Qin Li handed the wheelchair to his mother, constricted his pupils, and approached Ruan Tian with his back straight.

He nodded slightly to Ruan’s parents, then turned to Ruan Tiandan and said: “Let’s go.”

Ruan Tian slandered: Who said that if you want to go with you, you let it go, shameless!

After Qin Li finished speaking, he walked down the corridor first. He didn’t slow down and didn’t even look back at Ruan Tian, ​​as if he was sure he would follow.

Hu Shi pushed Ruan Tian down and snatched out the report he was holding in his hand: “Quickly follow, Qin Li has gone far.”

“I…” Just as Ruan Tian was about to say he was not going, he saw that his parents had already talked to Qin. Li’s parents chatted happily, and he had no opportunity to interrupt.

He could only mumble and follow Qin Li downstairs and pondered with emotion and evil interest. He didn’t know how his parents and Qin Li’s parents knew that he was pregnant with Qin Li’s child.

Maybe the great wheel of friendship will turn around.

Then he and Qin Li had sinned.

Ruan Tian then looked back at them, as if he could see the scene of a complete break between the two families because of the child in his womb.

Ruan Tian walked out of the hospital and saw Qin Li approaching from the opposite side of the hospital, with a large fluffy cotton candy in his hand.

His suit and leather shoes, shiny leather shoes, neatly combed hair with hairspray, and unsmiling serious expression all present a sharp contrast with this marshmallow.

It feels like a king with a crown and simple clothes.

However, this made him fade a bit serious, showing a tenderness that is rarely seen on weekdays.

Ruan Tian rubbed his chin and looked at Qin Li.

Well, he looks cute holding marshmallows.

Qin Li ignored Ruan Tian’s scorching gaze and handed him the marshmallow.

“Why did you buy it? I didn’t say to eat it. Children like to eat marshmallows.” He said so, but his body was very honest. He took the marshmallow without hesitation, and stuck out his tender tongue. Licked it.

Where he licked, the cotton candy melted instantly.

Qin Li looked at Ruan Tian with gentle eyes.

Ruan Tian licked the marshmallow and ate most of it. Suddenly, there was a big alarm in his mind, and he was wary: “Don’t want to buy me with a marshmallow. This is enough for interest at best.”

“Yeah.” Qin Li agreed.

Ruan Tian said again: “You caused me very serious harm that night, so I can’t just leave it alone.”

“Here, go inside and sit inside.” Qin Li said concisely.

He walked into the hospital lobby as he said, and came out again after a while, there was no space in it.

“Just sit outside.” Qin Li said.

Ruan Tian glanced at him with a look in his eyes, and sat down indifferently, licking the cotton candy while patting the side: “Sit down too.”

Qin Li shook his head. He switched from Ruan Tian’s left to the right, just enough. Block the sun that shines for Ruan Tian.

Ruan Tian’s skin is tender and sunburns easily after a little exposure.

Ruan Tian continued to complain aggrievedly: “I confessed to Deng Ru that night. I rehearsed in advance and made a lot of preparations. I asked my classmates to cooperate with me. In the end, it was all ruined by you. Deng Ru refused me mercilessly in front of everyone and said that if she didn’t marry you. But you didn’t take a stand at the time, so that she thought there was hope. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t wait to find a hole to get in.”

He originally planned to find out Qin Li’s weakness, and then directly attack his weakness. As a result, this would be in front of Qin Li, and without holding on for a few seconds, he poured out the words in his heart like beans.

Qin Li’s face was dark: “She doesn’t like you.”

“Yes, she likes you.” Ruan Tian said sourly.

“I don’t like her.”



“Then who do you like?” Ruan Tian asked curiously.

Qin Li began to be silent again.

After eating the marshmallows, Ruan Tian rubbed the bamboo sticks boredly, and said with great interest: “You tell me, I will keep it secret to you, don’t you like boys? I felt it that night, hey, what happened to you that night? Who were you thinking of? You love him very much.”

He deliberately lowered his voice as he said, and whispered quietly: “I heard you say that you love him, don’t be shy, I am very open-minded in this respect.”

Qin Li asked abruptly. “What else did you hear?”

Ruan Tian was surprised, and shook his head like a rattle: “No…nothing else. Really, I didn’t lie to you. I swear!”

He emphasized several times. Qin Lifang relaxed, his face returned to normal.

Ruan Tian felt that his performance was embarrassing, and he hummed unhappily: “If you don’t tell me, I don’t want to let you hold it, and sooner or later, I will suffocate you.”

He finished in anger, and then quickly got up to ask. Back in the hospital, Qin Li knew to make him angry, and he didn’t want to see Qin Li for the time being.

Qin Li grabbed Ruan Tian’s hand: “Wait.”

Ruan Tian sulked, but stopped.

Qin Li ignored the weird and curious gaze of others, knelt down to tie Ruan Tian’s shoes again.

Ruan Tian was startled. He wanted to retract his feet but couldn’t. He had to let Qin Li tie him up. He always felt that something was wrong. And because Qin Li had treated him like this since he was a child, he couldn’t find out what was wrong.

Qin Li tied his shoelaces and stood up with a calm expression. He stared at Ruan Tian and said,

“Don’t run around, I will take you over.” “Don’t treat me like a three-year-old…” Ruan Tian Muttering.

Qin Li ignored it and said, “Let’s go.”

“…oh.” Ruan Tian drooped his head and found sadly that his instinct to accept Qin Li’s words was stronger than he thought.

Of course, Ruan Tian is also the first person to be able to make the Qin Group’s affairs to such an extent.

I don’t know how many ladies and ladies who tried to climb into Qin’s house secretly envy him, maybe they have bitten their teeth.

Now in the Forty-Nine City, no one did not know of the Qin Group, who can change the destiny of countless companies with just one hand and stomping.

The Qin family has been in business for generations and has a solid business foundation that cannot be shaken by outsiders. Speaking of other companies, there may be a higher and lower possibility, but if you compare it to the Qin family, those who know you will give way.

Being able to cooperate with the Qin clan is a symbol of ability, and being able to make friends with the Qin clan is a symbol of power.

There are countless companies that want to make friends with the Qin family, and Qin Li, who has just taken over the Qin family, is even more of a thunderous outsider.

Qin Li has shown extraordinary business talent since he was a child, and Qin Mu also intends to let him enter the company to cultivate experience. When he was in junior high school, he was able to independently manage the company and make major decisions independently.

Many of Qin Li’s opinions and suggestions have also promoted the vigorous development of the Qin family to a new height.

He is extremely talented, mature, and prudent in doing things, he is not smirking and never talks nonsense. His business abilities are excellent, but his relationship is a headache.

Qin Li is very magnanimous, handsome, handsome and powerful, and people who like him and swear that he will not marry can circle the earth several times together.

It’s a pity that Qin Li’s heart is like an unshakable rock.

The outside world sighed, saying that they don’t know what kind of person is needed to get into Qin Li’s eyes.

Some people say that Qin Li is rigid and indifferent, and that he does not know how to take care of others.

This word spread to Ruan Tian’s ears. He was eating chocolate and said to Shen Wenjin next to him unconvincedly: “Qin Li is very gentle and very good at taking care of others. He will stay with me when I am sick. It’s good not to speak. Yes, quiet won’t chatter and noisy people.”

Shen Wenjin, Ruan Tian’s college classmate and bestie, looked at Ruan Tian eagerly and stopped, sighing that he didn’t turn Qin Li into the sun only when he was in front of him. Speak out the truth that turned into torrential rain and thunder in an instant.

Qin Li is so special and unique to Ruan Tian, ​​everyone can see clearly, but the person involved, Ruan Tian, ​​can’t see through, and he treats Qin Li as a rival to his rival, and occasionally as a friend and brother Yan.

The two returned from the original corridor of the corridor. Ruan Tian jumped happily in front of him. Qin Li followed behind him calmly and calmly. His eyes were also on Ruan Tian. As long as there was wind and grass, Qin Li could go quickly.

He jumped and jumped, suddenly felt rolling in his stomach, his throat was astringent and itchy, before he could react, he quickly grabbed the trash can next to him and retched.

Ruan Tian came to check that he hadn’t eaten anything. Naturally, he couldn’t vomit, but the feeling of vomiting was uncontrollable. Ruan Tian opened his mouth and felt pain in the jaw and tingling tongue.

Qin Li rushed over to give Ruan Tianshun a back: “Auntie said you came to check, why is it uncomfortable?”

Ruan Tian’s hands and feet were soft, and there was still a bitter and unpleasant smell in his mouth. Seeing Qin Li, the chief culprit, I felt even more annoyed. , Then pushed him away: “Don’t worry about it. Stay away from me!”

“Ruan Tian!” Qin Li said solemnly.

Ruan Tian was extremely wronged, if it weren’t for Qin Li, he would not have fallen into such a situation.

“Don’t worry about it!” Ruan Tian speeded up and ran up the corridor after finishing.

Qin Li stood there for a while with a calm face, only then did he follow Ruan Tian again. Compared to anger, he was more worried about Ruan Tian at the moment.

After meeting with his uncles and aunts, Qin Li asked about Ruan Tian’s condition again, but they only said that it was okay, but did not explain the specific cause and condition of the illness.

Ruan Xiaotian avoided him even more, not even looking at him.

Hu Shi always pays attention to Ruan Tian, ​​and he also keeps his abnormal behavior into his eyes.

In front of Qin, she did not reveal the slightest flaws on her face, but on the elevator ride back home, she suddenly grabbed Ruan Tian’s ear and forced him: “Ruan Xiao Tian, whose child is this?”

“Pain…” Ruan Tian exclaimed tragically.

“This is what you get for doing whatever you like!” Hu Shi was merciless and relentless this time: “Say it quickly. If you don’t say it, I’ll use a feather duster to suck your butt.”


“Don’t just tell the truth, you have the ability, dare to sleep with men casually, don’t you like girls, what is her name, Deng Ru? Isn’t she your goddess, what is wrong with you?”

Ruan Tian Rescued the red ears from his mother, and pitifully defended with her squeezed mouth, “She is still my goddess…”

“What a goddess, you don’t harm other people’s good girls.” Hu Shi paused slightly.

She put her hand on her hips down, hesitated, and couldn’t believe it, and always felt something wrong and asked, “Is it Qin Li? The child’s father… is it Qin Li?”

The author has something to say:
Ruan Xiaotian: The ghost knows what I will give birth to meow~