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Because Mila refused to drink on social occasions, the investors and directors felt humiliated, so they naturally wouldn’t give her any good roles. After a while, her manager stopped caring about her and left her to fend for herself. Only small roles that others didn’t want to have a chance to go to her.

Seeing the younger actresses who used to play small roles gradually become female leads, Mila would be lying if she said that she wasn’t envious. Even so, she didn’t want to go against her will.

At six in the afternoon, Mila turned off the television and tidied up the room briefly. She chose a floral dress and changed into it. After putting on some foundation and lipstick, she went to the kitchen to start cooking.

Mila’s original plan was to make some braised prawns, but tonight was the first time the two of them met, and shelling the prawns didn’t seem right for the occasion, so she shelled the prawns first and planned to stir fry them with some spiced salt.

She finished processing the prawns and set them aside. After that, she took the pre-marinated chicken out of the refrigerator and put it in the oven. Finally, she made braised pork ribs and made a cold platter.

As soon as the cold platter was on the table, Mila’s phone rang.

She wiped her hands and quickly picked it up.

“Mr. Chapman, have you arrived?”

“Yes. I’m at the elevator entrance in the parking lot. I can’t get in without an access card.”

The man spoke in a melodious baritone. It was the kind of voice that made one’s heart skip a beat.

“I’ll be there right away.”


After hanging up, Mila immediately left the apartment with her key and access card. Just as she stepped out of the elevator, she saw a tall man walking toward her.

“Mr. Chapman?”


Chaucer looked up at her, while she was also looking at him. Their eyes met.

This was the first time Mila had seen Chaucer, and she couldn’t help but be amazed by his appearance. He had unsmiling eyes, a straight, prominent nose, and well-defined facial features. When he looked down at her, his thick eyelashes trembled slightly, and he exuded a cold and distant aura.

He wore gray trousers with a thin white shirt. The ordinary-looking outfit looked especially high-class on him. Mila didn’t know much about suits, but she could tell Chaucer’s clothes weren’t cheap.

Chaucer was different from what Mila had imagined. She had thought he was an average businessman, but after seeing him, she realized he was good-looking and well-proportioned enough to be an A-list celebrity.

Neither spoke a word during the elevator ride. It wasn’t until they went upstairs that Mila took the initiative to break the silence. “Here’s my place, Mr. Chapman. Please come in.”

The ten seconds in the elevator just now was the most awkward moment Mila had ever encountered. She felt an iceberg standing beside her, and the pressure almost stopped her breath. She kept feeling that this man wasn’t easy to get along with!

“This is the apartment I rented. It’s a little small. I hope you don’t mind, Mr. Chapman.”

“It’s alright.” Chaucer entered the room and looked around. Although the place wasn’t big, it was clean and tidy. The decoration was very cozy.

“Don’t bother taking off your shoes. Just come in. I don’t have any slippers big enough for you. You can watch some television. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Mila went into the kitchen and cut up a cantaloupe. She set the pieces on a plate, put two cute forks on it, and placed it on the table in the living room.

“Have some fruit.”

The apartment wasn’t big, and Mila could hear the sound of the television in the kitchen, which made her less nervous.


The sound came from the oven. Mila took out the roasted chicken and cut it into bite-size pieces. She carefully arranged the plate and prepared some lemon sauce and black pepper sauce.

Right after that, braised pork ribs and spiced salt prawns were also ready. Soon, the room was filled with the aroma of food.

Meanwhile, Chaucer sat on the sofa and watched Mila bustling around in the kitchen. His heart inadvertently skipped a beat, as if he had never experienced this feeling before.

Twenty minutes later, Mila brought the dishes to the table. There were the fresh and juicy roasted chicken, the glossy braised pork ribs, the light, and deliciously spiced salt prawns, and a refreshing cold platter.

“Mr. Chapman, dinner’s ready. Sorry to have kept you waiting. I hope you’ll like these dishes.”

Mila smiled and asked Chaucer to join her. Chaucer got up and walked up to the dining table. When he saw the dishes on the table, he couldn’t help but smile.

“They’re very nice.”

Chaucer meant it. Mila was indeed a great cook. In Chaucer’s understanding, girls of Mila’s age liked to shop, go for beauty treatments, max out their credit cards, and never did any work, but she seemed to enjoy the process of cooking.

“I’m glad you like it.” Mila smiled gently. “Braised pork ribs and roasted chicken are my specialties. Take a bite. They won’t taste good when they’re cold.”