When he heard it over and over again, Carl began to call out the child’s name eagerly.


His pronunciation had been rather clumsy, but I could feel the welcoming tone and affection in the voice that was calling out the name. Theodora appeared to have brown hair just like me. Dark brown hair that covered the baby’s head and a set of light, fluffy brown hairs settled as her eyebrows. Theodora’s eyes narrowed as if she was answering her brother’s call.

“She has the same eyes as Gellerhard!”

Her purple eyes, which were just like him, had been very thrilling. Her pretty purple eyes glinted for a moment before she squinted with an ooh and a sob trailed after. My heart was so relieved by her healthy cries until tears welled up in my eyes. I had also been concerned about the health of the baby whom I was carrying since I seemed to have eaten something strange in the early stages of my pregnancy before. Fortunately, the baby seemed to be very healthy.

I poked my finger on the baby’s cheek and Theodora followed my finger as she turned her head. Oh, she was actually hungry.

“You’re hungry. Shall we have you drink your mother’s milk?”

The Duchess Dowager helped me to unfasten the buttons that secured my breasts. She undid my dress before she held Theodora into my arms and the baby hurriedly pressed her lips against my breasts, which were absolutely swollen with milk. As she filled her stomach to the fullest, the child opened her purple eyes brightly and I smiled as I met with her eyes. Yes, this was her own mom. She should eat a lot and grow up well.

“You eat well. The milk seems to come out well too.”

“Yes, I guess.”

The voice of the Duchess Dowager seemed satisfactory as well. As I was feeding the baby, I felt a kind of heavy weight tugged on my arm. When I looked up, Carl was already standing up while holding my arm. Carl then asked with his green eyes that had been full of curiosity.

“Theodora drinks milk?”

“Yes, Carl also had milk when you were very little.”

“Me too?”

“Yup. And now, you grew up. Babies still need milk.”

As it was his first time seeing the act of breastfeeding, Carl even tried to suck on his own hand too. They said that it was not really good to only feed one side too much, so when I removed her to the other side, she started sucking on it as well. She seemed to have such good eating habits and it was really good for the baby to eat well.

The maid held out a soft towel and the Duchess Dowager began to wipe my breast, which was already stained with saliva and milk, with her own pair of hands. When I said thank you with my eyes and looked at Carl once again, he genuinely gave a shout in return.

“I want to taste it too!”

“A grown child can’t just drink it like that.”

Carl’s wish was stopped by the Duchess Dowager, but Carl sucked his finger adorably and looked up at me with those teary green eyes of his.

“Mandy, please—”

I never knew where he had learned that kind of word and again, when she was already full, Theodora let go of my breast before the Duchess Dowager slowly took the baby from me and patted her on the back to make her burp. After receiving the towel and wiping off the remaining excess on my breasts, I stretched out her hand towards Carl.

“Only this once.”

To me, Carl was still a small baby just like Theodora  right now, exactly like when I first held her in my arms. Carl was being held excitedly in my arms as the Duchess Dowager began to sigh and shook her head. She thought that I had been spoiling Carl a bit too much, but Carl was still just a baby.

The weight of Carl who had been held in my arms was quite heavy. I gently grabbed Carl’s nose and tugged on it, followed by a kiss on the cheek and Carl finally let out a chuckle. As I was faced with Carl’s green eyes while he was breastfeeding, the child simply smiled brightly. It seemed that Carl just wanted for me to hold him in my arms and make eye contact with him rather than being breastfed.

“Looks like you still want to pretend to be a baby. Now that you’ve become an older brother, you should be more dignified.”

Tch—Carl clicked his tongue sulkily, but I still liked it anyway. This dignified older brother had become just like a piggy as soon as he grew up. It was all because this baby’s hands and feet are still too tiny as well.

“Carl is still a baby to me. Baby. My baby~ Our Young Master~”

As he laughed while tickling his armpits and the sides with my fingers, Carl laughed as he twisted his body in return. I adjusted my clothes once again as Carl, who had just come down from my bosom, rolled on the bed while laughing around. The Duchess Dowager held out Theodora back into my arms before Carl started to roll over and came towards us.


Theodora, who was in my arms and met her eyes with mine, turned her gaze towards Carl slowly.

“Theodora is pretty, isn’t she?”

“Yesh! Pretty!”

“Will Carl love her a lot from now on?”


Carl nodded vigorously while rolling over the bed yet again before he kept on coming back to look at the baby’s face as he touched the baby’s hands and feet once in a while. These two fuzzy little ones had made my heart even softer than ever before.

* * *