Chapter 248 - Chapter 248: Force!

Chapter 248: Force!

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Lu Ming felt that Flame Heart’s proposal was not quite feasible.

In the Origin State, Lu Ming’s mental state was no longer as irritable as in the Explosive State or even the Desperation State.

He looked at Flame Heart and said softly, “1 actually think that you, as a person… no, you, as a being, are not that bad. If you promise me to withdraw the Dream Virus scattered outside, I can consider living peacefully with you.”

When Lu Ming said this, he had a serious expression… Flame Heart could tell that Lu Ming really meant it.

But precisely because of that, Flame Heart felt somewhat helpless.

“Can you… represent everyone?”

“Can you represent those Aeonians?”

“More importantly, can you represent me?”

Lu Ming opened his mouth, but he could not say anything. After a moment, he could not help but say in a muffled voice, “No.”

Flame Heart shrugged, “Then there’s no need to discuss further.”


As he spoke, Flame Heart had already exerted strength in his legs and rushed towards Lu Ming.

At this moment, Flame Heart’s face was filled with a strange smile.

It was hard to describe what that smile represented…

Twisted berserk?

Or was it a smile of liberation?

“I really haven’t seen such an interesting guy like you in a long time!”

In the Origin State, Lu Ming had the same physique as in the Desperate State.

Furthermore, his body was more compressed, meaning that in the Origin State, Lu Ming’s strength was more condensed, and his speed and reflexes were even faster!

However, Flame Heart’s explosive power still shocked Lu Ming. He had never seen an opponent with such speed. He was not even significantly inferior to himself in his Origin State.

It was as if a violent wind was blowing towards him.

In the blink of an eye, Flame Heart had already appeared in front of Lu Ming.

He reached out with a punch, a simple jab that instantly struck Lu Ming’s face.

A loud “bang” rang out.

When Yan Xin’s fist collided with the Flame Shield, Lu Ming’s Flame Shield was shattered by the immense force. Even Lu Ming’s head was pushed back by the tremendous impact.

In return, Flame Heart was also affected by the reflective effect from the Flame Shield.

However, he effortlessly twisted his body with the help of this counterforce and delivered a powerful elbow strike to Lu Ming’s chest!

This elbow strike not only contained Flame Heart’s own power but also the reaction force that Flame Heart had suffered during the first attack.

There was a crisp “crack” sound.

Lu Ming’s Divine Flame Shield exploded on the spot. His entire body was sent flying, crashing into the hard wall of the laboratory!

“Combat skill!”

“This is a pure combat skill!”

As Lu Ming had crawled up from the corner of the wall and looked at Flame Heart, he furrowed his brow and said, to which Yan Xin nodded with a smile and said, “Yes, it’s pure combat skill.”

“After all, us Dream Clan people don’t rely on Source Power at all. So, we don’t have any fancy Source Power Skills?”

Lu Ming was slightly stunned before nodding, “That’s true…”

This was how it should be!

Since he did not rely on the Source Power system, how could he cultivate and master Source Power Skills?

“But your body…” Since he did not rely on Source Power, how could he have physical strength that was not inferior to mine?

Flame Heart patted his chest, “You’re talking about this… Since this is the foundation of the Dream Clan’s strength, the power of dream has come true.”

“With the power of dreams coming true as a support, 1 can have as much powerful physical strength as I want. 1 can become whatever 1 want… In fact, if 1 want you to die now, you have to die obediently.”

Lu Ming was immediately stunned.

Wasn’t he invincible?

Before Lu Ming could speak, Flame Heart had already said, “Of course, it’s not that exaggerated. There’s a limit to the power of Dream Realization. You can only achieve as much as you’ve stored.”

“Comparatively, directly affecting an enemy, like weakening your strength or making you die, consumes a lot of the power of making dreams come true and isn’t cost-effective.”

“The most cost-effective approach is to strengthen yourself, enhance your own strength, or add more attributes to yourself.”

Lu Ming was enlightened.

Yan Xin continued, “Now, our warm-up is over. What’s coming next is the real fun part!”

Saying this, Flame Heart did not give Lu Ming any reaction time.

Flame Heart swayed left and right and slid towards Lu Ming—this was completely a footwork technique among combat skills!

His speed was incredibly fast, and in the blink of an eye, he had once again appeared in front of Lu Ming.

Jab, right hook, knee strike, elbow strike.

Lu Ming blocked, parred, dodged sideways, and countered with an elbow strike.

Hand-to-hand combat level loo (max level) allowed Lu Ming to hold his own in this pure hand-to-hand exchange.

“However, there is indeed a gap in experience.”

The only spectator, the Crimson Queen, said softly.

As she watched the figure relentlessly attacking, the Crimson Queen seemed to be transported back thousands of years.

Flame Heart was the last emperor of the Flame Clan and a former quasi-divine-level expert.

He was also the origin of the Flame Clan’s extinction and perhaps its rebirth…

Flame Heart’s deeds and misdeeds were beyond a simple description in a few words.

However, the Crimson Queen knew one thing for sure.

“Lord Flame Heart is undoubtedly a top-tier combat genius of the Flame Clan…”

During the era when Flame Heart ruled the Flame Clan, the entire Flame Clan was plagued by internal and external troubles. He established the First Research Institute to develop powers that could rival the divine, but no one knew that Flame Heart himself was also one of the experimental subjects!

Number: 135!

Codename: Force!

Based on combat skills, he developed the ultimate technique that did not require Source Power but relied solely on physical strength to match the effects of Source Power Skills.

Other than Flame Heart, no one knew of the existence of this project.

This also meant that no one had witnessed the power of force.

Lu Ming was the first!


Flame Heart’s hook hit Lu Ming’s face again.

However, the effect of this blow was completely different from before!

Flame Heart’s fist did not shatter. Instead, it penetrated through the protection of the Divine Fire Shield and struck Lu Ming’s body.

The Divine Fire Shield was completely ineffective!

At the same time, Lu Ming also felt a powerful force rushing into his cheek.


Like a hand grenade, it exploded in Lu Ming’s face.

The explosion hit part of Lu Ming’s face, revealing the bloody muscle tissue under his face.

“Explosive Fist! How can it be an explosive fist!”

“And my Divine Fire Shield…”

“That’s right.” On the other side, Flame Heart grinned and said, “It’s the Explosive Fist, your specialty…”

“As for your Divine Fire Shield… I think you should have known long ago that since 1 don’t use Source Power, the defensive layer formed by Source Power naturally would not work against me, right?”

Lu Ming’s gaze was deep, “A characteristic of the Dream Clan?”

Flame Hear shook his head and said, “No, no, no. This is not a characteristic of the Dream Clan. This is just a simple technique.”

“A technique unique to me.”

“I call it Force!”