37 Shaking pussy

Pussina bites her nipple "Aaah" Cherry moans. Pussina's hand roam on cherry's soft body. Her hand reaches Cherry's ass and she fumbles while she takes it off while she feeds on cherry's soft boobs. Cherry's moans grow stronger and stronger as Pussina starts going down towards her pussy. ;

When she reaches her wet mound Pussina instantly dives in. Her tongue goes in her cunt as she slurps all the juices finally able to quench her thirst. It's a bit sweet but also salty. ;

"aaahhhhhhh" ;

Cherry moans loudly as her legs tremble around Pussina's neck. Pussina sucks all that she can as she stimulates her clit. ;

She takes her mouth off her pussy and looks at her, "I'll let you taste yourself, then you'll know how good your pussy is" ;

She dives again and shoves her tongue as deep as possible. She grazes the walls of her pussy harshly and fast and pinches her clit hard making her cummin Pussina's mouth. ;

She fills it all in her mouth and climbs on her body upward. With one hand opens cherry's mouth and spits it in her mouth. Cherry gulps it down. ;

"It was delicious right?" ;

Cherry nods with her eyes closed panting and Pussina plants her mouth on her and starts making out with her. Their hands sometimes roam around their bodies and sometimes in their hair as they eat each other's faces out. ;

Something flashes in Cherry's mind and she pushes her off and runs out of the room. Pussina sighs and gets up from the bed too and goes back to her room and lays on the bed going back to sleep. ;

When she wakes up she sees some clothes on the bed near her foot. She picks the white strap top and black miniskirt up. It's like the same one that she wore when he fucked her for the first time. ;

She wears them with some high heels and goes down. Everyone is already at the dining table eating breakfast. Not a lot happens and everyone just eats and goes back to their work. Cherry ignores her the whole time. ;

She walks out of the house with Daddy towards the car and sits in the passenger seat. As soon as the car revs up she takes her skirt completely off and bares her pussy for her Daddy knowing he'll make her do it sooner or later anyway since they are 1hour early than the college timing. ;

DADDY smirks at her in appreciation and puts his hand on her mount and presses it. ;

"mmmm" ;

"Pussy! Open your legs for DADDY." She opens them and rubs her pussy. "Mmmmm anh" ;

He rubs her pussy slowly while driving as Pussina moans softly. He takes them in a deserted area and parks it there. ;

"Do you want daddy to fuck your pussy?" He asks holding the back of her seat with one hand as his other hand now puts more pressure on her pussy. ;

"Aaah mmmm ah yes DADDY ah" ;

He wraps his whole big hand around her pussy and puts the middle finger in her pussy and starts moving the finger in and out slowly. ;

He whispers in her ear, "Do you want your pussy destroyed by your DADDY'S big dick?" ;

"ah ahhhh ahhhhhhh yes aaaahh yesss oh yes" She pants lightly. ;

"Well then that's exactly what I will do to you" ;

He grips the seat and her pussy tighter and starts moving his hand faster. "aahhhhhhhh ahhhhh aaaaahhh ahhhhh DADDDDYY" ;

He shakes his hand as his finger attacks her pussy walls harshly. "aahhhhhhhh ahhhhh aaaaahhh yeesssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ;

Her ass is not even on the seat anymore as he shakes her whole lower body with his hand. ;

"aahhhhhhhh ahhhhh aaaaahhh yeesssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhh ahhhhh DADDDDYY ahhhh" ;

He grips the seat tighter as he puts all the strength in the hand fucking her pussy. He shakes and fucks her with his hand mercilessly. ;

"aahhhhhhhh ahhhhh DADDDDYY ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh" Her body sweats and shakes as she cumms on his hand. ;