When Ruan Tian entered the door with his head bowed, he smelled the alluring smell of fish wafting from the kitchen. His eyes lit up, his nose fluttered, and he quickly floated to the kitchen door, looking at the fish in the bowl, his eyes and mouth drooling.

Ruan Tian greeted his mother quickly, and moved into the kitchen to grab a piece of fish with less bones and more meat.

Hu Shi turned sideways, the tip of his chopsticks accurately hit the back of Ruan Tian’s hand.

Ruan Tian wailed, retracted his hand, looked at the two clear red marks on the back of his hand, and handed it aggrievedly to his mother.

Hu Shi was happy when he took a look: “Oh, mom is blowing it for you.”

She grabbed Ruan Tian’s hand and blew it twice, and then said: “Your hand is softer than a girl, you need to practice harder. How will you find a girlfriend in the future?”

“You don’t understand, I am the most popular now.”

He was naturally beautiful, and looks like Panan, he is also very helpless.

Hu Shi looked at Ruan Tian. Her son was beautiful since he was a child. No one could compare him. She thought he could grow up a little bit rougher, but instead, he became more and more delicate and tender.

How can he find a girlfriend? Hu Shi was very worried. If he wanted to change and stand with a boyfriend who was more beautiful than herself, she would only be shocked.

It might be easier to find a boyfriend. Hu Shi muttered silently.

“You can’t find a girlfriend, anyhow, you can find a job. It’s been almost a year since you graduated, and you can’t always be so idle. Look at Qin Li, who took over the company before he graduated, and managed the company in an orderly manner to prevent his parents. Worry, the two of them are fine with all kinds of flowers to cultivate their sentiments. If you and my dad have this day, I am afraid that we can wake up with a smile when we fall asleep.”

Hearing his mother said Qin Li’s name, Ruan Tian couldn’t swallow the fish that had just entered his mouth Go down.

Qin Li, Ruan Tian’s number one rival and rival in love, is as if he was specifically restrained. His mother and Qin Li’s mother were good friends and best friends, and they got together to chat often. The topic was nothing more than Ruan Tian and Qin Li. Therefore, Ruan Tian would often meet Qin Li when he was young.

His feud with Qin Li was probably formed at the first meeting.

Ruan Tian agreed with his name. He has been tender, soft and sweet since he was a child. His eyes are like the light of the Milky Way stars, and his smile is sweet and moving.

Ruan Tian was nine years old when I first met Qin Li. It was snowing that day, he was wrapped in a thick down jacket and a red scarf, looking outside curiously by the window.

Then he discovered that at some point, a little boy with a cold face suddenly appeared outside the glass. The little boy has delicate eyebrows and a flawless face. He is wearing a woolen hat and a black down jacket, staring at him intently, and is followed by a beautiful and gentle aunt.

Auntie smiled and greeted him and his mother, Ruan Tian knew that the other party was the person they were going to meet today.

According to his aunt, he knew that the little boy was called Qin Li, who was two months older than him. Qin Li has been very serious since he was a child.

Ruan Tian was a little afraid of him, and couldn’t violate his mother’s words, so he called him “brother” softly.

Qin Li still looked at him steadily, with joy in his eyes, he suddenly opened his palm and sent a few toffee to Ruan Tian.

“Here you are, sister.” Qin Li said in a crisp voice.

Ruan Tian was stunned at the time, then his mouth slumped. Aggrieved and wronged, he began to cry.

Ruan Tian felt embarrassed about being thoughts of as a girl. He did not expect that Qin Li’s blow to him was just the beginning.

From childhood to adulthood, to Ruan Tian, ​​Qin Li was a veritable child of another family. He is obedient and sensible, has excellent grades, and is better than Ruan Tian in everything. It is simply a nightmare and shadow that Ruan Tian can’t get rid of in his life, and it has caused serious psychological trauma to him.

In addition, what made Ruan Tianji hate Qin Li, even more, is that as long as he had a girl he liked, they will fall for Qin Li in the end, like a curse.

Because of Qin Li’s reasons, Ruan Tian has not been able to successfully enter into a relationship so far, and the only thing he has talked about was a peaceful breakup in just two days.

Ruan Tian chewed two bites of fish like venting his anger, and hummed, “It’s not easy to find a job. After all, Qin Li doesn’t depend on the family members. I’m just not ready yet. I got offers from many companies, but I refused. This is related to my future. I have to choose carefully. A few days ago, the brilliant general manager asked me to package me as a big star and promised to make me popular…”

He touched his face as he said, alas, it’s a sin to look too good.

“You dream, what nonsense, as long as you can find a stable job with a monthly salary of 3,000, your mother will be satisfied.” Hu Shi said and emphasized: “How many times, what Qin Li, you want to be called’ “Brother’.”

“He is only two months older than me.”

“What’s wrong with two months, you have the ability to get out of your mother’s womb two months earlier than him.”

“I lied, I am actually older than Qin Li.”

Hu Shi directly ignored: “You want to be called’brother’, no big or small. Don’t eat it. You can’t stop when you touch the fish. I really suspect that you were a cat in your last life.”

“Meow~” Ruan Tian did not eat. Stop, take the time to call out softly.

Not to mention, he barked more like a real cat.

Hu Shi couldn’t laugh or cry. She regarded Ruan Tian as a baby and was a big pet since she was a child. But Ruan Tian was so cute and sweet that she couldn’t bear to be harsh.

Ruan Tian ate and ate but suddenly felt nausea in his stomach. He frowned for a while before he felt a wave of stronger nausea.

He even rushed out of the kitchen, ran into the bathroom, grabbed the sink for a while, but couldn’t vomit anything. Instead, his eye sockets were irritated and flushed with water mist.

Hu Shi came over and patted him smoothly, and said: “Please don’t eat so much, now you can eat it.”

“I didn’t eat much…” Ruan Tian didn’t finish her words, turned around, and started holding the sink. Retching.

Hu Shi was angry and distressed, and went out to soak a glass of honey water for Ruan Tian: “When your father comes back, let him see what’s going on.”

Ruan Tian’s father, that is, Ruan Botang, is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine and gynecology, and he has good medical skills. He takes medicine for illnesses at home.

Saying that Cao Cao had arrived, Ruan Botang opened the door and came in, speaking loudly and the whole room could hear him.

“Commander Hu, Ruan Xiaotian…” He walked around the living room: “Where are the people? Ruan Xiaotian, come out to see what good things your dad buys for you.”

Hu Shi helped Ruan Tian out, and Ruan Tian was vomiting. His mouth is sour, and he is not in the mood to even look at the things his father brought.

He was completely limp on the sofa, feeling that he was a mere cat.

The soft and sweet Ruan Tian has now become bitter and astringent.

Nguyen Tien licked his lips: “Pei pei pei, disgusting-”

Ruanbo Tang fish cans placed in front of Nguyen Tien: “. GB, the last time you say like to eat, I let my colleagues from abroad specially with the”

Ruan Tian glanced at the canned fish listlessly.

Hu Shilian said: “He just vomited, what to eat, don’t follow the chaos, show Ruan

Xiaotian, he suddenly retched very badly after eating fish meat.” Ruan Botang suddenly said seriously: “Are there any other symptoms? Did you eat something?” “There are no other symptoms, just nausea, retching, no appetite, and I don’t want to eat now.” Ruan Tian said authentically.

Ruan Baitang probed Ruan Tian’s forehead: “I don’t have a fever, maybe I have eaten badly, and this symptom resembles pregnancy.” As he said, he touched his chin to think seriously.

Hu Shi Ruan rolled newspaper: “What nonsense, Ruan Xiao Tian boys, pregnant with what pregnant.”

Ruanbai Tang, a typical henpecked husband, scratched his head and said: “It’s a mistake. Ruan Xiao Tian Yang Yang always feels like a daughter while their daughter, Ruan Tian’s sister, is the opposite, not much different from raising a boy.

Why didn’t Hu Shi feel this way? This son was more squeamish than his daughter, and I blame him for his looks. Who can be cruel to Ruan Xiaotian? He smiles at you casually, you can only surrender obediently.

Ruan Botang prescribed some medicine to Ruan Tian, ​​gave the medicine and warm water to Ruan Tian, ​​and had to prepare sugar to coax him to take the medicine, and then let him go back to the house to rest after eating.

Ruan Tian rolled his eyes after taking the medicine, with the candy in his mouth that his father then stuffed in, and got up with soft hands and feet, and went around looking for his cat and dog.

His daily favorite is to run cats and dogs. The softness in his arms is particularly comfortable. Unfortunately, his kindness is treated like a donkey liver and lungs by cats and dogs. Every time he sees him, he hides, like avoiding the plague, and wastes him. Work hard to feed them smoothly and shovel shit.

No, Ruan Tian hasn’t even seen the shadows of cats and dogs after being home for so long.

Wouldn’t their conscience hurt!

“Tiramisu… glutinous rice… Coconut balls…”

Ruan Tian shouted as he looked for it. Although he had no appetite, he was still drooling because of the names of these sweets.

I really want to eat glutinous rice!

Ruan Tian immediately decided to look for Nuomi Zi.

Nuomi Zi is an orange cat. When the stray cats were bullied by other wild cats, Ruan Tian descended from the sky to rescue him. It was only three months old when it was rescued, and it was a very small one, and it tasted good and good. Now it has become very large, obese, and has plenty of weight.

Ruan Tian dragged Nuomizi out of the wooden cabinet, and the orange cat’s claws desperately scratched the floor. Reluctantly, Ruan Tian’s strength was so great that he was finally captured.

Ruan Tian hugged the orange cat into the bedroom and the other cats and dogs that had been hiding suddenly relaxed and happily emerged from the hiding place.

Tangerine Cat was very afraid of Ruan Tian, ​​shivering after being held by him, but was restrained by Ruan Tian’s power, did not dare to make any resistance, and did not even dare to show the paws that had been retracted in the mat.

Ruan Tian was lying on his side uncomfortably, still feeling uncomfortable in his abdomen. The discomfort could be relieved a little by pushing the cat, and then he suddenly remembered what his father said.

As far as people are concerned, he is a male, as far as cats are concerned, he is a male, and of course, it is impossible to conceive.

But if he is really pregnant, who is the father?

Ruan Tian squinted slightly, and a figure that he was so familiar with suddenly appeared in his mind, which made him feel itchy.

There will never be a child, but what happened that night was real.