Chapter 392 - Chapter 392: Something That Could Make a Tier 4 Expert Attack

Chapter 392: Something That Could Make a Tier 4 Expert Attack

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Due to the existence of the Type 3 Pale Eye Flame Dragons, the surrounding air became extremely hot.

However, anyone who saw the silent core members of the Keith family hovering in the air would feel a bone-chilling sense of loneliness.

These Pale Eyed Flame Dragons were like suppressed volcanoes. If they were not careful, they would explode.

“Who is it? Who is it?”

Hu De roared towards the sky, his tone filled with anger and regret.

If… If he had insisted on following them, his elder brother might not have ended up like this!

Like many of his clansmen, Yang Xi also looked at Hu De with a ” sorrowful ” expression. At the same time, he quickly analyzed the situation at the scene.

Walker was a peak Tier 3 expert, and his Pale Eye Flame Dragon bloodline was famous for being tough.

However, the battle just now was very short. In other words, Walker was almost killed in a few moves.

In that case, he would either be killed by a group of peak Type 3 experts or a Type 4 expert.

Or, they would be surrounded by a group of peak-Type 3 experts and a Type 4 expert.

At this moment, there was a garrison of the City of Light in the City Lord’s Mansion.

The number of experts in the City of Light’s garrison was not impossible.

At the same time, the Platinum Deacon of the Hundred Cities Federation that Walker had secretly come to meet tonight, as a Tier 4 powerhouse, had enough strength to instantly kill Walker.

But would it be them?

Yang Xi looked at the city guards in white uniforms in front of the open gate of the City Lord’s Mansion.

He observed the guards looking at Walker’s body. The stunned, surprised, and gloating expressions on their faces did not seem like the expressions of the murderers at this moment.

Then, the killer was the deacon who stood like a night owl in the side hall?

However, if he was the one who did it, he should have continued to use his lightning fast methods to eliminate the root of the problem when the people from the Keith family arrived.

As an expert who had fought his way out of a sea of corpses, he would still be decisive.

But he did not do so…

On the ground, Hood, who had returned to his human form, hugged his brother’s corpse. His clothes were stained with blood.

The rationality in his eyes had already disappeared. He could only stare at the guards of the City of Light and the lord in the side hall.” Did you kill my brother?!

More and more family forces rushed over. They looked over from a hundred meters away and kept whispering to each other.

The time and place of death of the patriarch of Keith’s family was too ambiguous!

As one of the candidates, he should not have appeared at the City Lord’s Estate.

However, he had died on Cangwu Avenue.

“This time, the Keith family should be withdrawing from the battle for the city lord, right?”

The onlookers looked as if they were watching a joke.

To be honest, Yang Xi’s performance last time was comparable to that of a Heaven Rank seed, and it had already made many ability families in Light City feel threatened. If the Keith family obtained the position of the City Lord of Light again, what would happen?

General Chi Feng, the guard of the City of Light, was a burly man with a buzz cut. He was wearing a black cloak and replied emotionlessly, “Your brother’s death has nothing to do with us. ”

” You still want to quibble?” Hood gritted his teeth.” You were the first to appear at the scene!””

“Your garrison has long harbored evil intentions. When the three of us were surrounded by assassins in the Dongcheng Area, you didn’t appear. I’m afraid these four assassins were originally your people!!! ”

General Chi Feng’s emotions did not fluctuate at all. He stared coldly at Hu De and said,””l told you, it has nothing to do with us. ”

” If you didn’t kill my elder brother, could it be the lord standing in the side hall?” Hu De was unwilling to let this matter go.”

“How dare you!”

A berating voice came from the side hall.

A melodious sound traveled hundreds of meters in an instant, avoiding Walker’s corpse and hitting Hood.

Immediately, the Type 3 Warrior from the Keith family was knocked to the ground without any resistance, his body twitching uncontrollably.

A power that contained laws and profound was wreaking havoc in his body.


Shirley screamed and turned back into her human form, charging at Hood who was on the ground.

Yang Xi helped Hood up one step faster and carried his father’s body for him. He then said to Ockham who was the platinum deacon in the side hall,”Because of my father’s death, my second uncle’s emotions are unstable. ”

The figure on the side hall snorted coldly. With a wave of his hand, a pleasant voice sounded again.

At this moment, that power was withdrawn into his body.

“For Walker’s sake, I won’t take issue with this guy’s blabbering today. ”

Perhaps Ockham felt it was necessary to explain it to Yang Xi, “Your father’s death…As a platinum deacon of the Hundred Cities Federation, without the

Federation’s orders, I won’t lay my hands on any family in the City of Light. ” After saying this, the Type 4 expert silently left the side hall.

Yang Xi looked at the direction where he disappeared and was speechless. As a Tier 4 expert, Ockham knew who killed Walker.

If the enemy was a Rank-4, then the moment he attacked, there would definitely be law profound fluctuations appearing.

Unfortunately, because things happened too quickly, and the other party must have deliberately concealed the fluctuation of the law, Yang Xi, who was a step late, had no way to confirm which law killed Walker.

He didn’t believe Ockham’s dignified words just now. As of now, he was the biggest suspect.

“Could it be that Walker’s death is related to that thing from the Mercenary Association?”

Yang Xi thought of the mysterious Walker from some time ago.

Even though he was disguised as his own son, Dulan, Walker didn’t reveal anything about what this item was.

“Is it something that can make the deacon of the Hundred Cities Federation take a huge risk to kill Walker?”

“Then what exactly is this thing?”

“The attitude of the guards of Light City is also very strange. They are also hiding something…

Yang Xi felt very troubled. He originally thought that it was a certainty that Walker would become the City Lord of Light City. Then, his mission of hiding in the occupied areas of the Southern Continent would be completed soon.

However, things in this world were just so wonderful. They were clearly close to the final piece of information, but Walker’s death had brought everything back to the starting point.

“Should I choose PlanB and directly take on a Type 4 powerhouse?” Looking in the direction of the side hall, Yang Xi was a little restless.

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However, in the end, his rationality still won over him.

“It doesn’t matter. If Walker is dead, then so be it. I might as well wait until the dust settles on the position of the City Lord of Light City. Then, I’ll pretend to be a core member of the family that wins in the end. This is the best alternative for now. ”

Yang Xi glanced at the crowd. There were people from the Clark family and the Murphy family…

“However, before that, I have to figure out the origin of the thing in Walker’s hand. ”

An item that could make a Tier 4 powerhouse attack, what exactly was it?