Chapter 136 - Chapter 136: I Really Didn’t Cheat On You Guys (1)

Chapter 136: I Really Didn’t Cheat On You Guys (1)

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As the strands of filth in the middle dantian were cleared out, Zhu Wuwan could clearly feel that her various physical qualities were beginning to improve.

The middle dantian was connected to every part of the cultivator’s body. The surrounding filth naturally affected the cultivator’s body. It was the impurities and filth in the cultivator’s body.

As these impurities and filth were cleaned out, the cultivator’s physical fitness and talent would naturally improve. It was just like how Zhu Wuwan felt that his spiritual intelligence was becoming more and more unobstructed during the process of cleaning up the filth in his Niwan Palace.

Even Zhu Wuwan’s body became more relaxed. When she used all kinds of movement techniques and footwork, she would become more proficient.

Moreover, in the process of using the Primordial Dao True Qi to clean up the filth, the Primordial Dao True Qi was also tempered and honed, becoming purer and stronger.

Therefore, although the process of cleaning up the filth was dangerous, and the slightest carelessness could lead to the counterattack of the filth, causing the body to be injured or even collapse and die, once the filth was successfully cleaned up, it could bring great benefits to the cultivator.

Blessed ah, disaster lurks, disaster depends on blessing, nothing more than this!

When cleaning up the filth, Zhu Wuyang had to put all her attention into it, completely unaware of the passage of time.

Zhu Wuwan only stopped when the Primordial Dao True Qi within a nine-meter radius was almost exhausted. At this moment, hundreds of strands of filth outside his dantian had been cleared.

At this speed, Zhu Wuyang would only need about half a month to clear out all the filth in and out of his middle dantian.

However, Zhu Wuwan discovered that perhaps because his foundation was too strong and his lower dantian was extremely tough, his lower dantian could not only accommodate the Primordial Dao True Qi within a radius of nine meters.

In other words, Zhu Wuyang could continue to increase his Dao Beginning True Qi, making it stronger and purer. This way, Zhu Wuyang could clean up faster and more.

Therefore, after some consideration, Zhu Wuan did not stop playing with the princes and princesses, the concubines in the harem, and the dignitaries. Taking advantage of the dark moon and the strong wind, she continued to be busy inside and outside the palace.

After shaving his head for a princess, Zhu Wuwan accidentally saw the Imperial Library Pavilion not far away. Suddenly, she remembered that there were still many extremely precious books on the fourth floor of the Imperial Library Pavilion that she had yet to read.

The last time he came to peek at the Dao Beginning Jade Book, due to the limitations of his strength, Zhu Wuwan left in a hurry after reading it.

However, now that the Vast Sea Essence Crystals in Zhu Wuan’s body had all transformed into Dao Beginning True Qi, his overall strength had soared by several times. The fourth level of the Imperial Library Pavilion, which used to be like a dragon’s pool and a tiger’s den, was nothing more than a chicken and a dog to Zhu Wuan at this moment.

Zhu Wuwan did as she thought. She snuck into the Imperial Library with ease. With the help of the number one array formation cultivation in the Nine Zhao Nation and the help of the Immortal’s zhenqi, she arrived at the fourth level of the Imperial Library with irresistible force. Once again, she saw the three peerless experts sitting cross-legged around the sandalwood bookshelf.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh…”

With an almost imperceptible sound, three wisps of Dao Beginning True Qi were flicked out by Zhu Wuyang and landed on the heads of the three peerless experts, directly knocking them unconscious at the same time.

Looking at the three peerless experts who had fallen to the ground, Zhu Wuwan smiled and walked out from under the sandalwood bookshelf. He did not immediately look at the precious books, but first helped the three peerless experts to look beautiful.

“Congratulations to the host for drawing a ghost face for the first time in his life for the peerless expert, Imperial Uncle Zhu Cheng. You have obtained 100 million breakthrough points…”

” Congratulations to the host for shaving off the head of the peerless expert, Zhu Chenghu, for the first time in his life. You have obtained 200 million breakthrough points…”

” Congratulations to the host for consuming a large amount of laxatives for the first time in your life for the peerless expert, Imperial Uncle Zhu Chenghu. You have obtained 300 million breakthrough points…”

What Zhu Wanhao didn’t expect was that these three peerless experts who guarded the fourth level of the Imperial Library Pavilion all year round were actually elders of the Zhu Royal Family. No wonder they were qualified to guard here.

However, this didn’t stop Zhu Wuyang from toying with them. Each of them had toyed with them three times and earned about two billion breakthrough points.

After doing this, Zhu Wuyang began to flip through the extremely precious books in the royal library. Among them were the three mythical martial arts of the Zhu family’s secret treasures, the Vast Sea Original Code, the Tianya Mingyue Saber Art, and the Flowing Illusory Shadow Steps…

The original owner of the Vast Sea Original Codex had already obtained it long ago. The Tianya Mingyue Saber Technique had already been cultivated to the Perfection Realm by Zhu Wuyan, and it had also transformed into an immortal martial art. Only the mythical-level footwork, the Flowing Illusory Shadow Steps, had yet to be learned by Zhu Wuyan.

After reading it carefully, he realized that the Flowing Illusory Shadow Steps was indeed a mythical-level footwork. Its power far surpassed the Illusion God Steps. Even the Illusion God Steps, which had already transformed into an immortal footwork, was probably inferior.

Therefore, Zhu Wuan was prepared to cultivate it and then fuse it with the Illusion God Steps. At that time, the power of the Flowing Illusion Shadow Steps would definitely soar.

When he finished reading all the precious books in the Imperial Library, Zhu Wuwan obtained another breakthrough point of tens of billions, allowing the Primordial Dao True Qi in his body to smoothly expand to a radius of nearly eleven meters.

Whether it was quantity or quality, it had soared by a large margin.

Seeing that it was getting late, Zhu Wuwan left the fourth level of the Imperial Library Pavilion and headed to the secret training room in the Crown Prince Palace, preparing to continue cleaning up the filth in the middle dantian.

In the next few days, Zhu Wuwan earned breakthrough points to increase her Primordial Dao True Qi while cleaning up the filth in her dantian. Her life was quite fulfilling.

Even the relatives of the royal family in the palace and the dignitaries outside the palace might not think so. They would feel uneasy every night, afraid that when they woke up the next morning, there would be a painting on their face, or a few braids on their heads. Some unlucky ones would even have no hair.

Moreover, the evil people did not let go of any men or women, especially beautiful women. They were the focus of their patronage, which made many of the powerful officials feel that their heads had turned green.

However, when they thought about how that evil person would play dozens of pranks a night and had no time to do anything to these women, they felt a little better.

However, no man could stand it when his woman was humiliated like this.

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The nobles and ministers could also think of Mad Emperor Zhu Zhenwu. After all, even the high and mighty harem concubines had been played. Compared to them, it was nothing if their women were played.

Thinking of this, his mood inexplicably improved.

His Majesty is the most unlucky one. We are just a drizzle.

As someone said, if a person wore a green hat on the street, he might be laughed at and pointed at by the people around him. However, if everyone wore a green hat on the street, it was a very normal thing.

If you are green, I will be green too. Green alone is not as good as all green. Everyone is green!