Chapter 115 - Chapter 115: Pick Me Up From School

Chapter 115: Pick Me Up From School

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“Brother, hurry up. Many men want to invite Sister Youyi to dance!” Xu Pingping hurriedly pushed Xu Yuning. Although her mother did not allow Xu Yuning to interact with Jiang Youyi, she knew that her brother still liked Jiang Youyi, so she started to encourage him.

Xu Yuning was also exceptionally nervous. After being assisted by his sister, he hurriedly tidied his suit jacket and walked towards Jiang Youyi. Unexpectedly, he was stopped by someone after taking a few steps.

“Xu Yuning, do you want to dance with me?” Lin Feng stood in front of Xu Yuning and was a few centimeters taller than him. Xu Yuning was so frightened that he retreated.

Xu Yuning was speechless. After confirming that the person standing in front of him was Lin Feng, he finally said, “Are you crazy?”

“President Xu, dance with me!” Lin Feng said sarcastically, but his stomach was already churning.

“Lin Feng, can you not disgust me here?” Not only was Lin Feng’s stomach churning violently, but Xu Yuning also felt disgusted when he saw Lin Feng like this.

How could two men dance? Even if they could dance, he would not dance with Lin Feng. There was a grudge between them to begin with. In the past, when they were in school, they also liked a girl. Later on, when they left the school, they were arch-enemies in their careers.

Xu Yuning felt that they were born enemies. Usually, when they appeared at the banquet at the same time, the two of them would pretend not to know each other, let alone invite him to dance. What kind of evil spirit did he encounter today? Why was it like this?

Xu Yuning was dumbfounded by Lin Feng’s words.

Not far away, Wang Jiangbei looked at the two of them and laughed. Wang Jiangbei knew that Jiang Youtian had instructed Lin Feng to protect her sister. He also knew that Lin Feng would definitely work hard for this matter. He just did not expect Lin Feng to be so valiant as to invite a person he hated to dance.

“I’m definitely not sick. My main goal is not to let you go over.” Lin Feng was very straightforward. He could not be bothered to beat around the bush with Xu Yuning.

For Jiang Youtian, he was willing to sacrifice everything. Hence, he had to protect Jiang Youyi and not let anyone get close to her.

“Aren’t you being a busybody?” Xu Yuning wanted to continue arguing, but he was suddenly hugged from behind. He turned around and saw that it was Wu Yan. Her foundation number was very light. When she put it on her face, she looked like a dead person. Most importantly, her foundation was cakey.

Seeing Wu Yan like this, Xu Yuning felt disgusted.

“Xu Yuning, I’m here to protect you,” Wu Yan said in a hoarse voice.

“Miss Wu… Don’t be like this…” Xu Yuning felt extremely uncomfortable being hugged like this. He did not like this type at all. In fact, he hated it a little.

However, Wu Yan refused to let go. “I won’t. Unless you agree to dance with me, I won’t let go. Don’t worry, I won’t let that guy bully you.”

When Wu Yan saw that Lin Feng had come to look for Xu Yuning, she thought that Lin Feng would bully him. Hence, she wanted to save Xu Yuning from trouble. Wu Yan did not care that so many people were looking at her and just hugged Xu Yuning tightly. Xu Yuning was extremely embarrassed.

Seeing that Xu Yuning was being pestered by Wu Yan, Lin Feng hurriedly ran away. He had to find Jiang Youyi quickly.

Jiang Youyi was in the limelight at the banquet today and received the favor of many men. Hence, there would naturally be people who wanted to dance with her. For example, Wu Chen or others who had been staring at her.

Jiang Youyi had not expected such a situation. In a moment of desperation, she looked around and thought of a bad idea. She hurriedly ran to a boy and snatched the cake from his hand. “1 know how to make a lot of delicious food. Do you want to eat it?”

The boy looked at her in confusion. “Do you need me to give you something in exchange?”

As expected of a child from a rich family, she knew how to make an equivalent exchange since she was young. “It’s not difficult. Just dance with me.”

“Hahaha… If I’m not wrong, is it because you’re too ugly and no one wants to dance with you that you came to look for me to ease the awkwardness?” The boy laughed demonically.

“Yes… you can say that!” Jiang Youyi answered readily. “1 really know how to make a lot of delicious food. Don’t you want to eat?” Jiang Youyi was afraid that the other party would reject her and still seduce him.

“It’s not impossible to dance with you, but I have a request.” The boy thought for a moment.

“What request? Tell me quickly.” Time was tight! Jiang Youyi wanted to quickly become a dance partner with the boy in front of her.

The boy approached her unhurriedly and whispered, “Come and pick me up from school on Monday..”