There was the sound of scratching against glass. It wasn’t incredibly loud but it was enough to be annoying.

Having been unable to fall into a deep sleep, the moment I opened my eyes, I looked around for the source of the sound. At the window nearby, I found a yellow-eyed hawk.

Its wings outstretched, the hawk swooped down and scratched the glass with its nails once again. I raised up my body and opened the window so the hawk could enter.

With the sound of flapping wings, the hawk descended into the room and perched on one of the bed posts. I watched with interest as it folded its wings and preened.

Was it the princess’s hawk?

But if that was the case, it would make more sense for a perch to be in the room.

When I didn’t react, the hawk stretched out its wings and let out a low cry like it was cross.

Only then did I discover the narrow wooden container tied to the hawk’s leg. And inside, as expected, was a rolled-up piece of paper.

When I carefully approached and took out the paper, hawk flew out of the window again, as though it had completed its duty.

On the paper was written a date and location.

“Aidan Fran?”

Then, I suddenly heard Daisy’s voice.

“Would you like some cake?”


Wearing an apron like she had come in to clean, Daisy was peeking from behind my back.

“I like them too! Aidan Fran! Their cakes are really good, haha.”

A note secretly delivered to the princess’s bedchamber and a cake shop outside the palace. It couldn’t be a stranger combination.

At least, it was clear I was being called.

If that was true, there was someplace I had to go first. Maybe I had been waiting all this time for a reason to go to him.

“So this is what your room is like.”

Shoulders which had been facing away from me jumped more than was necessary. Nadricka turned around and upon seeing me, opened his eyes wide. I leaned against the doorframe with my arms crossed as I gave him an easy smile.

“You weren’t coming so what could I do. I had to come myself.”

“That is….”

I walked over to him and spreading both arms, drew him into a hug. Nadricka also bent to return my embrace.

I put my chin on his shoulder and noted that his room was smaller and drabber than I’d expected. It was too dreary to be a room someone called home.

Still, I liked it because it smelled like him. Without skipping a beat, I pushed Nadricka back. When his legs caught on the bed causing him to fall backward, I cast my shadow over him.

“Should we sleep in your room tonight?”

“Your Highness, but, I….”

I had been half-joking but he stumbled over his words, a distressed look on his face.

I wanted to see into his mind. He had wanted to be by my side not so long ago, so why was he trying so hard to back out now, I wondered.

But before that, I had something else to ask.



“Do you know about Aidan Fran?”

“What is that?”

“Then do you know if the princess ever secretly left the palace?”

“Ah.That did happen. But…”

“It’s okay. Tell me.”

“You periodically brought drugs into the palace…. But not even I know where you got them from.”



That’s not something you would be able to deal in legally.

“Did I take them?”


She did drugs. The princess did.

“And you?”


“Are you okay? There’s no way I did them alone.”

“I….. The drugs didn’t reach me.”

It was a point of relief amid the misery.

I sat up and arranged myself into a seated position on the bed, then let out a sigh of relief. Nadricka followed suit and cautiously said.

“Is there possibly a problem or….”

“Ah. From now on, don’t come to my room.”


I only registered Nadricka’s expression after the words had already left my mouth. I pulled his head to my chest.

“Because I’ll come to you.”

He briefly hesitated before nodding his head. I still didn’t know why he had stopped coming to my room.


After that day, both the emperor and Yuriel showed no movement.

Since the ‘event period’ had been so greatly extended because of the last ‘fateful encounter’, I guessed they felt there was enough time to act carefully. The few times the system window popped up, it was about Essen.

Whenever I saw Essen’s name, a part of me felt uneasy but I did my best to ignore it. It wasn’t something I could get involved in.

As a result, I had finally been able to relax when it happened.

“I’ve been so upset lately.”

Daisy grumbled as she shoved one of the cookies on my plate into her mouth.


“Because of those weird rumors about Your Highness.”

When I thought of the princess’s previous deeds, it wasn’t all that strange. It was true that it had been quiet nowadays, so it was possible that suppressed rumors were just now leaking out.

“Everyone is going on about how Your Highness has been interested in girls lately!”


I spit out the tea just as I was about to take a sip.


“Exactly! You don’t know how they’ve been whispering about Your Highness being unusually particular about keeping some girl at your side. But when I chase after them to tell them off, they scatter just like that! With their mouths shut tight!”


I merely looked at Daisy. Daisy didn’t seem to have the faintest idea that those words were about her. It wasn’t even the truth, so there shouldn’t be a need for me to say anything unnecessary.

“Lately, Your Highness has been completely family-oriented, rather than causing scandals!”

It felt strange to be complimented for being family-oriented, having fallen into this unfamiliar world, while I was possessing someone else’s body.

Before I knew it, Daisy had refilled my cup and was holding it out to me.

“And also…..”


“They say Your Highness…… No, I don’t want to say this bit.”

“Why are you stopping?”

“But still.”

“Should I call in another maid and ask them instead?”

“That’s unfair! Ah, no, that’s not it….”

Daisy pouted her lips then watched for my reaction.

“They’re saying that you are buying and collecting slaves.”

After checking our surroundings, Daisy leaned in close and added in a low voice.

“And only young boys at that! And they say that all of them will die before the sun sets.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“That’s why it’s such a strange rumor!”

It was definitely an upsetting rumor. And there was even the relatively concrete deadline of before the sun sets too.

It actually was close to the end of the year. If someone was really taking action, I already knew who. Yuriel.


Lacking all grace, the system window appeared right at that moment.

[The Last Prince of Velrod – 12]

Quest complete!


[Current progress]

Weakness discovery 1/1

Successful scandals 3/3

Of course. I wasn’t even surprised.

If there was one thing that was bothering me, it was whether the rumor was really just a meaningless scandal.

You have acquired quest rewards.

‘Sincere Voice’(Passive) proficiency will increase, ‘Sensitivity’(Passive) will level up (Lv. 4), ‘Orgasm’(Active) proficiency will increase

‘Orgasm’ is an active skill? I tried not to make a weird face.

You have obtained a lead.

Leads obtained up to this point (5/5)

Congratulations! You have obtained all leads.

The obtained leads will be combined. 14%….

Combination successful.

Will you check it now? Y/N

‘The confiscated item is in the princess’s bedchambers.’

“Is something the matter?”

I handed the platter of cookies to Daisy and gave her a command.

“You may leave now.”

“Yes? Yes!”

Without pausing to rest, I began to search the room. I could guess that the ‘princess’ had done something, but I didn’t know what.

She confiscated an item? She had taken something belonging to a mere maid, and was keeping it in her room of all places.

I stilled. Was it possible the princess before me had a secret that Yuriel couldn’t be allowed to discover.

One thought led to the next.

What if everything had already happened and only the revelation was left?

Then what could it be. Right now, all I could think of was the fact that she was a drug addict, and possibly…. that rumor saying she was going to kill the slaves.

None of those seemed like something that Yuriel would be involved with.

No. What if Yuriel had found out? And had the evidence confiscated from her by the princess?

But if it was really that, then there was no way the princess would have allowed Yuriel to live. The woman who had been playing around with her concubines no less.

I swept back some strands of hair that had fallen into my eyes. I ran my hands through my hair a couple of times. And I thought frantically.

About what exactly the scenario of this ‘game’ could be.

What was Yuriel’s endgame?

What I could be certain of was, Yuriel was assisting in the princess’s ruin. In fact, it was possible she would take the princess down with her own two hands. And what she needed in order to do so.

Legitimacy, and support.

To be frank, it wasn’t that difficult. If you looked at the capturable targets, they were people who opposed the existing royal family and…

I could guess that, following their capture, they would naturally topple the princess or kill her.

Actually, the nobles would welcome such an ending the most, having stayed silent only because the princess was the sole heir to the throne, despite their many complaints.

If someone would only light a spark over that old and dried up wood pile. If they would only create an opportunity.

The path the game and the system window were leading me to flashed before my eyes. Along with the path the protagonist must walk. That’s why there were ‘weaknesses’ and ‘rumors’ and the princess’s ‘men’ who could be witnesses.


An unexpected quest is beginning!

Eclot Pacis, the head of the advance forces who will be returning to the capital for the victory celebration. He is awaiting your final reply. His letter to you contains a request, but accepting it is your choice. Hurry and send him a reply.

What Eclot Pacis desires is the personal information of Princess ‘Yeldria Viotte Cecilia’.

A. Give it to him.

B. Do not give it to him.

Yuriel hesitated for a brief moment before selecting A.

That he had been exchanging letters with Yuriel over a long period, and was trying to learn personal details about the princess right before entering the palace.

These were the reasons that I wasn’t excited for Eclot Pacis’s return.

It wasn’t just one or two things I had to be worried about.

I wondered if I could really do this.

I felt myself being pushed forward by some unknown force.