Chapter 389 - Crushing Defeat

Chapter 389 Crushing Defeat

Zhou Feng gently exhaled. Originally, Hua Jun’s face was still filled with disdain. If one were to count seriously, this person in front of him was merely a defeated opponent of his.

His flying sword would have long chopped down Zhou Feng if it weren’t for that strange soul attack.

Although Zhou Feng had already broken through to the Divine Ability realm, Hua Jun did not think that Zhou Feng could have cultivated a divine ability to the initial stage in such a short period.

The cultivation of a divine ability was not that simple.

However, Hua Jun’s expression quickly changed.

A sense of danger poured down from the top of his head. If he did not dodge, he would die!

At this critical moment, Hua Jun’s entire body erupted with Sword Qi which could not be stopped.

The flying sword under his feet pointed straight at Zhou Feng’s chest with a swoosh.

The Great Void Primordial Art was a divine ability Human Emperor Great Void created after comprehending the Great Void Dao.

In the beginning, he was able to attract the Great Void Primordial Qi and transform it into divine power to produce void miasma.

If the Great Void Primordial Art were cultivated to the depths, the void miasma would be almost inextinguishable, and any divine weapon would be blown to pieces upon contact. Hua Jun was facing an endless stream of void miasma.

As a sword cultivator, Hua Jun also did not have any defensive means. He could only use offense instead of defense.

He wanted his Sword Qi to tear apart the stream of void miasma in front of him.

“Impossible!” However, the stream in front of him defied logic. It submerged all of Hua Jun’s Sword Qi and even Hua Jun.

Hua Jun was shocked.

‘How could this be? This is impossible!’

Previously, when he had encountered Zhou Feng, the latter had only been a Purple Mansion weakling.

Now, Zhou Feng had not only broken through to the Divine Ability realm, but he had even cultivated a mighty divine ability. This sort of power wasn’t inferior at all to his Sword Control

‘Didn’t they say that this person did not have much of a background and was only a vagabond cultivator? How was he able to cultivate this kind of divine ability!?’

Under normal circumstances, Hua Jun would not have been able to resist this void miasma.

Fortunately for him, he was a core Jade Sword disciple.

The Jade Sword Holy Land would equip each core disciple with an amulet. Therefore, a thick and destructive stream of Sword Qi shot up from Hua Jun’s body at this moment of life and death.

In an instant, half of the void miasma was cut off.

‘As expected! These holy land disciples will definitely have life-saving items!’

Although Zhou Feng’s heart ached for his void miasma, he was not surprised.

The disciples of these large factions definitely had life-saving methods.

Still, his strength was more than enough for him to crush Hua Jun.

This was because the flying sword could not cause any harm to him. The flying sword that Hua Jun had aimed at his chest was now grabbed by one of his hands.

Although Zhou Feng’s right hand was continuously injured by the overbearing Sword Qi of this flying sword, he recovered quickly.

“You… actually grabbed my flying sword with your bare hands!?”

Hua Jun’s state of mind was a little unstable.

One had to know that flying swords were invincible.

Even the so-called body-refining cultivators could not rely on their physical bodies to grab a flying sword. This was simply a joke.

The sharp flying sword would directly cut off everyone’s hands.

But Zhou Feng had done it at this moment.

Hua Jun couldn’t understand what was going on, no matter how much he thought about it.

Under such a huge shock, Hua Jun’s reaction wasn’t slow either.

Although he didn’t know why Zhou Feng had suddenly become so powerful, using a divine ability to injure himself the moment he appeared heavily-even triggering the Sword Qi his Master had stored in the amulet—he could not be in a daze.

Zhou Feng’s killing intent was the real deal.

This person was really bold. He actually dared to make a move against a core Jade Sword disciple in the holy land’s territory.

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“Flying Snow! Come back!”

Taking advantage of his Master’s Sword Qi, Hua Jun wanted to summon the flying sword back at the first possible moment.

At the same time, his divine sense communicated with heaven and earth, and wisps of light wind brushed past his face.

Wind Call Sword Control!

These two divine abilities were activated at the same time.

Meanwhile, Zhou Feng’s right hand firmly grabbed onto the flying sword.

He did not make any other movements. Before the protective Sword Qi on Hua Jun’s body disappeared, he could not do anything to Hua Jun..

That stream of Sword Qi was too terrifying. It should have been left on Hua Jun’s body by a mighty Dragon Transformation figure.

Otherwise, there’s no way he would have gotten goosebumps.

But it didn’t matter. The Sword Qi would dissipate in five breaths at most.

Hua Jun would be dead by then.

Why was Zhou Feng so confident?

In addition to breaking through the Divine Ability realm and cultivating the Great Void Primordial Art, there was also a passive skill that would not allow Hua Jun to escape Zhou Feng’s palm. That was none other than the passive Battle Experience!

Battle Experience: When you fight the same enemy multiple times, your damage increases and damage reduction increases by 25%.

Every time you fight, you gain a 5% increase. (Max: 5 stacks)

Damage reduction applied to whatever that Hua Jun threw at him, and it would directly reduce the corresponding percentage. The damage increase was equal to the percentage of any attack that Zhou Feng used on Hua Jun.

With this increase and decrease, the distance between the two parties was greatly increased.

Catching a flying sword with his bare hands?

Other than the passive Battle Experience’s buffs, his right hand was engulfed in Great Void Primordial Qi. This was just a small matter.

The Great Void Primordial Qi had many other uses besides killing the enemy. Once again, Hua Jun’s Wind Call summoned a gale that tore through flesh and bones.

However, Zhou Feng remained unmoved. The Great Void Primordial Qi had already formed a shield around his entire body.

The gale that had almost killed Zhou Feng the last time was ineffective now.

“How is this possible? How is this possible!?”

Hua Jun crazily activated the mark on the flying sword in an attempt to summon the flying sword back to his side.

At the same time, he started to stir the power of heaven and earth, making the Wind Call’s gale even more violent.

However, Zhou Feng was unmoving like a mountain. He just watched Hua Jun’s performance quietly.

Hua Jun panicked immediately. He could not understand it no matter how hard he tried.

Was the gap between him and Zhou Feng so big? How had it turned into a one-sided battle!?

Hua Jun was originally in high spirits, but Zhou Feng’s performance was akin to a resounding slap on his face.


At this moment, a word appeared in Hua Jun’s mind.

He had to flee while his Master’s Sword Qi was still protecting him!

As long as he could escape to Linxian City, he would be safe.

Hua Jun felt Zhou Feng’s dense killing intent and knew that it would be useless no matter what he said.

Even if he used the Jade Sword Holy Land’s name, it would still be the same.

This person was audacious. He could tell from attacking the city guards in Linxian City. Therefore, rather than bringing out the holy land, it was better to escape quickly.

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As for the flying sword, which was extremely precious before, escaping was far more important now.

As long as he kept his life, he would be able to get the flying sword back sooner or later.

Hua Jun did not believe that Zhou Feng could contend against the entire holy land alone.

The holy land did not even need to send out a Dragon Transformation expert. They only needed to send out a team of elite disciples. They would be able to kill Zhou Feng! “Run?”

Zhou Feng quietly stayed where he was and watched Hua Jun run away in a sorry state.

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