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“I’m not a contracted author yet. My data shouldn’t have reached the standard yet, right?”

Nearly 100,000 readings had yet to touch the threshold of F-Tier. It was hard to imagine how huge a reading base would be required to reach S-Tier.

Lin Bai looked at the backstage data that was increasing visibly. Other than being excited, he felt that the Myriad World Novel Network was even more unfathomable.

He was not in a hurry. He could not achieve anything with haste. Writing online novels required time to verify the results. With his current situation, there was still hope.

Lin Bai lay leisurely in his chair, feeling a sense of accomplishment. From time to time, he would refresh the webpage and sit and watch the various increase in statistics, waiting for the moment the website issued the contract invitation.


The number of comments had actually increased by hundreds!

What was going on?

Lin Bai refreshed the webpage and realized that two comments had become trending—

[Merciless Path Ice Valley Holy Maiden: Is this the love between a man and a woman…]

It looked like a comment left by a delicate girl from an Awakened faction who had given up her lust in exchange for strength a minute ago.

The replies below were as high as 200. All of them were very surprised.

[Blood Massacre Palace’s Wen Chengrui: … The Ice Valley Holy Maiden is also reading romance novels? It’s rare.]

[A Loose Cultivator: Holy Maiden, do you want to fall in love?]

[A Thousand People With A Thousand Faces: I didn’t expect a big shot I don’t usually see to meet here. Even the Merciless Holy Maiden is here. Good Lord, what strange news!]

They seemed to be all supporters of this Holy Maiden.

Lin Bai did not know anyone. He could not even find any information related to them on the Internet. He could not help but sigh that there was indeed a difference between ordinary people and Awakened ones. Moreover, it was a difference that could not be communicated!

It was even more exaggerated as he continued reading.

This was actually a monk’s comment!

[Sweeping Old Monk: Good Lord. I wouldn’t be alone now if I saw this text 200 years ago.]

[Blood Massacre Temple’s Wen Chengrui: @Sweeping Old Monk, it’s not too late to renounce asceticism. The Blood Massacre Temple welcomes you. You can choose any unmarried women in the palace.]

[Sweeping Old Monk replied: Amitabha. There are very few men in the world like in the books. This old man admits that I’m inferior. There are even fewer women like her. She’s rare in the world. If not, it would only increase my feeling of regret if someone like her exists.]

[Blood Massacre Palace’s Wen Chengrui replied: Master, your cultivation is ancient and unprecedented. What’s so difficult about walking through the world? How will you know the outcome if you don’t try romance? It’s the same principle as in this book where men and women experience hardships and finally get together.]

[Sweeping Old Monk replied: … Sigh, let’s talk about it another day.]

Good God!

The Ice Valley Saint, who cultivated the Heartless Path, actually yearned for love because of his book.

Even old supreme eminent monks hundreds of years old were tempted to return to secular life and seek love.

Lin Bai looked at these comments that looked like he had never seen the world and could not help but laugh.

Was the plot of this short erotica that good?

To be honest, it was so-so!

He had only written a very ordinary short romance novel.

It was the typical template of a domineering CEO who fell in love with an ugly duckling. After the ugly duckling evolved into a beautiful white swan, he added a few supporting roles that coveted the female lead to show off and slap the protagonist’s face.

There was nothing special other than that.

To put it bluntly, if this book was placed on any website on Earth, probably no one would add it to their library over 10 days, let alone a contract for it to be released!

This was because this plot was too cliché. Readers were already tired of aesthetics and there was no market.

But there was no choice.

The readers of the Myriad World Novel Network were inexperienced!

He did not even need to go all out to ponder the plot. He only needed to make a slight move to reach the peak of this world.


The corners of Lin Bai’s mouth curled up, feeling invincible.

Beep, beep, beep!

A brisk notification suddenly sounded from the computer.

It was a message from the Myriad World Novel Network.

Lin Bai opened it and saw that the editor had come looking for him.

[Editor Sake: Hello, Author Big Boss. May I ask if you have any plans to sign on for the book “The girl beside the sycamore tree” at this website?]

Here it comes!

Writing books on the Myriad World Novel Network could only obtain a writer title after signing a contract and unlock functions like rewards. There were many benefits.

Otherwise, there would only be one simple cash up function.

He did not expect to be able to sign the contract so quickly!

Lin Bai’s eyes lit up. His fingers quickly typed a line of words on the keyboard, but after thinking for a few seconds, he pressed the delete button.

“Wait, there must be more than one editor in the Myriad World Novel Network.”

Lin Bai pondered and pinched his chin. “Logically speaking, editors all have recommendation spots. Now that they took the initiative to look for me, why should I sign up with them if they don’t give me any benefits?”

There would definitely be a commission for an editor to sign a book with good data.

It had only been half a day since “The girl beside the sycamore tree” was released, but it had already rushed to the top ten of the new book list.

Editors would definitely fight over such data!

The one who was anxious now was the other party, not him.

In any case, his book had already been successfully cash upped. After signing the contract, he would at most obtain an F-Tier rating record and possible rewards in the future. There should be nothing else.

With this thought in mind, Lin Bai simply leaned into the back of his chair and lay down with his legs crossed, quietly waiting for news from the other editors after he sent a reply that said, “I’ll think about it.”.

His consciousness was a little chaotic. Perhaps it was because he had stayed up late last night and did not sleep enough, causing him to be mentally exhausted.

Let’s take a nap.

Lin Bai bathed in the sunlight spilling in from the balcony. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The warm feeling gradually dissipated. The breeze brought a slightly cold stimulation and blew away his sleepiness.

When he opened his eyes, there was a long string of information in the chat interface with that Editor Sake.


[Editor Sake: Wow!! Great author!! Your book has more than 100,000 views in less than 12 hours! You’re going to become a god!]


[Editor Sake: Oh my god!! Author, I just finished reading your work. It was really written too well. In terms of the overall smoothness of the story, the plot ups and downs, and the detailed setting, I feel that not many authors on the entire website can reach your level. It’s hard to imagine that a new author can create something like this. It’s too awesome!!]


[Editor Sake: QAQ is just a little short… I feel like I haven’t had enough after reading it…]


[Editor Sake: … Don’t tell me you’re still asleep… Or… you don’t want to sign a contract with me?]


[Editor Sake: Great Author!! I just applied for a very good recommendation slot from the editor-in-chief. As long as you’re willing, I can provide you with a classification recommendation slot.]


[Editor Sake: Even though this book is already over and there’s a high chance that there won’t be any subsequent income, you can quickly accumulate fans after obtaining momentum. Your popularity will also be guaranteed when you start the next book.]


[Editor Sake: Weeping (Emoji)]

Lin Bai smiled unkindly after reading it.