Chapter 16

Name:Kill This Marriage Author:리사벨
“That woman named Grace. She’s dead to you, isn’t she?”

“She’s a little weird. I think she’s good with the sword, and she hunts by herself. But she has a weakness. She’s weak with women my age. I think her daughter died? So I’m dying while I listen to her story and act like her dead daughter. I can imagine what kind of girl she is, and she seems like someone I know.”

“Kyahahahah! You’re doing great. Isabel, you have a gift”

“Don’t say that. I’m embarrassed……. By the way, she’s a little…… I think she has mood swings. I don’t think we should mess with her.”

Isabel said after a while.

“So on the day when we incite the villagers, you must give her sleeping pills. Sometimes there’s life in her eyes…….”

It was then. She heard the door open. Nicole freaked out, but it was the back door, not the front door which was near the window where Nicole was hiding.

There was a heavy sound of footsteps as a man walked in.


Isabel approached him with a bright smile.

“Are you feeding the bugs well?”

“Oh, that weird bug? It’s growing at an incredible rate. It’ll have babies soon. How on earth do you raise such a thing? I’m already feeding them.”

“Anyone who simply feeds it can do it. But I’m the only one who can handle such a bug. Be careful. You can get poisoned if you get bitten incorrectly.”

Nicole couldn’t listen to the conversation anymore because she felt disgusted.


Nicole staggered and rushed into Isabel’s room.

Then she headed to Isabel’s secret lab, which she found yesterday.

‘No way, please…….’

The door of the secret laboratory opened.

‘I hope it’s not there. I knew you were a devil, but that’s too much. Mother had a lung disease.’

Nicole opened the cupboard slowly, praying eagerly. It was a space that she couldn’t open until yesterday.

The house was so predictable. They had nothing, so they lived with a fondness for tools related to pharmacology.

Among them, she knew what her mother’s medicine was.

It’s an old crystal bottle with a pointed lid. Written there was the date and name of the medicine on the bottle.

“Ha, ha, ha….”

Inside the cupboard, crystal vials were lined up in order of date. It was all drugs full of poisonous insects.

There are also kinds of drugs that should never be made or touched. It was the kind of medicine that used poisonous insects.

It was only raised for medicinal purposes, but it was not made into medicine.

Poisonous insects are not difficult to keep. However, it was only difficult to use it at the right time to show an appropriate effect.

“The Windbug.”

Isabel called it with such an alias.

When it is larvae, it is also caught alive and put in a combined reagent according to the recipe, and the reagent turns into a poison.

‘If you eat the poison secreted by this worm, it will have a great painkiller effect and it would seem to have a healing effect at first. But it permeates to the body and makes the patient more sick in the long run. It is especially the worst medicine for the lungs.’

She probably kept the bug-soaked medicine well. At the end, she would have removed the bug and fed it to Freya.

‘That’s why my mother’s illness got worse.’

Nicole wiped away her tears. She tried to be cool.

‘Should I reveal this to my family right away?’

The answer was no. Even if she exposes this lab right now, there are many ways Isabel can avoid it.

There are poisonous weeds that cause milk disease, and poisonous insects that go into my mother’s medicine.

She can just say, “It was made for an experiment.”

Nicole wanted all Isabel’s sins to be revealed at once.

So that Mother and the whole family can gather together and kick Isabel out at once.

The door of the secret laboratory closed again.


Isabel was in a very good mood. She hummed home.

“All good things belong to Isabel. Everything pretty is Isabel’s. Everything maggot or ugly is my ugly sister’s.”

Isabel’s goal was simple and lucid.

Splendid and wonderful. It’s to be a high-class noble who lives a beautiful life.

There are many reasons why Isabel, who lives hidden in the mountains, came to think of such an idea.

First, Isabel secretly read the books her mother had collected.

There were also numerous magazines in it. Beautiful women in colorful clothes and hats full of flowers and feathers. They were like angels.

‘Ah, this is who I really am. I have to live in clothes like this.’

Isabel swore to herself after that day.

There is no basis, but she must be a valuable person by birth.

Now this crappy environment surrounding her and her family were all fake.

Nicole and Jay, her own siblings, are so stupid. They obeyed their parents without complaints.

‘The only joy in my life right now is making fun of my stupid sister.’

The reason why she likes to bully Nicole was simple. Nicole was similar to herself. She’s smart and sensitive.

In fact, being sensitive means changing whenever she pokes her.

But for some reason, Nicole didn’t know herself very well.

Isabel spent countless hours making her sister secretly upset with her parents.

⟨By the way, Mother doesn’t like sister laughing. Why is she like that?⟩

At the same time, building a wall between family members and manipulating them. It was Isabel’s favorite hobby.

“Jay can’t do whatever he wants because it’s boring, but—”

Actually, she didn’t care much about Jay. He was younger than Isabel and nice, so she could use him as much as she wanted.

She knew Nicole had become strangely depressed in the past two days. So she was upset with her.

But in the end, she apologized.

That was the evidence that everything was normal and things are working as they should.

“It’s all Isabel’s. That stupid grandmother’s property, my future happiness. The loyalty of that stupid siblings, Karen and Jen.”

Isabel had a firm plan for her future.

‘It’s obvious that we’re hiding like this because Father owes someone a lot of money. Or he’s a sinner. So my family will only hold my ankle from now on. The whole family has to die. There will be no evidence if I change my identity.’

Isabel wanted a new identity. It should be a very great and perfect status.

Isabel, who has never been out of the world, knew how important it was to have a last name.

Karen and Jen are from the conflict zone. She’s already heard how much they suffer from having an ambiguous status there.

‘I’m gonna kill someone and take their identity.’

She can have everything in the world if she wants it. She was born this pretty and smart after all.

Isabel was happy. Because freedom was approaching.


Contrary to Isabel’s happiness, Nicole became calmer day by day.

Nicole, sitting in her room, tied her hair slowly. The night came again.

‘Isabel, there’s not much time left for you to reveal your true self. I have to say thank you. I can’t believe you’ve already planned this. Thanks to you, I don’t have to convince our family what you are.’

Nicole’s days have been very desperate and chilling since she turned back time.

In fact, she has never been at peace.

She was just running away from her true self. Now she was about to end everything this time.


Nicole made a new medicine that evening.

And on that day, she gave medicine to Mother who was not feeling well. Mother fell into a deep sleep.

“That’s strange, Nicole. I’m not feeling well today. I think the medicine tastes a bit weird. Did Isabel make the medicine right?”

“You couldn’t sleep because you coughed too much yesterday. So today, I added some sleeping pills to the recipe that Mother prescribed and made it again. Have a good night’s sleep.”

Originally, she should be addicted to an anesthetic toxic drug. Because Isabel’s has drugged her for a long time.

‘Since the anesthetic ingredient is gone, it’s natural that she’s in pain.’

Nicole gritted her teeth. That’s why she prescribed sleeping pills to Mother, who will suffer from withdrawal symptoms tonight.

Hearing that, Mother slowly fell asleep. Nicole went out into the hallway.

‘First of all, let’s work out Grace’s problem’

She can’t let Grace die. She had such a hunch.

The number of victims of Isabel should not be increased.


“I mixed medicine into the cows’ food. They’ll be all right now. But they’re in a recovery period for a while, so you’d better be careful.”

Nicole went to Grace as promised.

She turned on the lamp of the dark barn and whispered to Grace.

Grace gently advised Nicole to have a cup of tea.

Nicole entered Grace’s house on the second floor for the first time. It was a small tea room that she had never entered before.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No. I just thought that you really came. It’s fascinating.”


At Grace’s words, Nicole opened her eyes wide.

“I take medicine for a nervous breakdown. Isabel, come and go so often, but I met you on the last days my daughter’s soul is about to pass. I wondered if you were a person or a ghost.”

“You shouldn’t take the medicine that a ghost gave you. Here, I’m not a ghost, it’s a medicine I made.”

Nicole also gave Grace a scent for a good night’s sleep. It was all hastily made.

Grace said thank you and tried to give her silver. Nicole politely declined.

“It’s really okay. I didn’t give it to you for a price, ma’am.”

“Call me Grace. If I don’t give you anything, I feel uncomfortable.”

Nicole refused desperately and ended up receiving only one silver coin.

Today Nicole was going to tell Grace all about Isabel’s plot.

But I thought, what if Grace didn’t get angry or believe it?

So Nicole first decided to pray for Siena in honor of Grace.

There aren’t many people who can be rude to someone who remembers someone who is precious to them.

“Yes, Grace……. Well… is your daughter’s memorial altar still there?”

Nicole said quietly.

“Of course, I always set it up.”

“Then can I pray for your daughter?”

Grace looked surprised and said yes.

“As expected…”

Nicole headed to the memorial altar.

Usually, young people’s memorial altars are placed with objects that they liked and flowers in full bloom.

‘It wasn’t a mistake.’

‘It bothered me the last time I saw the memorial altar.’

Pens and small stamps that can be used on letters… … .

Among them was a white music box made of porcelain placed between flowers.

A music box with a spirelike decoration, Nicole lifted it up.

In her last life, she has seen an orgel similar to this one.

It was in Raul’s drawing room.


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