How to Tame My Beastly Husband — Chapter 263. Childbirth (5)

Allamand clicked his tongue, uncomfortable. The baby’s face was so small, and his body was light as a feather.

“Is it a boy?” He asked curtly, concealing his own sudden swell of emotion.

“No. It is your precious granddaughter.”

Allamand clicked his tongue again. But then the baby opened her eyes to reveal eyes as blue as the sky, so pure that he remembered his own lost wife.

His eyes narrowed, squinting. Suddenly, his first granddaughter looked cute to him, and this was not a thought befitting the dignity of Duke Bavaria.

“My baby…?” came a soft voice from behind. Having consoled Raphael, Annette had remembered her child.

Allamand stiffened and looked away, handing the baby back to Liza as if he had lost all interest in his grandchild.

“Your daughter is beautiful,” Liza said, moving back to the couple on the bed. “Congratulations.”

Annette smiled as she held her daughter. She was still drenched with sweat, her hair sticking to her face, but as she looked down at the child, her smile was dazzling. Raphael couldn’t take his eyes from her.

He would never forget this moment.

“What do you think?” Annette asked him. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

Only then did Raphael look at his daughter for the first time, his blue eyes running over her face. Blue eyes. She had blue eyes like his.

This was his daughter. The feeling was beyond anything words could describe. It was as if time itself had paused for this miracle, and his heart thrilled.

His face suddenly crumpled. He knew he had behaved poorly today, but he could not control all these emotions. His nose reddened as Annette put her arm around him.

“Why are you crying on such a beautiful day?” She asked softly.

He buried his face in her hair.

“Thank you,” he whispered. His voice quivered.

“Why?” Annette’s eyes shone with tears. “Isn’t all of this because of the amulet you brought me?”

She gestured to the amulet hanging beside the bed. All throughout her labor, it had glowed, and the pain had diminished. Perhaps it was just her imagination.

But everything had gone well, and this new life filled them both with such emotion, a smile appeared even on Allamand’s face. They would be good parents. They loved each other so much.

This birth had been a little early, so Arjen and Claire were still on their way. But soon, they would arrive to celebrate it. In her last life, Annette had wished more than anything else for her family to be reunited like this.

And now these happy moments had taken the place of all those tears.