I finally found Liu Piaoping in the demon world. She's doing well now. Although it is under the name of someone else's "Luocha woman", the list can be regarded as moistening. Among the free practice alliance, her cultivation is not the strongest. Fortunately, the top strength of the free practice alliance is just a distracted friar.

Liu piaohua's later cultivation is also the mainstay here. I don't need to worry at all.

After the reunion, Yi Tian managed to get in touch with Yan Tong of the free repair alliance. During this period, he didn't say Liu Piao's identity, but asked him to help arrange to send people to the remote area of the free repair alliance in the depths of the demon world. There are no seven forces of the demon family who believe that Liu Piao's strength can naturally be like a fish in water.

Yi Tian's heart is also so calculated. Now Liu Piao's strength is not good. He can't get on the table only if he puts him in the demon world in the later stage. But over time, without anyone's interference, her accomplishments can be improved rapidly. Moreover, this time he also gave Liu Piao three storage rings. The massive resources retained in them are more than the property of any of the seven families in the demon world.

When Liu Piao picked up the three storage rings and intruded into them, he also showed a violent look of shock on his face. To tell the truth, she has never seen such a huge amount of resources since she entered the demon world.

However, Liu Piao was not dazzled by the huge amount of resources in front of her. After selecting them, she selected them again, sorted out the required resources and put them in a storage ring. And returned the other two, although this made Yi Tian feel puzzled.

But Liu Piao's answer is indeed reasonable. According to her meaning, every man is innocent. If her cultivation is promoted to the fit period, she is naturally not afraid. However, it is inappropriate to hold such a huge amount of resources now that we have turned into spiritual cultivation.

Besides, there are several secret places in the nine realms of the upper spirit. She can also go to these secret places to experience. If you really blindly rely on resources for cultivation, it may not be a good thing in the future.

Listen, Yi Tian naturally thinks highly of him. To be honest, it will be sooner or later for Liu Piao to cultivate himself to this level with his strength after awakening.

Originally, I just wanted to leave her enough resources and save her a lot of effort, but since Liu Piao has his own ideas, Yi Tian feels that he is also comforted by Lao Huai. Everyone has to go his own way, which can't be replaced by others.

If Liu Piao wants to improve her accomplishments quickly, she still has to go on according to her own ideas.

After staying in Dongshan city for a few days, Liu Piaoping received the order from the casual repair alliance, packed up his luggage and set off straight away.

Yi Tian knows that this phase is almost no chance to meet again in the upper spirit nine realms. Although she didn't say anything, Liu Piao seemed to notice it, but her strong personality didn't show a reluctant look.

On the contrary, Liu Piao's face was dignified at the end, and he would meet again in the fairy world in the future.

Yi Tian couldn't deny it. Finally, he watched Liu Piao go away and sighed in his mouth.

After the general shiqianwei and Liu Piaoping are all settled, Yi Tiancai feels relieved. Now I have all my thoughts. Next, I have to concentrate on how to ascend to the fairy world.

Just a thought flashed through my mind. When I was in the advanced fit stage, I once met a dragon turtle in the fire source in the queen Ashura's bedroom in the Ashura boundary imperial city. I remember that I promised the other party that if I wanted to fly to the fairy world, I would return with it.

Thinking of Yi Tian, he was awed. After saying goodbye to Liu Piao, he went directly to the Asura world through the demon world.

In addition, from the point of view of the strength of the skills he has cultivated, even if he really meets the thunder robbery power mentioned by AO Ling, he must be able to carry it. After a pause, Yi genius replied: "Ao, don't worry, elder. Now that I have achieved great skill, I'm at least 70% sure that I can survive the thunder disaster safely."

"Oh, why are you so sure," Ao Ling shook his head and said, "as far as I know, although the skills you cultivate from the fire Palace are strong, there is a limit. If you can't reach the stage I agree with, I won't go with you. Well, I know you are also a man of faith. Go back to practice for a while and find me again."

After talking, the other party seemed to turn around and dive back into the sea of fire below again. Yi Tian's mouth was slightly drawn, and a gray white spiritual power was sacrificed, forming a light film around himself. After three breaths, the light film changed again into a gray white true flame, which is the "nine changes from fire" magic power urged by the "double cultivation of xuanhuang".

All the spiritual powers in the surrounding air were extracted and poured into the gray flame madly. Ao Ling in front of him trembled slightly, turned around and stared at Yi Tian in front of him. With an irrefutable look on his face, Ao Ling blurted out: "this is chaotic true flame. You have cultivated such a terrible magic power."

"Chaotic true flame?" Yi Tian shook his head and said, "I don't understand. This is the magic power of leaving flame that I sacrificed with xuanhuang Shuangxiu."

Ao Ling's eyes showed a trace of surprise and said, "I see. I didn't expect you to have another card. No wonder you have the courage to take me out. However, your 'chaotic true flame' has just taken shape. It's still a long time to reach the state of Dacheng, and there's a long distance from Xiaocheng."

"Yes, but I'm more confident after listening to Taoist Ao Ling's advice. As long as you cultivate this magic power to a small degree, you must fly to the fairy world and be safe," said Yi Tian with great joy.

"If you want to cultivate to a small level, you need at least a large amount of chaotic source force. If you forcibly extract such chaotic source force in the upper spirit nine realms, it will certainly cause great chaos," Ao Ling explained.

"What should I do?" Yi Tian said with a difficult face at this time.

"With your current strength, if you want to cultivate to a small degree, you must enter the fairy world," Ao Ling said, "but don't lose heart. The five element divine thunder of the 'chaotic true flame' you are now sacrificing and refining can't hurt you any more."

"So did Ao Ling's Taoist friends agree to go out with me?" Yi Tianshi asked.

With a slight nod, Ao made his whole body flash a red light, and then his body shape changed again. After ten breaths, his body shape narrowed from the original one foot to about one inch. It looks like a newborn turtle. Ao Ling immediately flew forward and said, "I can enter your royal beast bag with such a size. In this way, I can come out after you pass through the flying thunder robbery and enter the fairyland."

"Do I need to pay attention?" Yi Tian asked again.

"When you go through the robbery, the thunder robbery in the sky will also sense my existence, so the power of the falling thunder robbery will be improved," Ao Ling said. "This is not the most critical. It's mainly that you try not to meet the immortal looking for the world after you enter the fairy world, or let me go before you meet."

"Why did you say that, elder?" Yi Tian asked puzzled.

"If the immortal seeking official knows that I have a relationship with you, he will certainly ask the bottom of your origin," Ao Ling said. "As a member of Luo Tianxian palace, you may have something to do."

"Does Luo Tianxian palace have such a great influence in the fairy world?" Yi Tian asked.

"You don't know the strength of Luo Tianxian palace in the fairyland. These are later words. After you enter the fairyland, you will slowly experience it," Ao Ling said. "However, after you first enter the fairyland, don't rashly expose the strength of this' chaotic true flame 'on your body. Why I can't tell you clearly, it's up to you to find out."

"Listening to what the elder said makes me more curious about Luo Tianxian palace in the fairy world," Yi Tian said with a smile: "is this mysterious and yellow double cultivation a taboo in the fairy world?"

"Taboos are out of the question, but as far as I know, those who can practice the double cultivation of Xuan and Huang are all saints. If they are not good enough, they are also figures at the level of Da Luo Tianxian," Ao Ling explained: "but if you show such strength early, you can either enter the large door and be protected, or you can easily become the target of others."

"I know the truth that wood shows in the forest and the wind will destroy it. Moreover, luotianxian Palace also meets great changes in luotianxian world," Yi Tian said. "I still have to clamp my tail before I have strength. This is also my way of survival for a long time."

"You know it's best, but your birth background is good. Although there are changes in luotianxian palace, I'm optimistic about you. Maybe your flight will bring a new atmosphere," Ao Ling said.

"Wait and see," Yi Tian said with a smile.