Honey,Let's Get the Marriage License

Romance Author:歌月


Status:Completed UpdateTime:2020-08-01 03:08
Honey,Let's Get the Marriage LicenseJiang Yin was cheated by her boyfriend when she was 20-year-old ,and even badly,she had a undecrible night with a stranger. Soon she found herself pregnant. When her son was 5 years old, Jiang Yin went back to City C for work. In order to pull the investment, Jiang Yin fought with that stranger man many times. As time went by, she found that man was staring at her,it looks like a wolf saw the long-awaited prey. When Jiang Yin was hit by the bed, she said with trepidation: "i've already pregnant for a long time , Mr. Lu, you'd better think about it. The fallen flowers and willows are not suitable for you." The handsome man pressed her and breathed in her ear, "it's a coincidence, my child is not young, we just make a pair." Until one day - his is so sweet . more>>

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