Chapter 122 - What's Your Relationship With Him

“I’m Zhou Jingyun.” Zhou Jingyun’s reply was very direct. It made Xie Wenkai’s hand tremble, and he almost dropped the phone. He suddenly sat up on the bed and looked at Jiang Tong with wide eyes. The blanket slid down his body, revealing his strong chest. There were purple-red marks on his chest, and there were red marks. Some of the marks had already disappeared, and some had not. In fact, these marks were not very serious. Jiang Tong could not have really hurt Xie Wenkai. They were all marks that looked serious but would disappear in less than a day. Moreover, these marks were mainly concentrated on Xie Wenkai’s body. There were almost no marks above his collarbone. Jiang Tong had slapped Xie Wenkai’s face during s*x, but the red marks on his face had disappeared. As long as he put on his clothes, no one would be able to tell what he had experienced.

“Who are you?” Zhou Jingyun asked again. He had already said his name, but Xie Wenkai hadn’t said it yet.

“So it’s Director Zhou.” Xie Wenkai took a deep breath and quickly adjusted his mood. He said in a normal and polite tone, “We’ve met before, at a business banquet.”

“Who are you?” Zhou Jingyun wasn’t that patient.

“I…” Xie Wenkai took a deep breath. He was completely dumbfounded and extremely nervous. However, he could hide his nervousness very well. “I’m Xie Wenkai.” He directly revealed his identity because he knew that Zhou Jingyun knew that there were other men around Jiang Tong. Moreover, his mother had been looking for Jiang Tong, so as long as Zhou Jingyun checked, he would know that Xie Wenkai was with Jiang Tong. It was useless for him to make up lies now. Also, he knew that if he didn’t admit it, there would be a lot of trouble. If Zhou Jingyun got angry and directly rushed over with his men, the situation would be even worse.

However, now that Zhou Jingyun knew that he was Xie Wenkai, he wouldn’t do that. Because he was the successor of the Six Blessings Corporation. Anyone who wanted to touch even a strand of his hair would have to think carefully. However, Xie Wenkai could not understand why Jiang Tong was so audacious. She dared to let Zhou Jingyun know that she had another man by her side. This was too crazy. Wasn’t Jiang Tong afraid? Xie Wenkai could not understand why Jiang Tong dared to let him speak to Zhou Jingyun. However, Xie Wenkai could confirm one thing. Even if Zhou Jingyun knew about him, nothing would happen to him. Only Jiang Tong would be in trouble! And this was a very big matter! Because Jiang Tong had cuckolded Zhou Jingyun!

After Xie Wenkai said who he was, Zhou Jingyun on the other end of the phone fell silent. In other words, Zhou Jingyun was shocked! Of course, Xie Wenkai did not know his reaction. When Xie Wenkai realized Zhou Jingyun remained silent, he asked, “Director Zhou? Are you still there?”

“You are Xie Wenkai?” Zhou Jingyun finally spoke.

“Yes,” Xie Wenkai nodded.

Zhou Jingyun asked again, “Why are you with Jiang Tong? What’s your relationship with her?”

“Jiang Tong and I are friends. We’re talking about work.” Xie Wenkai’s tone was extremely calm. Perhaps he was too nervous, so he forgot that he had just called Jiang Tong ‘Babe’ earlier. As he had called her that by accident, he subconsciously overlooked this point. In his heart, he still wanted to hide the fact that he had slept with Jiang Tong. Of course, it would be better if he could deceive Zhou Jingyun.

“Friend?” Zhou Jingyun’s tone was doubtful.

“Yes, friend. You don’t allow your girlfriend to make friends, Director Zhou? If you don’t allow it, then I won’t meet Jiang Tong next time,” Xie Wenkai said calmly.

“Friend? Do you call your friend ‘Babe’? Who are you trying to fool?” Zhou Jingyun’s tone suddenly turned cold.

“Ah?” Xie Wenkai was stunned. The calm expression on his face was shattered. He said nervously, “Really? Did you hear it wrong, Director Zhou? I never called Jiang Tong ‘Babe’.”

Zhou Jingyun frowned and replied, “I can’t have heard it wrong. You just called her ‘Babe’.”

Xie Wenkai said, “That’s impossible. Director Zhou, you must have misheard me. I’m not that kind of person.”

When he heard Xie Wenkai say that, Zhou Jingyun wondered if he had really misheard him. This was because Xie Wenkai had always given people the impression that he was a good person. Even the public’s evaluation of him was positive. He had never heard Xie Wenkai calling someone ‘Babe’ intimately, and it didn’t really match his temperament either. Did Zhou Jingyun really mishear Xie Wenkai’s words?