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It was midsummer in July in the capital city at the hottest hour in the afternoon, and there were very few people on the streets.

Mila Sullivan came out of the interview venue and sighed helplessly. She waited outside the door for two hours and auditioned for ten minutes. She was sweating profusely from the heat, but the interview still failed in the end.

The casting director kept praising her for acting well, but in the end, he still chose another actor.

Mila couldn’t help but sigh. It was too difficult to find a job these days, and it was even harder to survive in the entertainment industry!

It was depressing to go home hungry without finding a job. Mila decided to turn her grief and indignation into appetite and make a table full of dishes for herself to comfort her injured heart.

She came out of the supermarket with two bags of groceries. As soon as she got into the taxi, her cell phone vibrated.

“Hello, Mom.”

Yvonne asked softly, “Mila, are you home yet?”

“Not yet. I’m on my way,” Mila replied.

“Mila, Grandpa Chapman called yesterday and asked about your situation. Your grandfather is very happy, but we still have to ask for your opinion on this matter. Do you think…” Yvonne’s voice trailed off as if she was waiting for Mila’s answer.

Mila knew what she meant. The Sullivan family and Chapman families agreed on this marriage decades ago. Back then, Old Mr. Chapman was her grandfather’s superior. The two of them were on a mission together when they were young and were ambushed by the enemy. Her grandfather took a bullet for Chapman, and the bullet pierced his shoulder blade, causing serious aftereffects.

Her grandfather’s career was rising at that young age, but because of this incident, he took a back seat and switched to a desk job. To thank him for taking the bullet, Chapman decided to let the children of the two families get engaged.

Mila’s father was supposed to be the candidate. Unfortunately, both families only had sons in that generation, and the marriage arrangement could only be put on hold for the time being.

Later on, when she was born, the Sullivan family finally had a girl. Coincidentally, the Chapman family also had a boy of similar age. Only then did Old Mr. Chapman bring up the past and arrange a marriage for them.

However, young people nowadays wanted to choose their own spouses, and the two families didn’t force them to become a couple. However, the son of the Chapman family was almost thirty years old and still didn’t have a girlfriend. Hence, Old Mr. Chapman suggested that they spend some time together. Perhaps they could become a happy couple.

Yvonne waited for a long time but didn’t hear Mila’s response. She said gingerly, “Mila, I heard from your grandfather that the Chapman family’s son is an outstanding young man. He’s a businessman and has his own house and car. He’s quite handsome. You don’t have a boyfriend yet, so why don’t you go and meet him? If you like him, you can become a couple. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter either. No one will force you to stay with him.”

Mila looked at the scenery outside the window and was silent for a few seconds. She said softly, “Alright. Give me his contact information, and I’ll find a time to meet him.”

“Alright, I’ll send it to you immediately. Although he’s quite outstanding, we won’t force you to like him. Don’t worry about your grandfather. Everyone can understand you.”

Actually, Yvonne didn’t want her daughter going on blind dates. The relationship between a man and a woman depended on fate. Those who came on blind dates were all aiming to get married, so they naturally skipped the step of falling in love.

However, her daughter had been focused on her acting career over the years and had never been in a relationship. Yvonne was afraid Mila would waste her youth on work and miss the best years.

Mila was already 27 years old and had never been in a relationship before. Many people would consider it quite unusual.

“Mom, I understand. I’ll talk to you later. I need to get out of the car.”

After hanging up, the car stopped. Mila quickly got out with the bags, wiped the sweat on her forehead, and returned to the small place she had rented.

All the apartments in the building were for rent. The rent was very cheap, and her apartment was rather small, but she had made it into a cozy place.

The first thing one saw when entering the apartment was an open kitchen with all the kitchen utensils. It was clean and tidy without a trace of oil. There was a blue sofa in the living room with a white plush carpet under it and a small floral square table in front.

Pushing open the hidden glass door beside the living room, one would see a small open-air balcony. Mila kept some succulents and tulips here and had even set up a table and a rocking chair. When the weather was good, she would sit here occasionally to drink tea and admire the flowers. It was very comfortable.

Mila placed the groceries she bought from the supermarket in the kitchen before going to the bedroom to change into her pajamas. Just as she put on an apron, her cell phone suddenly vibrated. She looked down and saw that her mother had sent her the young Chapman’s name and social media account.