Chapter 1

Name:Kill This Marriage Author:리사벨
-5 hours ago

Nicole sat on the dressing table and looked at herself quietly in the mirror.

In the mirror, a pale woman in a thin sky blue silk pajama was sitting.

Today was Nicole’s fifth wedding anniversary.

〈Long live the princess!〉

〈Honor to Grand Duke Valentine, who protects the capital!〉

At the same time, today was also the Coming-of-Age Ceremony of the youngest princess, the golden leaves of the imperial family. The Imperial family and the Grand Duke offered free food and alcohol to the citizens.

Already, the grand fireworks display has ended and joy overflowed throughout the capital.

Grand Duke Valentine, the owner of the grand residence, attended the imperial party.

Thanks to this, every employee of the Grand Duke was also given a vacation.

The only people left out today were Grand Duke Valentine and Nicole.

‘There are days when this big house is this quiet. Good for me.’

Her husband would have attended the feast of the princess’ coming of age today.

〈The fake Grand Duchess of dirty, traitorous descent will be divorced, and the princess will be the new Grand Duchess.〉

A rumor that has been circulating throughout the capital for some time now. Thanks to this, it is said that even dogs passing by on the street curse the Grand Duchess.

The news came to Nicole’s ears, too. But now Nicole is no longer angry about the little things. On the contrary, it was very peaceful.

‘Today has finally come.’

Nicole, 25 years old, reflected on her decision.

The most precious Grand Duke in the world. The beautiful man who defends the capital and gets everyone’s praise.

The arrogant guy who doesn’t look at her and only knows himself.

‘He never touched me throughout our marriage. But tonight will be different.’

Then Nicole will kill her husband. And Nicole will die, too.

‘I’m finally at peace.’

Even in these numerous accusations of being in the position of a fake Grand Duchess of traitorous descent. Even in this death row where she never knows when she’s going to die.

She will finally be liberated from this punishment-like life.

She decided to disappear quietly as if she had never been unhappy in this world.


Each unhappy couple in the world has their own reasons.

But a wife as awful and disgraceful as Nicole would be rare.

‘It’s natural that it doesn’t make sense for someone with a traitorous family like me to become a Grand Duchess.’

At one time, Nicole’s family was one of the seven most powerful aristocrats in the capital.

However, 25 years ago, the family was involved in a major treason case and ended up in contempt.

Being a descendant of a traitor in an empire meant that she could not survive. Even if they are alive, they are reduced to state-owned slaves.

Nicole’s mother, Freya, was the eldest daughter of a traitorous family. Such a mother lived in the deep mountain with her family.

She doesn’t know exactly when her father and mother met.

But what is certain is that by the time Nicole grew up, she had already had their third and youngest baby.

‘When I was young, it was frustrating to live in hiding. It’s only after I left did I realize it was paradise.’

There was a time when she was shy and aloof with her parents, but her relationship with her siblings was always good. The house they lived in was remote but peaceful.

‘My brothers, my treasure. Isabel, Jay.’

Yveschapel was a family that produced  genius healers.

And the Yveschapel lineage was uniquely connected through matrimony, that is, through mother and daughter.

At the time of Yveschapel’s downfall, the imperial family thought it was regrettable that their lineage would be cut off.

In addition, Yveschapel is said to have been a wealthy family in the pharmaceutical business.

Raul’s father, the predecessor Grand Duke Valentine, was rewarded by the imperial family for his services at the time.

In the imperial family, it was better to give the Yveschapel family than to give themselves an award.

Just in time, the wife of the previous Grand Duke Valentine died of illness shortly after giving birth to Raul, and the position of the Grand Duchess was empty.

〈All members of the Yveschapel family will be immediately executed, and those who have shown healing power will be made into slaves of the imperial family. The eldest daughter, the heir to the Yveschapel family, will be married to the Grand Duke Valentine.〉

‘The Grand Duke of Valentine is a close relative of the Imperial family.’

So through this marriage, after obtaining a descendant with healing powers, and taking all of their possessions–

‘The useless Grand Duchess must have meant to die.’

It was a terrible marriage agreement, an old, old gloom.

It is said that Freya, Nicole’s mother, was famous for being a great healer and beauty during her time.

The marriage agreement Freya should have received was not achieved as she fled. However, the Valentine family did not forget the marriage agreement and finally found Nicole’s family who lived in hiding.

‘I still remember that day vividly.’

With a harsh sound, the door of the cabin opened and the knights rushed in with their boots. Nicole greeted them alone while doing the laundry leisurely.

‘I didn’t know anything until that moment.’

Even the fact that she is the eldest daughter, the heir, to the Yveschapel family.


She could see the town burning in the distance.

The man has already entered the house, with a number of villagers cut out.

It was instantaneous for him to find Nicole hiding in the backyard after walking.

‘His bloody figure was very devilish.’

Later, Nicole found out.

There was no other reason why she saw blood in the village.

He killed them just to vent his anger on the villagers who hid the dirty Yveschapel’s bloodline.

They lived in complete hiding. The villagers didn’t even know they existed. ‘You’re a devil, really.’

He was wearing a long coat. A handsome face. Mysterious eyes shining purple.

It looked very beautiful, but he was like a lion from hell to Nicole.

〈You don’t have to kneel.〉

He looked down at Nicole and said.

Nicole’s elaborate laundry all morning was thrown on the floor and trampled on the knights’ feet a long time ago.

‘Did my younger siblings hide safely?’

Her mother had always trained her children as if to prepare for this day.

〈Please, let me go. There’s nothing in this house. I…〉

〈My bride is not good at lying.〉

He slowly approached and raised Nicole’s chin. His hands were too big, and the grip was strong.

〈Should I say it’s nice to meet you? As soon as we’re born, we’re so deeply entangled. Your life is mine until your life is over.〉

Nicole’s life has since fallen to hell.

So it was no exaggeration to say that it was a devil’s whisper.