.

It was both familiar and unfamiliar that Raul was in front of her.

She was scared and glad…… Just a lot of emotions mixed inside her.

“You shouldn’t do that in a situation where you’re suspected of being a spy. It’s even more suspicious if you act so pitifully. It’s even worse when you eavesdrop on others.”

Nicole only answered calmly.

“I’m just…… I just came to give some herbs. And I got pocket money. A piece of silver. That’s all.”

“Did you?”

He spoke kindly.

“That’s a lot of money.”

Nicole was so nervous that she didn’t even notice Raul was teasing.

“Yes, to me, it’s like my entire fortune……. It’s not that…….”

Nicole thought. How did she talk to Raul before?

Actually, she doesn’t remember them having a conversation. Because she used to get angry or have seizures all the time.

“I swear I don’t intend to harm Madam Grace. I don’t want to use her. Well, if someone like me comes in and out of this house and bothers her, I won’t go anywhere near her again.”

A tear fell from Nicole’s eyes after she finished talking.

Raul took a step back. Nicole barely got up.

Raul looked over at her. If this was acting, she should receive a standing ovation after that performance.

Nicole really looked like a simple, pitiful young woman from a farmhouse. She was just a rare beauty.

“Did Grace tell you to hide in the warehouse?”

“Yes. She said… the annoying people were coming, so she told me to just go through the back door. I didn’t know this would be such a big deal.…. Since I was young, my parents told me to hide whenever I saw nobles.”

Nicole, who confessed everything to Raul, didn’t seem very clever.

In addition, if there was such a beautiful daughter in a poor farmhouse, it was common to hide her because it would be a source of trouble for high-ranking people.

At that moment, Raul saw a dot under Nicole’s eyes in the light.

The faint dots on her right cheek were drawing a triangle.

“Since when did you have these?”

“It’s just freckles, sir.”

Nicole said quietly.

“It’s almost gone now.”

“That’s too bad. If there were any left, it would have been worth counting.”

Nicole was so surprised that her heart almost popped out.

“Uh, I… It’s…”

“Relax, I’m kidding.”

Raul said.

“You’ve got to go.”

Raul said.

“Seeing you climb a tree, you’re not a lady so I don’t need to see you off.”

Nicole started running barefoot.

She doesn’t care if she hurt her feet. Raul looked after her back for a long time.


“Did you kill her?”

As Raul returned to the house, Grace looked at him with an expression of ridiculousness.

Seeing that there was no scream from outside, she thought nothing was wrong, so she was just waiting for the tea.

“I thought it was a rare bird that could only be caught at night, but it was just a small rabbit. I’m not interested in hunting like that.”

“I told you it wasn’t a big deal.”

“It’s a little strange that people live in a place like this.”

“People can nest anywhere if they’re poor. Anyway, as you say, to enjoy retirement, you need to know how to show mercy to those poor children. Am I suddenly upgraded to a dangerous person by giving them some small money?”

“It’s just that I don’t have a good feeling.”

But Grace didn’t pretend to hear. Raul felt a slight fatigue.

“See you in a few days when I finish my work.”

Raul said in a non-sweet tone.

Grace only snorted and didn’t see Raul off either.


“Heuk, heuk…”

Nicole ran through the woods.

‘My feet… hurt.’

When Nicole arrived home, she took a deep breath. Then she hurried into her room.

‘Raul… you were there.’

However, there is one difference from the past life.

It was that Raul didn’t know who I was yet.

An indescribable emotion swept through her mind.

‘How stupid I must have looked. But…’

We’re not meant to meet again in this life.


Is it because she’s afraid or because she misses him? Her heart beat loudly.

At the same time, Nicole felt one more misunderstanding about Raul being resolved.

It happened in her last life.

The day Nicole listened to the music box while having tea with Raul in the drawing room.

Since then, Nicole has secretly gone to his drawing room once.

The relationship between the two wasn’t the worst at the time. Nicole fiddled down the music box a few times.

And a few days later, the butler visited and said.

⟨All the items placed on the fireplace in the drawing room are relics of Grand Duke Valentine’s old colleagues. It’s been there for a while and he’s decided to dispose of them all. He’s going to throw away this music box, but he told me you may keep it if you want.⟩

⟨Whose item is this?⟩

⟨It’s his teacher’s belongings. Do you remember the previous training? Never mention his late teacher or parents. So, thanking him for the music box is prohibited.⟩

She didn’t know then, but now she understands.

“By that time, Grace must have already died in the witch hunt of the villagers.”

A person of such high status, Nicole recalled the conversation between Raul and Grace.

At first glance, they seemed to have a bad relationship, but that would not be the case at all.

‘Raul wouldn’t have spent ten minutes with Grace if they really didn’t get along. Because he hates wasting time the most.’

And after much time, Siena’s belongings were turned into Grace’s belongings and kept in Raoul’s drawing room.

‘Another question has been answered.’

The first day they met in their last life. The reason why Raul killed the villagers.

‘Maybe it was Raul’s venting, or revenge. Revenge for those who witch-hunted his mentor, Grace…….’

Either way, for Rau, Grace is his teacher whether he likes it or not. But somehow it didn’t seem like Raoul hated Grace.

Rather, she felt like he had some deep respect. It was just a hunch.

‘I really didn’t know anything about you. I’ve always wanted to demonize you.’

But now there was no time. Now that Raul came here, Nicole had to leave.

‘Let’s get ready to leave right away. I wish I could afford to wait for Father, but I can’t. It’s really dangerous if Raul is nearby.’


The forest of summer was filled with green grass and tree fruits.

Nicole checked that her mother had taken a nap and went out with a basket on her arm.

She picked herbs and mushrooms for dinner.

Then she turned around and headed for Grace’s mansion with a quick step.

‘I hope Grace understands what I mean by this letter. I wish I had time to meet her in person, but…….’

Nicole wrote a letter and threw it under the garden of Grace’s house.

Then she waved the bell in front of the house as hard as she could.

Breaking the silence of the day, birds flew out of the forest.

The front door opened. After confirming that Grace was coming out, Nicole stopped her footsteps and ran toward the house.

‘Since you know Raul, I can’t meet you again. Even that’s dangerous.….’

Isabel’s plan for Grace’s property.

Nicole wrote down the details in the letter.

She also advised her to deal with Jen and Karen as soon as possible.

It’s time to go back home. Today, she has to spend special time with her family.


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