In the end, no one stopped Yan Xingzhi. As Aunt Chen said, with his temper, no one could change what he had decided on.

Spring had passed and autumn had come, several years had gone by. This time, after he left, Cen Ning had not seen him once at all.

He fought for his ideals and the country. She was not as noble as him, but she also worked hard for her dreams. She tried hard to forget, studied hard, and finally got into her ideal university and started her new life.

After such a long time had passed, she now seldom thought of Yan Xingzhi. But when she occasionally picked up the photo album he had given her, she still felt an ache in her heart.

Although she had long understood what she meant to him, she was still sad when she heard him say it out loud when she was by the window.


She was obviously a stumbling block and a burden to him…how could she have been so naive when she was younger? Back then, she really felt that she would have been a part of his future.

Cen Ning smiled lightly and placed the old album that was in her hand back into the drawer.

“Hey! Look, look, there is new gossip about the Goddess Meng!” Chen Miao, her roommate next to her, scrolled through her phone with excitement, “Wow, what kind of work is this paparazzi doing? Not even putting the man’s face in the picture.”

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Uld Lkdt oyp eskdt bla sod vbkdt, cwv pllkdt bso lmnkvle bla assxxyvl oyp, pbl vssj vbl rbsdl shla yde zssjle yv kv: “Elzz, bl’p iwkvl—”

Her eyes narrowed slightly, and the words stopped abruptly.


“What’s the matter, how is it, he’s handsome, isn’t he?”

Cen Ning zoomed in on the picture, stared blankly, and didn’t speak for a while.

This back…looks like him.

“Ok, I surrender. Can’t believe you guys can be nymphos without even seeing the actual face.” Chen Miao grabbed the phone and smiled at the dumbfounded Cen Ning. “What’s the matter, is he your type? Why are you staring at it for so long?”

Cen Ning came back to her senses: “Ah? No… I- I want to say that he is quite tall.”

“Oh, he is quite tall. Meng Peiyan wears high heels, and he’s still so tall in comparison. He’s probably 1.9 meters, right?”

“It should be, I saw Meng Peiyan’s pair of high-heeled shoes last time in that magazine. They are limited edition and look so beautiful.”

“Really, how much does it cost?”

“Even if I say, you can’t afford it.”

“Hey, I don’t like listening to those words! I might not be able to afford it, but I can have the knowledge!”

The roommates discussed Meng Peiyan’s affairs passionately. As for the man, he only revealed a back. No one could guess who it was and they had to give up.


Speaking of Meng Peiyan, she had become more and more popular in the past two or three years.

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She was only a senior in college, and she hadn’t graduated yet but had already become an A-lister in the Chinese entertainment industry. She had countless opportunities/resources to choose from, she could choose whatever drama she wanted. 

Many people in the entertainment industry who have worked hard for many years envied her, but unfortunately, not everyone had her family background.

Cen Ning picked up her phone and found the news that her roommate had shown her earlier. In the picture, Meng Peiyan was as beautiful as ever, and the man with only a back shown… was very familiar.

Was it him?

Cen Ning squeezed the phone tightly and began to deny it to herself. She heard Grandpa Yan say that he had a mission and had been abroad the entire time, so it probably was not him.

After class in the afternoon, Zhang Ziyi came to the school to find Cen Ning. The two schools were separated by two streets, but they were both in the same university town.

After meeting, the two found a restaurant to have dinner together.

“Hey, has Song Ci come to visit you recently?”

Cen Ning’s hand holding the chopsticks paused: “No, what’s wrong?”

“Tsk, this guy, didn’t he say he liked you to death, why- is he giving up?”

Cen Ning swallowed the rice in her mouth and muttered with a blushing face, “Him and I will never become anything.”


Zhang Ziyi: “I think having a relationship with him is not that bad. Song Ci’s face is not bad, and we have attended the same school together since we were young. You know each other really well.” After she finished speaking, she muttered, “You can’t keep thinking about that Yan Xingzhi, who knows where he is…”

She spoke in a low voice, but Cen Ning still heard clearly, she put down her chopsticks silently and said seriously: “It has nothing to do with him. It is just that Song Ci in my eyes is the same as how you are in my eyes, just good friends. I don’t have any other feelings for him.”

“Yes, yes, isn’t it just that he is unlucky. When you were most likely to have feelings for him, your mind was full of Yan Xingzhi. In the end, his timing was wrong.”

Cen Ning: “…”

“Okay, don’t frown, I won’t say anything more about this,” Zhang Ziyi shook her head and sighed, “Emotional matters… just follow fate.”

She was following fate, but Cen Ning didn’t know why following it caused Song Ci to confess to her.

The confession happened during the summer break after the high school exam finals ended. Thinking about it, it had only been half a year. However, since she explicitly refused at that time, they had rarely contacted each other in the past six months.

But thinking about it carefully, Song Ci treated her really well, in middle school, high school… After all of those years, he took great care of her. But as Zhang Ziyi said, how could she fall in love with others when her mind was full of Yan Xingzhi at that time?

After eating, the two strolled around Cen Ning’s university for a while.

It became dark, and Zhang Ziyi accompanied Cen Ning until they reached the dormitory downstairs: “I’ll head up first.”

“Pay attention to safety.”

Zhang Ziyi smiled: “I know.”


After they finished speaking, Zhang Ziyi was about to turn around and leave. “Ziyi.” Cen Ning suddenly stopped her again.

Zhang Ziyi turned around and said, “What’s wrong?”

Cen Ning was silent for a while, and finally asked, “Did you see the news about Meng Peiyan?”

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“……You knew already?”

Cen Nin’s heart skipped a beat, and when she spoke again, she was inexplicably nervous: “He’s back?”

Zhang Ziyi opened her mouth and scratched her hair irritably: “I didn’t want to mention him again. I’ve been holding it back for a whole day, but you made me break my goal.”

Cen Ning: “…So he really came back.”

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