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“Lin Bai, we’re done!”

A graceful and slender back view slammed the door firmly and left. Lin Bai seemed to see a man in a suit outside and reached out to take her suitcase the moment the door was shut.

He had finally lost his university sweetheart of four years to the practicality of society.

Material satisfaction was indeed easier to make people happy physically and mentally in today’s impulsive and superficial environment.

Lin Bai smiled bitterly and sat at the table, his heart as calm as water in the simple rental house.

He tried his best to clear his mind of his girlfriend’s voice and appearance. He calmly took out his notepad and ballpoint pen and began to write and scratch on them.

Amount of small loans to be repaid this month—

Seventh: 1,090.9 yuan

Eighth: 548.8 yuan

12th: 198.4 yuan

15th: 347.6 yuan

20th: 500 yuan

24th: 87+121 yuan

Credit Card, 30th: 1,700 yuan

Rent: 1,500 yuan

Projected cost of living: 800 yuan

Total: 6,893.7 yuan

Close to 7,000 yuan!

He was not a person who squandered money at will.

Putting aside the rent and personal expenses, the rest were loans on gifts he had given to his ex-girlfriend. It was still suffocating even though he was paying with a 12 months’ installment.

Lin Bai had no intention of asking her for them.

They should not have any more interactions since she had chosen to break up and start a new life.

After recording this, Lin Bai let out a long breath, a tired expression crawled onto his handsome and lonely face.

He silently looked at the bank balance tied to his phone app and looked at the decimals behind the single-digit. He could not help but feel a little dazed.

As a top student who had graduated from a famous literature university and had been in society for so many years, his classmates whose results were not as good as his were already doing well and had their own achievements.

He should be the only one who still used a six-figure password to protect a single-digit balance, right?

Lin Bai could not help but laugh.

To be honest, 7,000 yuan was not a lot.

With his professional ability, it was very easy for him to find a job that earned more than 10,000 yuan a month.

However, he had a dream of becoming a famous novelist. He voluntarily gave up his bright future and pounced into the online novel industry alone.

He thought that he could rely on his professional ability to show off.

However, Lin Bai understood that writing novels was not as simple as he had envisioned after going in deeper.

Theme, tempo of the writing, refreshing choices, and plot settings were all experiences that could only be accumulated over time. They were not things that could be controlled by a hot-headed person.

He might possess some advantage in terms of writing coming from the Literature Department, but he could not write a book that was popular with readers.

As a result, this situation lasted for many years.

He probably could not even pay the rent, let alone make ends meet.

Oh, no… He would definitely not be able to pay the rent.

His phone suddenly rang at this moment.

Lin Bai picked it up and saw that it was the landlady.

Could it be to press him for rent?

He took a deep breath and chose to answer, but he did not speak immediately.

“Hello, Little Lin? Do you want to come to Auntie’s for dinner tonight?”

A mature female voice with a hint of sharpness sounded.

Lin Bai’s scalp went numb. “No need, Auntie Li. It’s not convenient.”

“Why is it inconvenient? Your Auntie Li doesn’t have a husband.”

The woman on the other end of the phone chuckled. “Moreover, you just broke up, right? Don’t be in a hurry to deny it. I saw your girlfriend leave with another man… She must have left you with a lot of burden, right? Tens of thousands yuan? Hundreds of thousands? I’ve seen it all recently. Silly kid, you’re too good to her. You’ll ruin yourself.”

Auntie Li paused for a moment and softened her voice. “Let’s be honest. I like you a lot. I’ll clear all your debts if you follow me. I can even give you a two-story building with five-bedroom and two halls after a year. You can also choose any car in the garage. How about that?” She used a gentle tone to tempt him.


Was he going to be kept as a gigolo?

Lin Bai fell silent.

Auntie Li was at least 40 years old, at her prime.

Women were actually the same as men. They liked the young, beautiful, and energetic opposite sex.

However, he could not accept this heavy love that was filled with age.

Even if the other party had the ability to give him money!

But… but… she was really offering a lot…

The local two-story buildings with five rooms and two halls were basically the kind with courtyards. They were all located in the most prosperous area.

The market price was more than ten million yuan!

Not to mention the cars in Auntie Li’s garage. Even the worst, mid-end car was worth a million yuan.

Lin Bai was conflicted and suddenly understood his ex-girlfriend’s mentality.

It was really difficult to resist such a huge sugar-coated cannonball!


Lin Bai hesitated for a long time and finally decided to give up. However, he suddenly felt an irresistible palpitation the moment he uttered “I”.

It was as if he had encountered an indescribable horror.

At this moment, the entire world spun.

Lin Bai stood rooted to the ground in a daze. After an unknown period of time, his eyes regained their luster.

“What happened?”

He was stunned and felt a little strange.

After carefully sizing up the surrounding scene, he realized that he was still in the original rental house. He was even still in the same position as before.

However, what sounded on the phone was the dial tone of an unavailable number.

There were no messy clothes thrown by his ex-girlfriend because she had packed her luggage on the bed in the bedroom.

His memories suddenly became chaotic.

An inexplicable but familiar stream of information went straight to the central nervous system and changed into images that flashed past.

They were memories of a life that belonged to another person.

“I actually… transmigrated?”

Lin Bai shouted in disbelief.

He looked down at his hands and felt that he was in a dream.

He pinched his thigh hard. It hurt. This was not a dream!

Lin Bai took a deep breath.

He did not expect to become the protagonist of the novel he had written for so long.

He transmigrated for no reason!

He closed his eyes and recalled the memory that was branded in the depths of his brain.

Lin Bai let out a shaky breath and came to a conclusion after a long time.

“So it’s a parallel world.”

However, the situation on this world was different from Earth.

All of humanity was facing the threat of subterranean aliens and Origin Beasts. Technology could not resist the threat so they were forced to enter a global martial arts era.

The so-called martial artists were those with high-quality talents. They would be blessed by the mysterious power and awaken to become super humans, obtaining all kinds of special and powerful abilities.

Only they had the ability to resist the aliens and Origin Beasts and protect the home of all mankind.

This place was roughly at the level of a high-level martial arts world according to the standards of novels.

Such a world had a prominent characteristic, which was to ignore the weak!

People without strength were basically no different from ants.

“It’s a little dangerous.”

Lin Bai wrote novels to begin with, so he naturally had a vague concept of such a world.

Strength reigned supremacy!

One could only obtain a peaceful place by being strong. Ordinary people had no possibility of controlling the future!

Coincidentally, this body had not been enhanced and modified by the mysterious power even though he had transmigrated.

There was nothing special about it.

It looked like he had no cultivation aptitude.

If nothing went wrong, there was no way he could become an Awakened!

However, Lin Bai was not discouraged. His eyes even lit up slightly and he was a little excited.

He knew the plot of the novel very well.

Wasn’t this the classic trash-type protagonist template?

Since he was the protagonist of the novel, he must have had an astonishing fortuitous encounter!

There had to be a system, a mysterious ring that accommodated the souls of experts, a long-lost ancient ultimate technique, or something else!

Lin Bai began to thrift with 90% anticipation and 10% fanaticism.

In the end…

There was nothing!

There was no crisp and pleasant sound in his brain, no strange glowing ring in the room, and no dusty books that he could not understand.

Lin Bai could not help but scratch his head. Could it be that he was thinking too much?

Not all protagonists had that kind of fantasy fortuitous encounter.

Reality was like a basin of cold water that drenched him from head to toe. His enthusiasm for fantasizing was instantly extinguished.

He sat down, depressed.

“What’s going on? It might as well have been before I transmigrated.”

He only owed money and was not in danger of losing his life before he transmigrated but now might be devoured by those powerful creatures one day!

Wasn’t this being purely unlucky!

“No, I can’t just sit back and wait for death!”

The strong sense of danger made Lin Bai restless.

He quickly cleared his thoughts and used his rationality to calm himself down. He began to look up information online.

The first rule of survival in the novel’s male lead’s alternate world—

Understanding the current situation!

Lin Bai knew what he had to do.

As a transmigrator, he had a lot of knowledge that did not belong to this world.

It all depended on whether he knew how to make use of it!

So what if he did not have the help of that illusory cheat? He still had a huge advantage!

Lin Bai immediately took action and crazily searched for information online to expand his knowledge reserve.

A few hours later…

He stood up and left the computer table. He went to the window in the house and looked into the distance.

He had found a way!