The third great nirvana ended and the world was saved.

But the nirvana Hell crystal energy barrier, as well as the rebound barrier, was not put away.

Because of the explosion in Planet of the devotee, countless pieces of debris flew into space. Of course, most of them would become asteroids wandering in the galaxy. The probability of hitting the dagang empire planet was not high. After all, the distance was more than 60 million kilometers, and Dagan empire planet was still spinning, and would soon be far away from this area.

But as the nearest planet, it could still attract these fragments. So the two barriers were able to withstand the impact of Planet of the devotee debris.

Of course, after the destruction of Planet of the devotee, Shen Yilong was safe and sound, and he was still monitoring the debris of the explosion in real time. Once it was found that it might hit Dagan empire planet, it would immediately change the trajectory of the debris. Not only it, but also Shen Yilong and jiang xinlong also took off into space to destroy the planet fragments that could be hit.

Therefore, there will be no more risks in this world in a short period of time.

Then the whole world was shouting in unison, mountains and tsunamis.

"Long live my emperor, long live, long live!"

"Long live my emperor, long live, long live!"

This time, not millions, tens of millions, but hundreds of millions, billions.

At this moment, Shen Lang became a true god.

Shen lang bowed to the north pole first.

Then he bowed down in the direction of the ancient ruins of Grand robbery temple.

"All sages, our mission is officially over."


Raging tide city, Paradise manor.

The great qian empire emperor Shen Ye, The xilun empire empress Helen, The great qian empire empress, The xilun empire empress, ancient new human representative, queen Yamaxun, the lost empire empress and others were all in Shen Lang's study.

"Gentlemen, we have successfully survived the third great nirvana, and we have finally completed the mission of the ancient civilization. I am proud of you." Shen Lang looked slowly at the crowd.

"Long live my emperor, long live, long live!"

"But for all of you, the real challenge is just beginning." Shen Lang smiled and said, "In the past few decades, the whole world had been fighting for a common goal, which was to save this world. But is there a contradiction in this world? I think there are still some contradictions between the ancient new human and the ordinary human, the contradiction between the lost empire and the human, the contradiction between the eastern empire and the lost empire. But before, in order to survive the great nirvana, all the contradictions had to be overcome and completely suppressed. Now that the great nirvana is over, everyone in the world will temporarily lose a goal, lose their cohesion, and create a huge sense of emptiness."

"Human beings are very strange. They can't stay idle. When they stay idle, they will have conflicts."

Shen Lang's words were true. Saving the world was the only theme before, and now that the end of great nirvana, development and struggle became the theme.

"I have two ideas," shen lang said, "The first idea is that over the past few decades, all our powers have been dealing with the crisis of great nirvana. Almost 80 % of our national power has been treated unfairly for that moment to save the world. So next, we need to develop the economy and the people's livelihood so that the people of the world can live a better life."

"Second thought, although this great nirvana has been successfully completed, but... This is just a preview of the sun's destruction, and this is the last preview. The next great nirvana will come, and it will be irresistible."

The next time, the sun is officially going to die, it will expand a hundred times and devour Dagan empire planet. The next time, the sun will really explode.

"Of course, the next great nirvana is still far away, more than 10,000 years away." Shen lang said, "None of us here can see it. We won't see it for a hundred generations."

"But I hope that the next great nirvana will not become a crisis." Shen Lang said slowly, "I hope to see this when the time comes. This planet is just your home planet, full of boundless feelings. But you have colonized countless galaxies countless years before the real nirvana. When the great nirvana erupts, countless people can watch it live from an infinite distance in the starry sky. Then they sigh, this used to be our home planet, this used to be our first sun."

"Everything has a death, and the sun is no exception. Only the god of death will live forever."

"When the sun dies, I hope that countless people in our civilization will only be sad, not panicked. I hope that the next great nirvana will not be a crisis of extinction, but a normal farewell to the sun."

"To achieve this goal, the most important thing is the perception of the Ultimate Dragon. There are both spatial jumps and quantum entanglements. They are very, very profound. Our civilization is very, very far away from this goal."

"I, Shen Lang, have completed the Ultimate Dragon's understanding of my soul. But that does not mean that this civilization has been completed. I can only try my best to turn them into words and patterns, into knowledge to pass on to you. I've already done this. It took me 20 years to turn this knowledge into words, and there are more than 13 versions of words. At present, the relevant books have been piled up in dozens of libraries."

"Of course, this world is still very, very far away from that day, because what I have given is only theoretical knowledge, and it needs to be put into practice."

"Civilization is not achieved overnight. It takes decades, centuries, or even thousands of years to develop."

"Space leaping, quantum entanglement, and so on. I hope that in a few hundred years, the civilization of this world will be able to conquer. Only in this way can we truly colonize other galaxies and sow the flames of our civilization onto millions of planets."

"All of this is your business, your descendants' business."

"At least from today on, from this moment on, my mission is completely over. I will not care about anything else in the world. I will not care about anything else, even if world wars break out in The xilun empire and The great qian empire."

"Civilization is like a child. Parents can protect him from growing up, but when he grows up, he has to walk on his own. A child under the wings of his parents can't really be strong."

"Shen Ye..." Emperor Shen Ye of The great qian empire stepped forward and knelt down, "Yes, father."

"Shen lian..."

"Yes, grandfather huang."

Shen lian was Shen Ye's son, prince The great qian empire, in his sixties.

Of course, for some special reason, the life span of this world is double that of earth, so the sixties are still considered healthy years.


Hailun Queen's adopted son, Shen Lang and Debos.'s son, the crown prince of The xilun empire, Loki, was now a handsome man.

Although he was not too old, he did not look more than thirty years old.

"The rest is up to you." Shen lang said.

"Yes, father."

"Yes, grandfather huang!"


Shen Lang invited a few old friends to dinner.

Jinjun, Jin Mucong, Dasha, Kutouhuan, Ning Zheng, Wu Wang, and the former crown prince ji.

The youngest of these people was also Jin Mucong, who was also in his twenties.

They had already retired and lived at home for the rest of their lives.

Over the past few decades, whenever they had time, they would gather together, either playing mahjong or drinking tea and chatting.

Now, after Shen Lang and them had dinner, he still played mahjong.

There were eight people in total, in turn.

You said there were eight people in total. Why didn't you divide them into two tables?

This, I'm sorry? With the intelligence of the silly prince, I can't play such a powerful game like mahjong.


"Carry it!"



"Pay, pay, pay..."

This should be the last time Shen Lang played mahjong with them.


A few days later, Shen Lang and Yao Yao came to a cemetery.

The faces of all the people in the world had changed, but Yao Yao had not changed much. He was still a young girl.

She inherited almost all of Shen Lang's mantle, about spirit and knowledge.

There were many old friends buried in the cemetery.

Ning Yuanxian, Bian imperial concubine, Zhong imperial concubine, Su imperial concubine, Jin Zhuo, Su Peipei, Jin Zhuo, Mrs. Shen,..., and so on.

There was also a tombstone with li er gou and his wife, li shi.

Li er gou was the former Sword king Li Qianqiu. Before he died, he held Shen Lang's hand and urged him to engrave his real name on his tombstone, or he would have no face to see his parents.

More than 80 years had passed, and this group of people had all died.

Shen Lang burned paper one by one and said goodbye one by one.

"Goodbye, father-in-law, mother-in-law."

"Goodbye, foster parents."

Goodbye, my brother."

"Goodbye, uh... Another father-in-law."

"Goodbye, sir!"

"Goodbye, aunt xueyin."

"Goodbye, Dumne."

"Goodbye, Jingzi chess saint. I will take your chess score with me and torture those chess masters to death."

From a long time ago, as a substitute, Jingzi no longer had to be a substitute, and then he became the number one chess saint in the world.

About a year ago, he died.

Because, he did not want to see the scene of great nirvana. The reason was very simple, he said that his life was already too wonderful, and the great nirvana was destined to be the most shocking scene, and it would make his life dim, so he chose to die a year before the great nirvana.


On the moon.

Shen Lang and Yao Yao were looking at Dagan empire planet.

Only here can we see the beauty of this world in its entirety.

"Baby, I won't officially say goodbye to this world. I'll only say goodbye to you." Shen lang said, "Next, the father of this world will be handed over to you. You will look at this world as a pair of eyes. Don't interfere unless you have to."

"Humans are gifted with the ability to die, and they will collapse if they are not careful. So when you feel like you want to completely collapse and the entire civilization is on the brink of destruction, you stop it. But other than that, even if The great qian empire and The xilun empire are fighting like dogs, even if Loki and shen lian are completely at war, you don't care."

Shen Ye was wise and powerful. He had been the emperor of The great qian empire for too long. As Loki's younger brother, of course, he didn't dare to act rashly.

But once Shen Ye died and shen lian took over the throne, this Loki might not be willing to settle down.

Of course, Loki was a few years younger than shen ye. They were a generation. But Loki's son, Shen Lang's grandson, was also an ambitious man.

So no one knows how the world will change in the future.

But Shen Lang could no longer control so much. If he did, he would not be able to let go or be free for generations.

So, as long as the world doesn't end, they can do whatever they want.

As they struggled, civilization moved forward.

Shen Lang rubbed Yao Yao's hair and said softly, "Ever since I was a child, my father didn't dare to say anything. As a parent, I can't be too biased, but now I can say it. Even though all my other children are your younger brothers and sisters, he / they are now very old. Not only do they have sons and grandchildren, but you are still a little girl. Ever since you were a child, you have always been my father's favorite baby, and you are also the one my father is most reluctant to leave."

Yao Yao snuggled into shen lang's arms.

Decades had passed, and Yao Yao's face was still the same as a little girl's, and her eyes had not changed much, and she was still innocent. And her spirit, her soul, was still so pure and flawless.

Over the decades, she wrote countless books and drew countless paintings, but on average, she spoke less than a word every year.

People grow because they experience too much and have too much desire.

Yao Yao, on the other hand, never wanted anything.

Of course, she was not without desires. Her only dream was to have a beautiful world.

So with Yao Yao around, the world would not go down the path of complete destruction, even if it were to collapse.

Then, Shen Lang and Yao Yao stopped talking and quietly looked at the beautiful world 500,000 kilometers away.


Shen Lang's wives were all old, but they were still alive, and even gorgeous, with an infinite charm, because they were Shen Lang's concubines.

Zhong Shishi, in particular, had to put on half an hour of makeup every day, but when you looked at her face, it seemed like there was no makeup at all.

Xu Qianqian no longer had the energy to argue with her.

As a result, she quarreled with her children occasionally.

Shen Lang was in Bing er's room today, and it was Zhong Shishi's turn tomorrow.

But she couldn't wait to get into Bing er's room early in the morning and shouted, "Where's the husband? Haven't you gotten up yet? She promised me that she would accompany me to the sea today."

Bing er said, "What's the rush? What's the shout? Aren't you tired of going out to sea every day?"

Then, she also found it strange that her husband was usually not a sleepy man. He got up at seven o' clock every morning on time. It was now a quarter past seven and he had not even gotten up yet.

So Bing er carefully stepped forward and watched the husband lying on the bed motionless. Suddenly, her body was cold and she could not breathe. Her heart almost stopped beating.

Husband... Is your husband officially leaving us?

Then, almost instinctively, Bing er went to the drawer, which contained potassium cyanide.

She served Shen Lang the longest time and knew his heart the best. She knew that her husband always wanted to find Mulan's sister.

She did not say anything, and would not detain him, because she did not want her husband to have regrets.

But... As long as her husband left, she immediately took potassium cyanide and left the world without any pain. Anyway, her children had already grown up, and even her grandchildren had grown up.

Shen Lang had always been Bing er's world.

Bing er closed his eyes and prepared himself.

If the husband left, she would follow him. She had been very happy all her life, without a trace of regret.

After making up his mind, Bing er opened his eyes and reached for shen lang's nose.

Seeing her movements, Zhong Shishi was shocked and said, "Silly ice, are you crazy? Our husband is a god, even if we all die, even if the world is dead, the husband is still alive."

Bing er did not refute. He laughed in his heart: you don't know anything. You don't know anything. In this world, only miss and I understand Uncle.

Then, Bing er put his hand under Shen Lang's nose.

Sure enough... No more breathing.

Bing er's heart skipped a beat and said calmly, "This day is coming. Husband, wait for me. I'll be right there."

But the next second.

Shen Lang suddenly opened his eyes and laughed.

Bing er shuddered, then jumped into Shen Lang's arms and said, "Uncle, you're too bad. You scared me to death. You scared me to death..."

Zhong Shishi pursed his lips and said angrily, "Husband, you promised to accompany me to the sea to watch the sunrise. It's long past now."

Shen Lang smiled and said, "It's the same to watch the sunset. It's the same."


However, an hour ago.

A ball of soul floated out of Shen Lang's body and flew directly into the sky, disappearing without a trace.

Shen Lang left.

But no one found it except Yao Yao.

He divided himself into two parts. Ninety-nine percent of him left the world.

One percent of him stayed in this world, with Bing er, with Xu Qianqian, with all his family, his wife and children.

No one knew except Yao Yao.

He would accompany the families of this world until the end of their lives.

Next, Bing er served Shen Lang a bath and breakfast.

Then, he went fishing with shen lang and the master.

"My husband is only with me today. Bing er, go back. You are not allowed to come with me." Zhong Shishi said.

Bing er sneered and said, "I'm not going with you. Do you cook the fish you catch?"

"Uh..." Zhong Shishi shuddered at the thought of killing and washing the fish.

"All right, all right, you come with me, but don't ruin our relationship." Zhong Shishi said.

Then, the two women bickered and hugged Shen Lang onto a boat.

Inside the castle, Zhang Chunhua was reading a book. He took a look at his husband's back and cut Zhong Shishi's back.

How old are you? Who are you wearing a big red dress and showing it to?

Because their husband was Shen Lang, Shen Lang promised them a condition that their lives could be the same as normal people, but even on the day of their death, they would be young and beautiful.

Shen Lang could do this easily, so he agreed.

So Zhang Chunhua looked the same as he did decades ago.

She was not in a hurry. Anyway, it was her turn tomorrow, and her husband would accompany her all day tomorrow.

Princess Ning Yan also looked at Shen Lang's back and snorted, "Annoying Zhong Shishi."

She loved making wine now, and it was all made by herself and Shen Lang. Zhong Shishi was the only one who liked to compete for favor and meddle in it. Obviously, the perfect wine always had a few broken jars, because Zhong Shishi was careless and would always miss out on a few procedures, or when the jar was closed, it was not strict.

Xu Qianqian and Shen Mi were designing clothes, not only by hand, but also by sewing them.

She was infatuated with Shen Lang's back when she went out to sea. It was three days before her husband would accompany her to the mulberry fields.

"Annoying Zhong Shishi..."

Because every time Shen Lang was sewing with her, Zhong Shishi would always rush out to be a model, taking advantage of her good figure and gorgeous appearance.

When Shen Mi heard this, he only smiled.

Debos. Was writing a book.

She looked passionately at Shen Lang's back and then at Zhong Shishi's fiery back. She said in her heart, "The adorable Zhong Shishi, if it weren't for you, I would have been the target of all criticism."

Princess Ning Han was also working hard at the moment. She looked up at Shen Lang's back and continued.

As the martial arts declined, she was writing a new scroll of martial arts, and the mission of reviving the martial arts fell on her.

Queen Yamaxun was her collaborator. Ning Han wrote the scroll and queen Yamaxun interpreted it.

She also took a look at Shen Lang's back, her eyes heated up, and then continued to practice her sword.

Without Chou Yaoer, she commanded the fleet to explore and set off three days ago.

Many people saw Shen Lang's back when he went out to sea. On a small boat, he gradually disappeared above the sea level.

Shen Lang would still be back after sunset tomorrow evening.

But... There were still a lot of people looking at his back, as if they had lost something.


One percent of Shen Lang went fishing with Bing er and Zhong Shishi.

Ninety-nine percent of Shen Lang left without a sound, in the form of a ray of light and shadow. No one but Yao Yao knew about it.


Ninety-nine percent after Shen Lang left for a few hours.

Prince Dasha, officially dead.

Then prince Jinjun died.

A moment later, duke Jin Mucong officially passed away.

Marshal Kutouhuan, officially dead.

Prince Ning Zheng, officially dead.

Everyone is over a hundred years old, which is considered the end of their lives. In this lifetime, they lived a wonderful life.

Everyone passed away with a smile.

Even everyone had a suicide note, not a funeral, just to leave the world without a sound, without a sound burial.

It was necessary to tell anyone.


Chou Yaoer was still young and strong. She was in a spaceship, flying towards a distant target.

Suddenly, she saw a flash of light outside the window.

He couldn't help but look at the person next to him and say, "Did you just see a light flying from outside?"

The man next to him shook his head and said, "No, marshal."

Chou Yaoer said, "How long will we sail in the starry sky this time?"

"Eight years," the deputy said.

"Eight years?" Chou Yaoer said, "I... Have started to miss my hometown, my family, and my husband."

Deputy Jiang Mie said, "Marshal, your majesty Shen Lang is like a god, and he has given you great strength and longevity. Eight years is just a flash for you and your majesty."

Chou Yaoer said, "Really? Really..."

Then, her fleet continued to sail towards the starry sky.

Gregory was old enough to leave his post as president of imperial university. This time, he followed Chou Yaoer's fleet and set sail again.

At this moment, he was also working hard, suddenly raised his head and looked out the window, as if something had passed by.

But he didn't see anything.

He was momentarily lost and stayed for half a minute before continuing to write.

Because every inch of time was precious to him as a scientist.

In the crack of the abyss, the dark queen (Ren Yingying) sat quietly at the waterfall at the end of the world.

Suddenly, she looked up into the sky, as if to find a meteor, but she could not find it.

She lowered her head and pondered for a moment, then smiled softly.

Then, her whole body was blown away, and her whole soul was blown away, as if she were going to completely merge into the abyss crevices.


A ship.

Jiang Li built spaceship 1.

There was only one person inside, and that was Jin Mulan.

It had been flying for a hundred years.

She was completely frozen for a hundred years.

After a hundred years of flying, it was a very long time.

This spaceship one finally appeared in the sky of a certain world. It was a very familiar world.

This mountain, this ocean, this map, Shen Lang could probably draw it with his eyes closed.

It entered the atmosphere and fell into the sea.

Throughout the process, no country found it because it was completely invisible.

At the same time!

A ray of light quickly caught up with the ship and fell into the sea with it.

A moment later!

Spaceship one floated.

Inside, Jin Mulan woke up.

She... Was still beautiful, unparalleled.

Her eyes were still full of beauty.

"Husband, husband..." She exclaimed.

Because she was worried about her husband the moment before she fell asleep.

After flying for a hundred years, she was frozen for a hundred years, but to her, it seemed like only a moment.

Because this is a completely frozen sleep, not even a dream.

She sat up from the frozen crystal box and walked out of the spaceship.

He saw the moon in the sky and the sea.

"Where... Where is this? Husband... Husband, where are you?" Mulan could not help but mutter to himself.

Then, a familiar voice sounded behind him.

"I'm here, my lady."

Mulan turned around and looked behind him.

Husband, her husband, Shen Lang, husband Shen Lang, whom she had not seen in decades.

She burst into tears of joy and threw herself into Shen Lang's arms.

Shen Lang was still young.

Mulan was still in his prime.

"Husband, are we home?" Mulan asked.

Shen lang said, "This is earth. This is my home. You have been married from a faraway world. From now on, don't think about going back to your mother's home. Hahaha..."

Mulan said softly, "Is everything over? Can we live in peace and happiness for the rest of our lives?"

Shen lang said, "Yes, we can live in peace for the rest of our lives."

Mulan said, "Well, then we have two more children. Shen Ye is too smart and not cute at all. We have two more cute babies."

Shen Lang said softly, "Okay."

Then, Shen Lang held Mulan's hand and walked towards the country he knew and his hometown.

How many years have passed on earth? What has earth become now? None of this mattered.

As long as he was with the person he loved, it was enough.


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