Chapter 125 - Too Crazy

Half an hour later, there was a knock on Jiang Tong’s door. Jiang Tong walked over to open the door. The person standing outside the door was of course Zhou Jingyun. The moment the door opened, Zhou Jingyun stared at Jiang Tong with a strange gaze.

Zhou Jingyun racked his brain on the way here. His mind exploded as he tried to calculate all kinds of possibilities, but he couldn’t find a reasonable explanation. Why was Xie Wenkai with Jiang Tong? Why did he call her ‘Babe’? Xie Wenkai wasn’t such a casual man! However, Zhou Jingyun understood one thing. The problem wasn’t Xie Wenkai, but Jiang Tong. Jiang Tong was really like a ghost, she was so mysterious.

“You’re here? Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have flowers on my face?” Jiang Tong smiled and moved aside to let Zhou Jingyun in. Then, she gave Zhou Jingyun a pair of slippers.

Zhou Jingyun changed into his slippers. As he entered, he looked around. He knew the exact address of Jiang Tong’s old house, but he had never been up here before. Of course, he had to take a few more glances at the unfamiliar environment. Moreover, he was also looking for someone.

Although Jiang Tong had already moved, the house was still filled with the smell of life. Zhou Jingyun smelled the smell of food. This was not the time to cook. He did not know where the scent of food drifted over from outside the window, he also heard a buzzing sound. When he looked around, Zhou Jingyun noticed that the bathroom door was open. The sound of washing machines was coming from inside. He did not know why Jiang Tong was still in the mood to wash clothes at this time!

“Where is Xie Wenkai?” Zhou Jingyun walked to the side of the sofa and turned to ask Jiang Tong. Jiang Tong raised her hand and pointed at the kitchen. At the same time, Xie Wenkai’s voice came from the kitchen, “Babe, is Director Zhou here?” He took a few steps out of the kitchen, turned to look at the living room, and saw Zhou Jingyun. He smiled and greeted, “Director Zhou, long time no see.”

“Director Xie, long time no see,” Zhou Jingyun stuttered because Xie Wenkai was wearing an apron and holding a spoon. He looked like a cook! Xie Wenkai was indeed cooking! This sense of incongruity shocked people to death! Xie Wenkai always gave people the impression that he was steady and dignified. He was the heir of the Xie family who was high up in the world. He was unattainable. But what was he doing now? He was actually cooking?! Xie Wenkai actually knew how to cook?!

Yes, Xie Wenkai really knew how to cook. When he was at home, his family didn’t let him cook or learn because his hands needed to hold a pen to sign important documents, not a kitchen utensil. Xie Wenkai knew how to cook. When he was studying abroad, he learned from the nanny who took care of him.

Actually, Jiang Tong didn’t want Xie Wenkai to cook for her. It was Xie Wenkai himself who suggested it. He first said that he was hungry, and Jiang Tong said that they would go out to eat together when Zhou Jingyun came over. Then, Xie Wenkai said that he didn’t want to move, so he suggested cooking at home. Jiang Tong didn’t care about this and agreed to Xie Wenkai’s suggestion. The water and electricity weren’t cut off at home. There was still some food in the fridge, but there wasn’t much. Before Zhou Jingyun arrived, Jiang Tong went downstairs to buy some vegetables. The supermarket was very close and she got back home in around ten minutes.

Not only did Xie Wenkai cook, but he also took the initiative to do the laundry. He washed the dirty clothes that Jiang Tong had thrown away and the bedsheets that they had dirtied. Jiang Tong understood Xie Wenkai’s mentality. He just wanted to try the life of a normal person.

“Babe, you should have a chat with Director Zhou first. I’ll stir-fry some dishes and we’ll be able to eat soon.” After Xie Wenkai said that, he retreated into the kitchen and continued to work in the kitchen, full of enthusiasm.

Zhou Jingyun was still dumbstruck. He slowly turned his head to look at Jiang Tong. His body was very stiff, like a mummy. He stared at Jiang Tong with wide eyes, then pulled Jiang Tong abruptly and brought her to the window. He asked in a low voice, “What’s this situation?!” He felt like he was going crazy! It was strange. Everything was strange! For instance, when he talked to Xie Wenkai on the phone earlier, Xie Wenkai denied that he had called Jiang Tong ‘Babe’. Although Zhou Jingyun thought he didn’t hear it wrong, he lied to Xie Wenkai and said that he had heard it wrong. Then, when he came over, Xie Wenkai actually called Jiang Tong ‘Babe’ in front of him, and he called her that so naturally! He even greeted Zhou Jingyun! Was Xie Wenkai schizophrenic?! Or did he, Zhou Jingyun, lose his memory?! And Xie Wenkai cooking? Stir-frying a dish?! Zhou Jingyun felt that either he was crazy, or the world was crazy!