Chapter 8

Name:Kill This Marriage Author:리사벨

She hears people crying.

“Kill the witch, execute her!”

“The Devil who killed the Grand Duke! The daughter of a traitor!”

The rotten food hit Nicole on the head. Nicole was walking through the crowd in a ragged form.

The public execution today was meant to console the people over the death of Grand Duke Valentine, a beloved figure to the people.

‘It’s all because of my stupidity.’

Her body swelled with wounds and her mute tongue caused derision from the public.

But now she couldn’t hear or see anything. There was no pain or shame.

“Break her arms and legs first and then hang her!”

Someone shouted in excitement. She stood before the execution table. Then the executioner, wearing a hood, whispered.

“The Grand Duke’s coffin will soon pass through here.”

Nicole turned her head with a startled face. It was a familiar voice.

It was the knight close to Raul, Bastard. His black eyes, mixed with Eastern blood, were already familiar.

‘Raul’s coffin will pass through here?’

The guard’s words came to mind.

In order to show Nicole’s death to Raul’s body and to relieve his resentment, he said they will deliberately start the procession of the coffin in front of the execution site.

“When his coffin appears, people will pay attention to it. Throw yourself through the crowd then. Our people are waiting down there.”

But the mute Nicole couldn’t answer. Instead, she made a sign that she understood with a wink.

“He– he always prepared for his assassination. That he may die of such an ugly poison.”

There was a faint hatred for Nicole in Bastard’s voice.

“Here comes the Grand Duke!”

Nicole tilted her head long.

In the dim view, she could see an open carriage pulled by six white horses. It was loaded with a transparent crystal coffin.

As the coffin passed through the crowd, some sobbed, and others shouted in maddened voices.

“Execution! Execute!”

“Kill the wicked woman!”

It was that moment.


There was an explosion in the distance.


“What is this?!”

People screamed in an instant. The look of people running around, scared…….

It was planned by Raul’s aides.

Bastard quickly cut Nicole’s hand off the rope.

In a moment, Nicole drew a dagger from Bastard’s waist.

Then she jumped into the crowd as Bastard told her to. The carriage made its way steadily towards the execution site.


The horse jumped in fright.

Her wounded leg felt like it was broken. Nicole was lucky to settle on Raul’s coffin.

‘I must have broken my leg.’

There was a thud. But Nicole didn’t budge.

The crystal coffin had no lid. Raul was surrounded by lilies.

‘I see your face properly now only after you die.’

Raul’s body was pale. He also looked calm as if he was asleep.

In a very short moment, in a few seconds. Nicole caressed Raul’s face.

‘Why did you die for me?’

But now she doesn’t even have time to worry about it.

‘As you said, if we meet in the same hell one day, I’ll get an answer.’

Nicole closed her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

Then one of the knights around the carriage shouted.

Nicole was holding the small dagger from Bastard’s waist as soon as she jumped.

Looking at Raul’s beautiful face, Nicole cut her throat at once.

Nicole’s blood was scattered over the white flowers that wrapped his body. Nicole covered herself over him. Her eyes closed slowly.

Nicole’s lips, as she closed her eyes, were filled with a faint smile.

Bung, bong!

This time, another explosion occurred in the opposite direction.

It has been a long time since the knights who guarded Raul’s coffin fled after leaving their swords.

The explosion occurred near the river near the capital.

There were no casualties because of that. The only person who died that day was Nicole, who was on death row.

When people looked into Raul’s coffin again, what they found was Nicole’s body, with her eyes closed, dead in Raul’s coffin.


Then Raul’s fingertips moved.

Raul’s eyelashes fluttered faintly.

‘I left a will that you must save the Grand Duchess first.’

Even Bastard, who had a frustrated look as he stood in the crowd, did not know the minute changes in Raul’s body.

⟨Nicole. Just because you don’t have healing power doesn’t mean you lack ability.⟩

Mother caressed six-year-old Nicole’s hair and whispered.

⟨In fact, the ability you possess is the most superior ability of the Yveschapel family.⟩

⟨What ability do I have?⟩

⟨You can resurrect only one person in your life and die in their place. But it shouldn’t be longer than a week after that person passed away. And it should not be someone who passed away of illness. It has to be someone who died in an accident.⟩

⟨I can sacrifice my life for someone and die instead?⟩

⟨Yes. A lot of people from different families studied that ability, but they couldn’t learn anything.⟩

⟨How can I use that ability?⟩

⟨If you want to save someone, you must cut your own neck, then a transparent bead will emerge from your body. But you have to be willing to sacrifice your life for that person with all your heart. If you feed it to that person, you can give them your life instead. But it’s a coveted ability…… In ancient times, people in our family were used and threatened by others. So don’t ever get caught.⟩

Just before the execution ceremony, Nicole somehow recalled the memory.

And when an unexpected opportunity came, she didn’t miss it and got the dagger.

‘That’s true. Mother was right.’

At the moment of her death, Nicole put the transparent bead from her body into Raul’s mouth with all her might.

‘Thank God I could save you and die.’

It was an ability she’d never seen with her own eyes. A mere verbal miracle

But somehow she thinks she’ll succeed. That was Nicole’s gut feeling. She was so sure in the midst of a blur.

‘Though it was not the most perfect sacrifice……. But if it’s you, you’ll survive well enough on your own. Because you were a hell of a thorough and capable man.’

Nicole thought unconsciously. Nicole always considered death a redemption. Indeed, she was right.

It’s very peaceful right now.

‘Is this what death is? I feel at ease……. It’s warm….’


Chirp chirping.

It tickles.

Nicole tossed and turned with a strange feeling. The warm sun tickled her body.

Swaying in the wind, the dry laundry made a pleasant sound outside.

She could also hear a boy and a girl talking.

“Is this heaven?”

Nicole opened her eyes slowly. She saw a familiar stain on the ceiling.


Then someone stuck their face up to Nicole.


Nicole managed to spit it out after a few seconds.

“Yes? Are you awake?”

“You’re really… Jay, you’re alive, right?”

“Of course, what’s wrong?”

Jay waved his hand in Nicole’s face. Nicole grabbed his hand.

She tried to move her hand. It was a bit rough because she did a lot of housework, but it was definitely her hand.

‘I’m alive?’

She wasn’t just alive either.

Nicole went back to the time she lost. She came back to the past.

‘God, thank you.’

She can’t believe it’s not just her, but Jay is still alive! Nicole hugged Jay without realizing it.

“Sister, did you have a dream? Do you happen to have a headache? Do you want me to bring Isabel?”

The name Isabel made Nicole stiff as if he had poured cold water on her.

‘If this is our house, and I came back to the past long before I died…….’

Then, of course, Isabel is here.

The devil lurking among this family, that Isabel

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