"It's long overdue!"

"In the way of practice, you should be brave and diligent. You have been attacking your mind. How can you make great achievements?"

"Of course, when you are weak, there is nothing wrong with using tactics reasonably to seek the greatest benefits for yourself while protecting yourself."

"But when your strength reaches your level, you can also rank in the top three without being invincible. If you still attack your mind, I'm afraid it will be difficult to make any great achievements in the future."

Obviously, Pangu had been secretly watching Feng Zichen, knew what he had done, and scolded him rudely.

"The great God is right. Zichen knows he is wrong!"

Being taught by Pangu, Feng Zichen just bowed her head and admitted her mistake.

"That alien visitor, you see the arrangement."

Finally, the breath of Pangu's will faded away. At the same time, Feng Zichen's mind began to return and left this mysterious and unknown space.

"Thank God!"

Before disappearing, Feng Zichen said.

With Pangu's words, the people in the temple of life are not black households, nor will they be targeted by the way of heaven. They can live in the three realms like local creatures.

At the moment when the mind returned to the body, Feng Zichen unexpectedly felt in a trance, as if everything he had just experienced was a dream. But the extra memory in his heart reminds him that what he has just experienced is true.

He really saw Pangu and got his guidance. At the moment, when the wind Zichen left, it was just a moment.

Even with Feng Zichen's current strength, it is difficult to find the slightest trace of Pangu God's hand. It is as powerful as him. In front of Pangu God, it is no different from ordinary people.

He is still too weak.

The inflated heart of Feng Zichen, who got the eternal origin, disappeared in an instant.

He turned to the people around him and said, "let's go back to the wasteland."

While talking, Feng Zichen had taken the people through the barrier of heaven and earth and entered the jurisdiction of the way of heaven.

Suddenly, the way of heaven gave birth to induction and appeared in front of Feng Zichen and others. Without warning, in the chaos, there was an expressionless Taoist wearing a purple Taoist robe.

This is the way of heaven Hongjun, that is, the way of heaven. He took a deep look at the life Temple behind Feng Zichen. In the eyes of Tiandao Hongjun, a faint light suddenly burst out and swept away the people in the hall.

Seeing this, Feng Zichen explained: "don't resist. It's the Tao of heaven that has branded you. In this way, you can live in the wilderness. Otherwise, you will be regarded as an intruder by the Tao of heaven and be chased and killed endlessly by our friars."

Feng Zichen was not worried that heaven would attack the people in the temple of life. Their existence has been recognized by Pangu God. Although the way of heaven is powerful, it can not violate Pangu's orders.

At the moment, what the way of heaven does is to brand them and take away a wisp of their life breath to give birth to the life star.

In the boundless world, after the birth of every living creature, there will be a wisp of life breath manifest in the long river of destiny and become a life star. It can be recovered only after the River continues to flow until the state of Taoist respect is achieved.

Since the people in the temple of life have decided to integrate into the famine, they should naturally enjoy the same treatment as the creatures in the famine. Manifest your destiny in the long river of destiny.

Originally, those living goddesses wanted to resist, but after listening to Feng Zichen's words, they silently put away their magic powers and let the way of heaven take away their life breath.

However, they are the existence of cultivating the state of Tao and respect. Unlike others, this matter is only a process for them. If they move their mind, they can take back their life star.

After a while, after heaven finished marking, he nodded with satisfaction and left here with everyone's life breath.

However, although the way of heaven has gone, Hongjun Daozu has stayed. But in the eyes of Hongjun Daozu, there was a flash of pure light, and then several emotions came into being.

Seeing this, Feng Zichen naturally knew that it was Daozu who woke up. He hurriedly came forward to salute and said, "Zichen has seen Daozu."

Feng Zichen saluted the Taoist ancestor. It had nothing to do with cultivation, but as a younger generation, he respected his predecessors.

"Zichen!" silently read the name of Feng Zichen, and Hongjun Daozu suddenly said, "should I call you gouchen, or Lei Ze, or Ziwei?"

The breeze purple Chen smiled and said: "the way Zu wants to call anything, the purple Chen doesn't matter, the way Zu is happy."

He was indifferent to the fact that the Taoist father saw through his identity. Of course, he was indifferent. First, he had expected the matter and would not be surprised when he was prepared.

Hongjun Daozu, what kind of person is that? The ancestor of Honghuang playing conspiracy. Although Feng Zichen was hidden deeply, if Hongjun Daozu wanted to, he would find clues sooner or later, so as to find Feng Zichen's real body.

Because Hongjun Daozu's strength is very strong and his mind is very deep. Therefore, before him, there is no hiding place for any conspiracy.

Feng Zichen's hiding is very deep, but he may not be able to hide it from him.

Second, the strength of Feng Zichen now is completely not afraid of Hongjun Daozu. Although I still can't fight, there's absolutely no problem with self-protection.

Since the Taoist ancestor of Hongjun is no longer dangerous to him, why is Feng Zichen afraid that he knows? If you find it, you'll find it. What's the big deal.

"You're so honest today, but I'm at a loss. So, don't you intend to hide it?" Hongjun Taoist ancestor was not pleased by Feng Zichen's honesty, but frowned and looked very worried.

"Indeed, I've been hiding it for so long that I'm almost forgetting my plan. Now I have to be instructed by Pangu's great God. I suddenly understand that calculation is only a small way, and the only way is to be upright."

Since there was a decision in her heart, it would not change. Therefore, Feng Zichen now completely had no worries and showed a very frank performance. Even, he confided his future plans to Taoist Hongjun.

"Now, at the time of great changes, it is really time for the flood and famine to have a real emperor."

"If I am the emperor, the first thing is to unify the flood and famine, whether the demon family, the witch family, or even the Xuanmen and the demon family, we should submit to the heaven and be dispatched by the heaven."

"I want to integrate all the forces of the flood and famine, and strive to expand the strength of the flood and famine. Then, I will use this force to expedition three thousand worlds, and wipe out the hidden danger of the flood and famine, the chaotic demon God that should have disappeared long ago, and seal it again."

"As long as we defeat the chaos devil and integrate the origin of the three thousand worlds into the famine, the famine is bound to be promoted again."