Chapter 20 - Xing Yun's Shock, Number One in the Buddhist Faction?

Chapter 20 Xing Yun’s Shock, Number One in the Buddhist Faction?

“Amitabha.” It was neither loud nor soft, but it seemed to reach everyone’s ears.

In the next moment, the Immovable Wisdom King Dharma idol rose from the ground and spread to ten thousand feet in the blink of an eye, piercing into the sky!

Its power was illustrious and Buddhist light shone everywhere.

In just a moment, it moved the world. The wind and clouds reversed and the dark clouds quickly dispersed.

Hundreds of vengeful spirits evaporated in an instant.

The extremely arrogant bat demon did not dodge either. Under the light of the Buddhist light, black smoke instantly surged from its body, emitting a corrosive sound.


It let out an ear-piercing scream and turned to run.

Li Xuanxin did not kill it. He only flicked his finger and shot out a Buddhist light that entered its body. Then, he retracted the Immovable Wisdom King Dharma idol and left.

Everyone in the town was dumbfounded. They stood rooted to the ground.

The general under Old Devil Black Mountain, the bat demon, was instantly repelled and fled. It did not even last for a second?

How strong was he to be able to do this?

Perhaps even an ordinary River Realm cultivator could not reach this level, right?

There was actually a peerless expert in this town!

In fact, this was because Li Xuanxin’s 108th level of the Immovable Wisdom King Scripture was too powerful.

The further one progressed in the cultivation technique, the stronger it became. Even if it was the 80th or 90th level, there was still a huge difference between it and the 108th level!

Yan Ran and Xiao Ying, who were about to swing their swords at the vengeful spirits, were stunned when they saw nothing.

“What… just happened?”

Everything happened too quickly. They did not even have the chance to react before the battle ended.

The entire process probably took less than two seconds, right?

After the shock, everyone immediately began to discuss. The entire street was filled with people.

The cheers were endless.

Everyone was excited about the demise of the demons.

They was extremely excited!

The two sisters turned their heads to where they had been standing.

Unfortunately, Li Xuanxin was no longer there.

“Senior, just now… did you hear ‘Amitabha’?”

Yan Ran nodded.

“Do you think… Is it him?”


Xiao Ying laughed at herself.

“The funny thing is that I even went to mock him. In the end, I didn’t expect him to be such an expert. No wonder he’s unwilling to join us. He probably thinks that we’re not worthy of letting an expert like him join, right?”

Yan Ran nodded.

At this moment, she finally understood why the other party was so good-tempered and not angry at all.

Because the other party was a tall mountain, and they were only two tiny ants.

How could an ant attract the attention of a mountain?

Just as she was feeling regretful, someone quickly reported from outside the town.

“Lord Baili of the Fiend Suppression Division has ordered all registered disciples and itinerant cultivators to gather in the southwest immediately.”

Everyone’s hearts sank.

Was the crusade against Old Devil Black Mountain finally about to begin?

On the other side, Li Xuanxin had already left the town.

The reason why he did not kill the bat demon was to use it to find Old Devil Black Mountain.

He wanted to know why Old Devil Black Mountain’s subordinates were looking for trouble with him.

The Buddhist light would hide in the body of the bat demon and not move. However, as long as there was a powerful evil force around the bat demon, it would be activated.

At that time, he would find Old Devil Black Mountain’s lair.

After expiating hundreds of vengeful spirits, Li Xuanxin’s merit points increased by tens of thousands. These merit points were all used to increase the level of the Immovable Wisdom King Incantation!

Unfortunately, this was a different world and he was not a streamer. Otherwise, he would definitely thank Old Devil Black Mountain for the gifts.

After leaving Forest River City, Li Xuanxin stepped on the wind. He was constantly releasing his divine sense to check his surroundings to see if there were any demons or ghosts.

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Suddenly, Li Xuanxin raised his eyebrows.

“Old bald monk, you can’t escape. Accept your death obediently. Hahahaha…”

“It’s actually him.”

Li Xuanxin was a little surprised. He did not expect to see the old monk he had met in the tea house-Xing Yun.

However, what surprised him even more was that Xing Yun was actually being chased by a few evil cultivators.

He was at the early-stage of the River Realm and had reached a thousand years of cultivation. The strongest person on the other side had only reached three to four hundred years of cultivation.

“Young friend!”

Xing Yun was also a little shocked to see Li Xuanxin. However, he quickly arrived beside him.

“Young friend, quickly take out the talisman I gave you. Hurry!”

Li Xuanxin naturally knew what he wanted to do and shook his head.

“It’s a pity to use that talisman to deal with these thieves.”

“They are not thieves. The leader, Constable Huang, is the disciple of Old Devil Black Mountain! I was hit by his Soul Burial Nail and my strength was greatly affected. I don’t have much lifespan left.”

“If you don’t use that talisman, you will also die without a grave.”

At this moment, Constable Huang and the other evil cultivators had already caught up. When they saw Li Xuanxin, Constable Huang’s eyes lit up.

“Another Buddhist disciple has arrived. Today, it’s really the ancestor’s blessing. It seems that I’m going to be rich today! Capture them all, one old and one young. I want to use their bones to make soup!”

Xing Yun’s face was pale with despair.

“It’s over!”

He was severely injured and his cultivation had been damaged. He did not have long to live, and Li Xuanxin was so young. His cultivation was definitely not enough to deal with Constable Huang!

Furthermore, at such a close distance, he could no longer release talismans.

Unexpectedly, the two of them had just met and were about to die on the same day.

How tragic!

Forget it. Perhaps this was fate.

At least, the two of them were not dying alone!

Unfortunately, Li Xuanxin was so young…

However, just as his thoughts were running wild, Li Xuanxin’s expression remained calm. He raised his hand and executed the Immovable Wisdom King’s Devil Subduing Incantation!

“Namah samanta vajrānām, ham!”

The moment the Demon Subduing Incantation was used, golden light shone from his body. The Buddha statue rose and the golden light was like a sharp sword, instantly piercing through Constable Huang and the others.


Constable Huang had just let out a scream when he turned into dust and vanished without a trace.

The Merit Golden Lotus flashed in Li Xuan’s mind again.

“Expiated Constable Huang. Merit +496.”

“Expiated Li Erniu. Merit +89.”

His gains were not bad. He had gained another few hundred merit points.

Li Xuanxin put away the Single Seal and the Dharma idol vanished. When he looked at Xing Yun again, the latter was already dumbfounded and shocked.

“You… you… you…”

Although he felt that Li Xuanxin was extraordinary when he was in the tea house, he only treated him as a young genius among young monks.

Unexpectedly, Li Xuanxin’s strength was so terrifying

The aura that erupted just now was even stronger than his peak!

‘This fellow is a River Realm expert?’

What a joke!

This fellow was probably not even twenty years old, right?

A River Realm cultivator who was not even twenty years old?

This fellow could be considered the number one in the entire Buddhist faction!

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The current generation Buddha Child?


He was no longer the number one in the Buddhist Sect. He was the number one in the world!

The number one in the world!

“Hahaha… I’ve cultivated for two hundred years. Buddha didn’t mistreat me after all. He let me meet you before I die!”

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