Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Chapter 113 Ambitious Goals l

Chapter 113: Chapter 113 Ambitious Goals l

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On the day of the draw, Chen Mobai and the other eight arrived at the final peak arena early.

After waiting a while, a red cloud appeared on the horizon, like a second sun had risen.

An overwhelmingly powerful presence that Chen Mobai had never felt before swept over the area like a tide. A dozen figures appeared in the sky, among them was a middle-aged man with red hair in a crimson robe. He laughed uproariously, leading a group of people descending from the sky.

“Let’s begin.”

After landing and taking a seat, the man in the crimson robe swung his sleeve and motioned for the presiding teacher to begin

This was the first time Chen Mobai had seen a Gold Core True Person in flesh. His Realm was low, so he couldn’t tell how powerful the principal of Cinnabarite Institute was. However, the several people beside him, each with their unique demeanor and symbols of the Daoist Academy on their clothing, attracted everyone’s attention as soon as they appeared.

Chen Mobai recognized two of them.

Lan Haitian from Kunpeng Daoist Institute and Bian Yiqing from Dance Tool Dao Academy.

The ordinary-looking woman should be Shang Qing from Jumang Dao Academy, whom Qing Nu had mentioned to him.

So the last one, the man in the white suit, must be the representative of the Repairing Heaven Institute.

Following these four were the representatives of the top ten academies. Despite their low profile, they also attracted a lot of attention from the students.

As those who were eliminated were now left without hope of entering the four great Daoist institutes, they had to start considering how to attract the attention of these ten representatives.

At this point, the teacher responsible for the draw brought out a square box and walked up to the nine of them.

“There are nine balls in this box, each one of you has your name on one of them. The principal will draw the nine balls one by one, and the order will represent the numbers one to nine. Among them, the last one, which is number nine, will be the luckiest as they will get a bye into the next round while the rest will fight in pairs.”

After the explanation, the teacher placed the box on a table in the middle of the arena.

Chen Mobai and the others never expected that they themselves wouldn’t be the ones to draw. However, no one complained about the unfairness since luck is, after all, the greatest fortune on the way of cultivation.

“I assume you have no objections to me drawing the lots.”

The man in the crimson robe walked up to the box, laughing as he asked the nine people assembled before him.

Who dared to object? All shook their heads.

The Gold Core True Person’s credibility was such that he commanded the trust of everyone—more than all the cultivators in Red Sandstone City combined.

“Then let me get started.”

The man in the crimson robe had a relaxed demeanor. He inserted his right hand into the box and drew out the first black sphere. He crushed the sphere, revealing a card with a name written on it.

“Ji Jing!”

She was up first.

Chen Mobai and the others cast their gaze at the calm and upright woman standing on the stage.

She was a genius who had suddenly risen in this Magic Duel. It was said that she had originally been at the seventh level of Qi Cultivation, but she had burst out with the peak strength of the eighth level during the duel, defeating many opponents along the way, with much impressive strength.

Chen Mobai had a deep impression of her, because like him, she cultivated the Five Elements method.

“Second, Yang Jing.”

“Third, Xue Luan.”

“Fourth, Gong Xiangyu.”

Soon, the man in the crimson robe drew out the names of the first four people. The refereeing teacher used the Object Capturing Technique to make a huge board float mid-air. Then, with a flick of the brush, he wrote down the names on the left-hand side of the board.

“Next, we will draw the opponents for these four.”

The man in the crimson robe grinned, without hesitation, he reached into the box and drew the fifth black ball, crushing it at once.

A name was revealed for everyone to see.

“Kong Feichen.”

The referee immediately wrote this name to the right of Ji Jing on the board, marking the first pair of competitors.

Chen Mobai observed Ji Jing’s expression. She remained calm, no emotional turbulence visible even when faced with such a powerful and renowned opponent.

“Hong Gang.”

“Shi Yuanqing.”

The man in the crimson robe drew another two names in a breath. Amid the fleeting gazes of the crowd, two more pairs of competitors appeared on the giant board.

Only two remained.

Chen Mobai and Yan Feng.

Among them, the eighth one drawn would face Gong Xiangyu.

And the lucky last one would advance directly, with the advantage of observing the duel between the powerful opponents, and their exposed hands after the fight.

Finally, the hand of the man in the crimson robe paused, looking at Chen Mobai and Yan Feng with a playful gaze.

However, in the end, he still laughed and drew the eighth ball.

“Chen Mobai!”


It was unknown when, probably when he heard his own name, Chen Mobai felt that his heartbeat had reached an unprecedented high. Even though he believed he should remain calm and confident regardless of the opponent, at that moment, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotions.

In the end, he was still caught in Gold Core True Person’s control.

However, all of it returned to calm when his name appeared on the dueling board.

Ji Jing vs Kong Feichen.

Yang Jing vs Hong Gang.

Xue Luan vs Shi Yuanqing.

Gong Xiangyu vs Chen Mobai.

“What a pity.”

A voice of regret sounded in his ear. Chen Mobai turned to see Yan Feng, who seemed to be sighing at the fact that he couldn’t encounter a strong opponent in this round.

“Alright, all four fights must be completed today. We seniors have been waiting for this round, so don’t let us down.”

As he spoke, the man in the crimson robe pulled out the last sphere. Upon crushing it, Yan Feng’s name was inside, indicating no trickery.

However, given the public trust in the Gold Core True Person, even if he hadn’t made such a gesture, everyone would have believed him. Because for a figure like him, if he really wanted to benefit Yan Feng, there were far better ways to do it.

Just as Chen Mobai was about to step down and prepare to observe the following exciting duels, the man in the crimson robe stopped him.

“The order of the fights is exactly the opposite to the lot drawing. You are up first.”

Gong Xiangyu was also taken aback for a moment, but soon his face lit up with excitement, and with a chilly laugh, he walked to the center of the arena.

“Before we begin, I have a question for both of you.”

The man in the crimson robe had not yet stepped down; Chen Mobai also came over, and together with Gong Xiangyu, turned to face this powerful figure and paid their respects.

“Please ask, Sir.”

“If you win the Magic Duel and can choose to go to one of the four Daoist Institutes, which one would you choose?”

Chen Mobai hesitated at this question; he didn’t have much hope of joining one of the four Daoist Institutes considering his grades and scores.

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“Kunpeng Daoist Institute!”

On the other hand, Gong Xiangyu, hearing the question, didn’t hesitate at all and called out the name of the most reputable among the four Daoist Institutes.

“Oh, can I ask for your reason?”

Gong Xiangyu nodded, then with a resolute gaze, he looked at Lan Haitian and declared his grand ambition.

“Riding the Righteousness of Heaven and Earth, Commanding the Variations of the Six Qi, Wandering in Infinity, Carefree and at Ease. My lifelong dream is to cultivate the ‘Six Qi Sutra’ and Ascend to become an Immortal..”