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On a street far away from White Clouds Shop.

“Captain, Vice-Captain!!” It was the team members who came with the support team. The three of them were worried.

“Are you hurt?”

“Why isn’t there any news from directly you? To think we got it from Cang Qing.”

“Sister Wei, Captain, I was so worried about you!”

“Alright, we’re fine.” Ling Xuanwei hugged the peach.

“Let’s go! We’ll talk when we get back,” Lu Linyan said.

On the other side, Cheng Jun, who had returned to Cang Qing’s camp, looked at the half-eaten bread in his hand in shock. He Linbing, who was drinking milk, shocked face was not inferior either. Her cold expression was shattered and was replaced by disbelief.

Pure food without any pollution or impurities. This was more than just a surprise.

“Inform the leader that there might be a large-scale purchase.” He Linbing regained her composure.

If they wanted to remove the contaminated impurities now, the cost would be very high. It was impossible for the base to move a lot of resources to specially deal with food. This was unrealistic. Moreover, they could not completely remove the impurities now.

Generally speaking, removing all the impurities would do more harm than good. Therefore, the four bases discussed together to stabilize the price with the amount of impurities.

“Okay,” Cheng Duo said.

He was suddenly in a good mood. It was simply too profitable to exchange a Level 3 nuclei for so many pure food.

Time passed, and night fell.

“Looks like there are only two customers today. Sigh!”

Yun You sat by the window and looked at the darkening sky. Her mood was a little gloomy.

Initially, she was quite happy that there were customers after all. She had also completed the novice mission, but later on, she began to worry about the customer flow. Speaking of which, if it was an ordinary shop, it would definitely close down.

Speaking of the novice mission, her novice gift bag had already arrived in her account. She had yet to open it.

Just as Yun You was about to open it, an explosion sounded from afar.

“Hmm, there are explosions from time to time in the apocalypse? It’s indeed a dangerous era.” Yun You shook her head and prepared to continue opening it.

There was another explosion.

This time, even Yun You felt a slight vibration. Big Orange, who was lying on the table, was shocked. It immediately jumped up and was in high spirits. It was no longer as lazy as before.

Good lord, how powerful was this? Even the shop could sense it. Yun You didn’t intend to pay attention to it, but suddenly, she smelled a burnt smell.

“What’s this paste?” The smell seemed to be upstairs?

Wait! Upstairs?!

Yun You thought of a possibility.


My kitchen!! Han Qichuan, what did you do?!

Yun You immediately ran upstairs. Big Orange yawned and smacked his lips. He took out some dried fish from his interspace. “Looks like dinner will be late tonight. Fortunately, I still have dried fish.”

In the kitchen upstairs.

It was a mess.

The wall of the stove was blackened by the fire. The fire had been turned off, and the lid of the pressure cooker had fallen off at the kitchen door. The black unknown object in the iron pot was still emitting a choking charred smell. There was also some soup splashing everywhere in the kitchen.

Han Qichuan stood quietly at the side. He held the spatula in his hand and looked at the soup all over his body. There were still a few vegetable leaves hanging from his hair. His expression was silent, but the evasion in his eyes revealed his panic.

It was obvious that the pressure cooker had burst open. The stir-fried vegetable pot had burned, and in the end, the dishes had also carbonized.

“Are you injured?” Seeing Han Qichuan in such a sorry state, Yun You temporarily couldn’t care less about the kitchen and was a little worried. How could a wounded person be so troublesome?

Seeing Yun You appear at the door, the corners of Han Qichuan’s mouth tightened. He frowned and his expression was serious. He looked like a ferocious god. Then, he faced Yun You and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

“I was going to make a dish and a soup.”

In the end, he did not know that it would turn out like this.

“I’m asking if you’re hurt.”

Han Qichuan was a little stunned and stared at Yun You blankly.

Yun You sighed and went forward to check Han Qichuan’s clothes.

Han Qichuan wanted to stop Yun You from lifting his clothes, but Yun You glared at him and raised his hand into the air, not daring to move again. When Yun You lifted it up, Han Qichuan’s ears subconsciously turned red.

Han Qichuan’s heart raced. He didn’t even know why.

His upper body was still scalded, and his skin was a little red and swollen. There were a few small blisters forming. It was not very serious. She just had to wash it with cold water and apply some ointment.

Yun You was slightly relieved. After all, Han Qichuan was living here now, so she had to be responsible for his safety.

He was still standing here fine. There was a high chance that he was not injured.

Yun You put down his clothes without any hesitation. Although Han Qichuan had a good figure, no matter how good he was, he was not hers. She did not know which young lady would be so lucky to have him.

“I reacted quickly. I’m not injured.” The moment the lid of the pressure cooker was burst open, he dodged. However, he was splashed by the soup.

“The burn wasn’t an injury?”

Yun You turned around and took out the ointment from her interspace. She handed it to him. “Look at you. Hurry up and take a shower. After that, apply the ointment.”

Han Qichuan took the ointment and nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ll help you clean up.”

Yun You waved her hand. “No, go take a shower and apply your medicine.”

Han Qichuan left, his back seemed a little lonely.

Now that Yun You was alone in the kitchen, she shook her head. She was really impressed.

As expected, she was too careless. She did not expect her to forget that an existence of kitchen killers had a deep impression of cooking.

Poor her kitchen. Sigh! Fortunately, there was still the system. Other than a broken stove, the kitchen was not too badly damaged.

In City C, a huge hole was blown in the temporary defense wall of the temporary base of Cang Qing. The members in the base quickly spread the news.

“Warning, enemy attack.”

Everyone was ready to fight at this moment.

He Linbing looked at the chaotic but orderly garrison. It seemed that she could not purchase anything for the time being. She turned around and went back to her residence to take out her weapon.

She could try out the new weapon, the A7 Extreme Gas Cannon. This was the latest weapon researched to use abilities or nucleis to provide energy.

No matter who it was, they had to pay the price.

On the rooftop of a tall building in the distant city forest, a woman in a purple dress was facing the wind and tasting red wine, enjoying the flames of war in the distance.

Footsteps sounded behind him.

“What’s wrong? I don’t remember your boss letting me participate in this operation.”

“I’m here to pass on the message. Boss said that we have to get the Prism Fruit. If it fails, you know what will happen.”

The two people talking on the rooftop were Mei and Wang Tai.

“Got it. You can scram now.” Mei was still nonchalant.

“You…” Wang Tai’s dark face was about to turn red from anger, but he couldn’t win.

Mei continued to taste the red wine and looked into the distance. When the red wine reached the bottom, she casually threw the glass down and killed a low-level zombie wandering at the bottom of the building.

Mei chuckled. Worry? She had never been worried. She had never lost since the apocalypse. Hehe, how could she fail?