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Guan Ju wanted to say something, but Luo Han suddenly exerted force and pressed her down firmly.


Her naked body was pressed against the glass, and her nipples were constantly rubbing against it, sending sensations of cold and mild pain down her spine.

Guan Ju let out a low cry and used her hands to push against the glass, trying to put some distance between her breasts and the glass door. Because of this, her perky buttocks were also raised high, and her waist was slightly bent down.

Luo Han looked at her tender pink hole from behind with satisfaction, and slowly undid his belt.

“Ju’er, you’re really my precious darling.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly stabbed his huge member into her tender entrance.

Guan Ju’s petals were already blooming and overflowing with moisture and, given her current posture, Luo Han did not encounter any resistance and directly sank into the deepest regions, causing both their bodies to stiffen at the same time.

“Han… move quickly…”

She gritted her teeth and shyly closed her eyes.

Forget it!

If someone sees it, then so be it!

Luo Han smiled, pulled at her hair, and forcefully thrusted. Behind the huge glass door, Guan Ju’s high-pitched moans could be heard.

In the end, Guan Ju climaxed twice in a row and fell asleep from exhaustion. Luo Han carried her back into the bedroom.

The next day, she was woken up by the noise outside the door.

“What happened?” Guan Ju got up and rubbed her sore legs.

Luo Han handed her a dress with a bright and gentle smile. “While you were asleep, I went to look for the villa owners and sent the clarification video to the ones that came to cause trouble the other day. They now know that they misunderstood you and want to apologize to you.”

Guan Ju had just put on her dress when she heard this, and was stunned on the spot.

A collective apology?

What Luo Han did was definitely not as easy as he said.

The people who could afford to live here were either powerful or rich. They were used to being high and mighty. Even if they knew that they were in the wrong, they would not easily acquiesce. Luo Han must have spent a lot of effort to get back at them for all the grievances she had suffered.

Guan Ju’s eyes turned moist.

“Han, you didn’t have to do this.”

“That won’t do.” Luo Han pulled her into his arms and gently wiped away her tears with his fingers. “My queen can only be bullied by me alone.”

“Scoundrel.” Guan Ju was touched and pretended to hit him. After sorting out her emotions, she went out with him.

There were many villa owners who had come to cause trouble before. Each of them had brought a different gift in their hands. Seeing her come out, everyone stuffed the gifts into her hands.

“Mrs. Luo, I’m sorry. We misunderstood the situation previously.”

“It’s all a misunderstanding. It’s good that it’s all been resolved.”

Guan Ju waved her hand, not wanting to accept the gifts. They knew clearly in their hearts as to whether these people were giving Luo Han face or actually sincerely apologizing. However, they were part of the same community, so they had to maintain a cordial relationship on the surface. Guan Ju was also too lazy to pursue things further.

Seeing that she did not accept the gifts, those people simply put the things on the steps and then scattered in all directions, afraid that she would catch up and return the things to them.

Guan Ju stood among the pile of gifts and smiled helplessly.

Bai Wen had only been in the police station for less than half a day before she was bailed out by the Bai family. The first thing she asked about was Guan Ju’s situation. When she learned that the villa owners had collectively apologized, her face twisted in anger.

“This b*tch!”

She had spent a lot of effort to drag Guan Ju into this mess. How did she get through it so easily?

Thinking this, Bai Wen kicked the subordinate who had helped her contact the criminal organizations.

“Go and issue a bounty. I’m willing to pay 100 million for Guan Ju’s life.”

100 million!

The subordinate’s eyes lit up. He ignored his injuries and staggered away.

After the bounty was issued, the entire underworld boiled over due to this potential 100 million payout.

Just based on this bounty reward alone, any mission could be accepted!

Late at night, on the second floor of the villa.

Luo Han was in the study room processing documents, while Guan Ju had gone back to the master bedroom.

“You’re not accompanying me again.”

She muttered as she opened the door, her expression suddenly turned serious. Guan Ju suddenly moved to the left, barely avoiding the sharp cold light that was flying toward her.

It was a throwing knife. Someone was trying to kill her!