He hadn’t expected Cen Ning to do such a thing.

He had fallen asleep on the sofa just now, but his alertness has always been high, so he felt it when someone had pushed the door open. However, he was very dizzy, and when he realized it was Cen Ning, he was too lazy to open his eyes.

Later, Cen Ning squatted in front of him and suddenly called out his name.

In his memory, she had never called him by his name properly, so he closed his eyes and wanted to see what the young girl would do when he was sleeping.

Then he heard her say that she didn’t like Song Ci. He was a little relieved when he heard her say that. It felt like a well-planted flower at home had not been picked and instead had grown in better bloom, making him feel proud.

But…his pride didn’t last long.

Because in the next instant, something cold and soft suddenly covered his lips. Although it was fleeting, he realized from the sudden hot air and breathing that it was a person’s lips.

As Xin Zechuan said, his existence was more like an “elder” to her. Even he, himself could feel her fear and nervousness when facing him, so even if she knew the presence of the word “fiancée” when she was a child, he also thought that she would be a little more in awe and fear of him. What ‘crush’, that was impossible.

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Song Ci: “I see that you are in low spirits today, and you have dark circles under your eyes, didn’t you sleep last night?”

Cen Ning: “…I’m okay.”

It’s not that she didn’t sleep last night, if she counted all the hours up, she slept for around two hours?

“The final exam is coming up, will you be alright in this state?”

“I just didn’t sleep well yesterday, it’s nothing.”

After that, Cen Ning turned around and continued listening to class. Just when she picked up her pen, she suddenly remembered the words Yan Xingzhi had asked her yesterday: ‘Do you like him?’

Did she like Song Ci?

Why had he suddenly asked such a question.

Cen Ning frowned, probably because every time he saw her with a classmate, that classmate happened to be Song Ci, so he had misunderstood.


The next period of time, Cen Ning tried to avoid Yan Xingzhi, because she found that every time she met his eyes, she felt her guilty conscience creep up. Later, when her final exams came around, she was too busy preparing for her exams and gradually ended up ignoring this matter.

This time round Yan Xingzhi had stayed at home for quite a long period of time. As her winter vacation came by, the New Year was also approaching quietly. According to Aunt Chen, he would return to the army after the New Year.

It was New Year’s Eve today and Yan Xingzhi was not at home.

Those who had grown up together in the compound all had a very good relationship with each other. In the past, they would often get together, and now that Yan Xingzhi and Tang Zheng had finally returned home, Xin Zechuan and the others would invite them out to play.

“It’s time to eat, where is Xingzhi?” Yan Guofeng asked while sitting on the sofa.

“Probably at the Xin family?” Aunt Chen came out of the kitchen and replied.

“He really can’t stay at home.” Yan Guofeng called Yan Xingzhi, but the phone call didn’t get through.

Aunt Chen said with a smile: “It’s rare for these children to be able to get together. They have a good relationship, it’s normal.”

Yan Guofeng: “He doesn’t even know how to answer the phone.”

Aunt Chen: “It’s okay, he’s not too far away. I’ll go and call him.”

The Xin family’s house was indeed very close, just a few steps away. When Yan Xingzhi was younger, the adults in the family would go directly to their house to find him.

“Oh no, the soup is about to boil.” Aunt Chen hesitated, but couldn’t walk away. At this time, Cen Ning happened to come in from the small courtyard. Aunt Chen wiped her hands and hurriedly said, “Ningning, why don’t you go for me.”

“Huh? What.”

“Go to Zechuan’s house and tell Xingzhi to come back for dinner.”

Cen Ning paused for a while, thinking about having to call Xingzhi and walk back with him later, it made her scalp go a little numb. But she couldn’t utter any sort of rejection, so she finally nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Ah, such a good child.” Aunt Chen smiled, “Then go, you two come back quickly, the soup will be ready soon.”


From the Yan family’s house to the Xin family’s house, it took no more than a turn around the corner. When Cen Ning walked into the Xin family’s house, there was only a housekeeper feeding the cat downstairs.

“Aunt Zeng.”

Cen Ning seldom came to the Xin family’s house, but because she lived close by, she also recognized this person. When Aunt Zeng looked back and saw her, she was surprised, “Oh, Ningning, why are you here?”

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“I’m here to find Yan… Xingzhi Gege.”

“Oh, Xingzhi~, they are all upstairs, you can go up and call him,” Aunt Zeng pointed for her, “The first one on the left is Zechuan’s room.”


Cen Ning went up the stairs just like that. She stopped at the door of the room, raised her hand and knocked on the door. However, no one responded and no one came to open the door, she could only hear some laughter from the inside.

Cen Ning: “…”

Xin Zechuan’s room was very large. When she pushed the door open, Cen Ning first saw a small sofa and bookcase. Then, there was a partition further inside the room, and behind the partition was a large dark-colored bed.

Because the partition was hollowed out, Cen Ning could vaguely see the three figures lying disorderly.

“Xing…” Before Cen Ning could say anything, suddenly, behind the partition, a sound echoed…how should she put it, she had never heard such a voice before, it was a very high-pitched and gentle voice that made her blush when she heard it.

She was stunned for a moment, but before she could react, the sounds kept coming one after the one. It was like some strange wind was blowing past her and it felt like she had first fallen into an ice cellar and then entered a firepit.

Cen Ning blushed, she subconsciously took a few steps forward to find out what was going on, but after getting closer, she could clearly see a TV on the wall opposite the bed.

And on that screen, a man and a woman were doing indescribable things.

The ambiguous and sultry voice had come from there!

This was obviously beyond Cen Ning’s current understanding. She was dumbfounded, and was about to burst out with an uncontrollable exclamation. But at this moment, a gust of wind blew past behind her, and suddenly, a warm hand covered her eyes in a panic. Then, she heard an extremely infuriated voice coming from above her head.

“Turn that off right now!”

Tang Zheng was lying on the side on the bed, still carrying a smile on his face. After hearing the noise and turning back, his face froze instantly, “F*ck!”

Xin Zechuan was just a few steps behind Yan Xingzhi. They had just returned from buying some food outside. When they had arrived downstairs, they heard from Aunt Zeng that Cen Ning was looking for Yan Xingzhi. They didn’t think too deeply about it at the time and had come upstairs slowly.

But the moment the door was opened, Xin Zechuan’s whole body exploded with chills.

When Yan Xingzhi had run over to block Cen Ning, he had also rushed to Tang Zheng’s side and snatched the remote control from his hand: “You three troublemakers! What are you doing in broad daylight!”

Tang Zheng’s other two friends from the compound embarrassedly said: “It’s not our fault, it’s Tang Zheng’s fault. He said that you had hidden some good things, and he had to broadcast it to show your tastes.”

Tang Zheng glared back angrily: “Why the h*ll are you blaming me! You were the one who insisted that Zechuan liked American ones! You guys didn’t believe me when I said it was a Japanese one, so I had to show it to prove myself!”

Xin Zechuan was about to rush down and fetch the sharpest kitchen knife in the kitchen: “…you all shut up right now! Do you wanna die!”

The three of them were shocked, and turned their heads in unison to look at Yan Xingzhi standing not too far away, his face so angry that it frightened them to death.

Tang Zheng broke into a cold sweat: “Well, well, I really didn’t know how this girl—”

He didn’t finish his sentence, only seeing Yan Xingzhi holding onto Cen Ning while walking out, looking like he didn’t want to stay there even for another second.


There was a loud bang from the door of the room.

Tang Zheng looked at the big and small figures that had disappeared, gulping deeply: “Is h-, he angry?’

Xin Zechuan gave him a sideways look: “What do you think?”

“Aiya, I really didn’t know that Cen Ning would suddenly come in, eh, it’s not like we haven’t played these sorts of videos in your room before, even Brother Yan has watched it before,” Tang Zheng said, comforting himself very cheekily, “How normal is it, don’t you agree, anyway, this is definitely not my fault!”

Another person said: “It’s not a big deal at all, if Cen Ning wasn’t here, Brother Yan might have even come over to take a look and give a comment. But the problem is, Cen Ning was right there, she’s a little girl, how could she watch this sort of video, how frightening is that?”

Tang Zheng: “Hey, what’s wrong with your tone, are you blaming me! It’s obviously your fault!”

“I’m not taking the blame! Eh, what the h*ll, I’m going home, I need to eat.”

“F*ck, come back and let’s settle things straight-“

At the door of the room, Cen Ning was dragged to the side by Yan Xingzhi, her eyes still covered by him. In this posture, she was completely wrapped in his arms, leaning against him.

A man’s warm breath lingered all around, but Cen Ning didn’t have the heart to pay attention to it right now, because her whole mind was still shocked by the scene on the TV just before, regardless if it was the poses on the screen or the…body parts.

“Why are you here?” Yan Xingzhi let go of her, and asked in a awkward and annoyed manner.

Cen Ning opened her mouth, and there was a tremble in her words: “I came to tell you to go home and eat…”

Yan Xingzhi looked at the frightened young girl in front of him, frowned helplessly, and cursed Tang Zheng and them up and down inside his mind.

Yan Xingzhi: “Just now…”

Cen Ning: “Just now I didn’t see anything!”

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The corners of his mouth twitched slightly: “…Oh.”

Didn’t see anything?

This expression didn’t seem like she hadn’t seen anything.

[Translator’s Note: Oh no…how could you do this to our poor Cen Ning tsk tsk]