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Outside, Rosy was so frightened that she held her breath and quietly returned to Mila’s dressing room.

There were several separate dressing rooms nearby. Rosy had just come out from the washroom, and when she passed by Natalie’s dressing room, the door was ajar, and she happened to hear Natalie’s words.

On set.

Laila was sitting on a chair and watching Mila and George getting filmed. Rosy walked over with a troubled look and said in a low voice, “Laila, I have something important to tell you.”

After saying that, Rosy pulled Laila back to the private dressing room and closed the door. Then, she lowered her voice and recounted what she had just heard.

“I see.” Laila’s expression was calm. She had been in the entertainment industry for so many years and had heard of Natalie’s background. She wasn’t a signed artist of any agency and had her own studio. It was rumored that she had a close relationship with Mr. Woo, the president of Stella Entertainment. Coincidentally, it was also the biggest investor in this television drama. Hence, if Mr. Woo asked Director Zager to cut Mila’s scenes, Director Zager might actually agree.

Mila returned to her dressing room after filming and she saw Laila and Rosy sitting there with solemn expressions.

“What’s wrong?” Mila asked in confusion.

Laila repeated Natalie’s words and said with a serious expression, “Mila, you must understand even Director Zager can’t offend Stella Entertainment. It’s possible that part of your scenes will have to be deleted.”

“I understand.”

Mila replied indifferently, her face expressionless, but she was still a little disappointed. This was reality. Without a powerful patron, she could only be bullied by others. Perhaps one day, when she was strong enough, no one would dare to bully her.

Actually, Mila was also a little reluctant. Natalie wasn’t as pretty as her, nor could she act well. That was obvious to everyone, but Natalie could easily take the female lead’s position. Mila just wanted to act well in this drama, but she still had to be suppressed.

Looking at Mila’s disappointed expression, Laila felt sorry for her. She comforted her softly, “Mila, don’t be sad. Although the scenes will be deleted, as long as your image is established, many people will still like you.

“You performed very well. Director Zager likes you very much. I believe he’ll think of you in the future!”

Actually, the most important thing in a show wasn’t how many scenes one had, but the character one portrayed. Some people only appeared for a minute in a movie or only had a single scene, but they could leave a fresh impression on the audience. That was how good they were.

That night, Laila returned to her room and sent the news to the higher-ups of the company.

Ever since Laila took over Mila, the company’s higher-ups had asked her to report about Mila every day. Laila didn’t understand why, but it was a good thing that the company valued Mila and might support her.

After a week, Mila didn’t receive any notification that the director wanted to cut the scenes. She thought Director Zager had withstood the pressure and forcefully kept those scenes. However, what she didn’t know was someone had suppressed Stella Entertainment. This matter had disappeared before it could reach Director Zager.

Mila didn’t think too much about it and continued to film with all her heart. After another half a month, her scenes were all completed. In the end, Lydia, the role she played, died under the knife of the male lead’s competitor. Blood flowed all over the ground, and it was also the most tearful scene in the drama.

The once elegant and dazzling daughter of a rich family and the goddess of countless men passed away at her most beautiful age.

The production team still had to stay at the film base for more than ten days before they could hold the wrap party, but the remaining scenes belonged to the male and female leads. There was no point in Mila staying here, so she decided to go home early.

On the day of their departure, Director Zager treated Mila and Laila to a meal as a farewell ceremony.

Laila and Director Zager had known each other for ten years. The two of them chatted and laughed, and Mila felt more relaxed.

Amidst the toasts, Director Zager said with admiration, “Mila, you’re very talented in acting. I’ll come to you if there’s a suitable role in the future.”

Director Zager had seen countless people in the entertainment industry for many years. He could tell Mila had a lot of potential. It was already rare for her to be beautiful and talented, but she was still especially hardworking.

Her script was read so many times to the point that the paper was wrinkled. She had almost never missed a single line, and she could quickly immersed in her emotions. Such an outstanding actor had been in the entertainment industry for so long, but no one had discovered her. She had wasted so many years.

“Of course! But we can’t let Mila play a supporting role in the future!” Laila said half-jokingly.

Director Zager chuckled. “Mila is so outstanding. She’ll definitely become the female lead in the future. I’m just afraid she won’t have time for me when I invite her!”