Chapter 55 – Is It Me Or Fabion?

Iwer squealed, exaggerating even more.

“Call that bastard! I will see with my own eyes how handsome he is!”

“I’ll call him!”

As soon as she had a new job to do, Pur jumped out of the barrier on all fours excitedly. In the meantime, Iwer comforted Kiehl, who must have been shocked.

“Young…Young Master, don’t get hurt too much. Perhaps, because she met the Young Master, the Miss’ heart…”

He never imagined that Bella would have a taste in men in the first place. If there had been such a thing, Pur, who had the radio in the human world, would have talked about it.

Even though he was a little shocked, Kiehl understood. After all, Bella and his relationship stopped at the moment they separated. Because their hearts had already bloomed differently, and Kiehl and Bella were living different lives during that time.

However, what his head understood and his heart beated differently.

‘If he is Bella’s taste… I have to see.’

This unexpected variable appeared in a cold wind drilling a hole in his chest.

He had no intention of retreating.

“There’s Fabion!”

Seeing the truth he didn’t want to face approaching from afar, Kiehl took a deep breath.

He was a little surprised that Fabion’s appearance was so different from the image of the incubus he had imagined.

[ T/N: Fabion and Iwer are of the same race, which were dream demons / nightmare, that consists of incubus & succubus. ]

‘Bella likes…’

An incubus much shorter than Bella in height.

And, an incubus with quite a bit of flesh…

The hand of the incubus, which was small and chubby compared to Kiehl’s own long, slender fingers, stood out.

‘It’s okay, I can gain weight, too…’

Kiehl struggled to hide his hand behind his back, barely soothing his burning inside. On the other hand, Iwer was in shock. Ever since she noticed that Kiehl had a crush on Bella, she had been asking Bella.

Her taste was firm.

He had to be good-looking, and he had to be tall. Because of that, from a young age, she had told Kiehl to grow tall.

“Why are you so short?”

At Iwer’s words, Kiehl felt like he was falling further into the abyss.

‘I can gain weight, but I can’t decrease my height…’

“My name is Fabion.”

Even Fabion’s voice seemed polite, unlike the other dream demons. He remembered Jenkins… With an atmosphere like a talented butler of a prestigious family.

‘Is it the same thing that Bella likes from start to finish?’

Pur boasted to the dream demons and Kiehl as if Fabion belonged to her.

“He is the Princess’s third favorite demon!”

“I just work hard.”

Everyone, except Pur, misunderstood the words and continued their thoughts and imaginations in their minds. As soon as Kiehl heard those words, he was shaken in confusion.

‘…What is he working hard on?’

Pur asked Kiehl, who couldn’t come to his senses because he was distracted by a storm he met out of nowhere.

“Young Master, who do you think is the first favorite demon?”

When it comes to dating and fondness, Bella was the person who would take the ‘d’ and ‘f’ and think of ‘delicious food’*.

“Ask me!”

He then looked at Pur with disgust. It must have been an obvious answer.


“Me! Are you envious?”


At those words, Pur cried with a face as if the world had been destroyed.

“WAAHH! I hate Young Master!”

Kiehl hated Pur.

Then, Fabion looked intently into Kiehl’s face, and spoke cautiously.

“If you are the human Young Master… Are you Mister Kiehl?”

Kiel didn’t answer and stared at him arrogantly.

“How do you know our Young Master!”

“Ah, the princess called that name a lot before she went to sleep…”


“The black mirror that the Princess always carries… in her arms…”

At his words, Kiehl folded his arms and let out a big sigh. The shock was coming like a tsunami, and yet another tsunami was already approaching. Seeing the empty scabbard around his waist, he barely resisted the desire to cut Fabion’s head.

Fabion stepped back in the bloody atmosphere after losing his words.

“The, the princess told me to bring something… I’ll go now…”

Kiehl looked at Fabion’s back and bit his teeth tightly.

“Iwer, can you investigate him?”


From the night before, Bella had flown to the edge of the underworld while Kiehl was sleeping.

Since only darkness existed, it was a place where no monsters came close. At the end of this demon realm, six pillars were placed around the demon realm in a hexagonal shape. All the magic of the demon realm flows from this pillar.

‘If I stop this for a while, I can release my magic and go to the human world…’

Summoning was to transfer all the water from a vessel called Bella to a vessel called Rinne in the human world.

The reason she could easily summon the demons was because she had more than all the magic they had. It was a problem that could break the vessel or injure Bella if done wrong, so the human world had been preparing so carefully — as long as she emptied the bowl and stopped the water from refilling.

“I can’t get rid of the pillars…”

Bella stayed up all night trying to seal some of her power in the pillar like that. Nonetheless, it contained only a small amount of power.

“Then… Is that the only way?”

Muttering so, she sighed and took one of the relics from her waist that was rolling in the demon realm in her hand.

Goosebumps ran all over her body, and her hands trembled.

Divine power and magical power were like two sides of a coin, and couldn’t exist at the same time. It was natural for the power built on the basis of order to collide with the power generated from disorder.

Frowning, she let out the magic, and she saw the magic coming from the pillars approaching Bella. She made sure that the flow was blocked by the relic.

‘As expected, this too…?’

However, since the divine power was weak, the holy relic was broken.

It wasn’t just the holy relic she had. Bella tore her own arm long with another holy relic and watched it recover quickly.

“Couldn’t it have been possible to block the blood itself?”

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As expected, neither her magical powers nor her body was restored until the holy relic was broken.

So, back to the present.

After Bella had lifted Iwer’s oath of obedience, she headed to the middle of the Demon King’s Castle. As an object imbued with divine power, the demons were hesitating, unable to get close to the sword spread out in the middle of the Demon Castle,

“Pri… Princess. No one can do this…”

“Anyway, you’re weak.”

She trudged and leaned slightly towards the holy sword, which Kiehl had dropped. The closer she got to it, the stronger the familiar divine power was felt.

When Bella reached out and grabbed the handle, she felt like being sucked into the sword violently.


As far as she knew, there was no object with this level of divine power in the human world.

“No way… Is it because Kiehl owns it?”

There was a theory that sometimes holy relics were strengthened by the spirit of the owner. Perhaps, the divine power that was in the pendant in the novel was getting stronger as well as Kiehl’s power.

“Princess, I can’t fix the Demon King’s castle because of this!”

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the handle of the holy sword again.


As soon as she caught it, she bent her knees and sat down. From her fingertips, the divine power and her own magical power collided, and no power entered her body. It was as if she poured all her magic into dispelling that divine power.

“This will do…”

Bella barely let go of her hand, and the holy sword made a sound and fell back to the floor.

“By the way, is Kiehl the only one who can use it?”

When she went back to the villa, there was something strange about the mood.

“Huh… Kiehl, what’s wrong?”

“No. What’s wrong?”

Bella asked as she looked around the villa. Although Pur was present, Iwer was not.

“What about Iwer?”

“She’s going to meet her friends.”

“No, I told her to protect you, why did she go and meet such useless bastards?”

“It’s okay. It must have been a long time since she saw them.”

Kiehl asked Iwer a favor so he tried to stop Bella, but she had a completely different idea, thinking that Iwer even broke the oath of obedience and told her to protect Kiehl. Bella hurriedly unfolded her summoning circle and she summoned Iwer.


But, Iwer…

“What, do you know Fabion?”

…She was summoned by Bella while strangling Fabion.

Iwer was looking at Bella almost as if crying.


Then, she shouted and complained to Bella.

“I’m disappointed!”

Kiehl was afraid that Iwer would say anything, so he went up to her and stopped her. Maybe, she knew the truth he didn’t want to know and got angry instead?

“Iwer, calm down.”

“Leave me alone, Young Master!”

Iwer shook off Kiel who had grabbed her arm and grabbed Fabion’s thick neck again.



“This fabion bastard, or…”

Kiehl’s eyes widened, and he tried to close her mouth but was already late.

“Or, me?”

It was late, but Iwer’s words were strange.

‘…Why was she here?’

Kiehl had never seen Iwer cry like that.

“You told me that my budaejjigae is the best…”

There were only two reasons why Iwer was loved by Bella from the human world until now. One was the dream demon’s blood, and the other was Iwer’s cuisine.

Kiehl, 80% confident enough, cautiously asked Pur.

“Pur, what is Fabion doing?”

“He is in charge of the meal!”

“When you said Bella’s taste… Were you talking about food?”

“Yeah…! Then what do you think it is?”

Kiehl remembered Bella, who said ‘You’re the best,’ in a row when Iwer brought the dishes.


It was wrong to immediately believe Pur’s words, not anyone else’s.

‘Then, Bella’s tastes…’

While he was thinking that, Iwer pulled something out of his pocket and threw it in front of Bella as she shouted, “There’s no way Miss likes this kind of thing!”

They were grasses that were unknown where they had come from.

“She can’t like something like this!”

“The Princess is vegetarian.”

“Shut up, you! She likes meat, so I even learned to slaughter them! I know how to make sashimi!”

Iwer thought the Kiehl-Bella ship was going down, though seeing the ship sinking, it seemed like her heart was pounding.

She was a demon.

She strangled Fabion again, expressing her feelings like a little child, as the one thing she was obsessed with was shaken.

“It’s me, or this guy…!”

As her reckless squawking voice echoed throughout the demon realm, Bella pressed her temple tight and replied, “Iwer. It’s you, you okay?”

At that moment, Iwer aligned her vigorous breath and nodded her head.

Glancing at her, Kiehl sighed.

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Should he be relieved that Fabion and Bella have nothing to do with each other…? He didn’t know if he should despair that he fell into this swamp again, where he didn’t even know Bella’s taste.

‘I should gain weight, shouldn’t I?’



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