Chapter 6564

"You should step back first. I know this matter well. You should continue to search for the whereabouts of the Holy Dynasty. If things are really as you said, and they even set up an ambush, then they should still be in this area.

So you should search carefully and don't make excuses without evidence to get rid of me.

I can tolerate you once or twice, but I won't tolerate you a third time.

If you can't bring me some substantive news, then there is really no need for you to exist. "Guo Yuan said calmly.

"Yes, I'll look for him now!" Du Feng and others broke into cold sweat after hearing this. They didn't dare to say another word and left the hall directly.

There was no way, they had tried their best, but Guo Yuan was simply incompetent, and it was impossible for them to convince him.

More importantly, when they were stared at by Guo Yuan, they always felt that the little Jiujiu in their hearts had been seen through.

Especially what they said just now made them feel that their purpose had been seen through.

Fortunately, Guo Yuan didn't force them to question him, otherwise everything would have been exposed.

Maybe it's because he still needs them to do things!

It's just that they really don't seem to have any chance this time.

If they still can't find those people from the Holy Dynasty, they really have no way to come back.

At this time, several lieutenants in the hall were also frowning.

"General, although their intentions are not pure, their words are not wrong. I think if we continue this time, we may be in serious trouble." Deputy General Yuan Lin said worriedly.

"Needless to say? When we were selected to carry out this mission, our fate was already determined.

I can say with certainty that the probability of us returning alive is no more than 50%! " Another deputy general Wang Hongyang said.

"Isn't it the same as if you didn't say anything? After leaving the Inner Dynasty, you will either die or live, but it's not more than 50%?" Yuan Lin retorted somewhat unhappily.

"When I say no more than 50%, I don't mean that there is a 50-50 chance of life and death, but the possibility of us dying is much higher than the possibility of returning alive, maybe only 30 to 40%, maybe even lower, only 20 to 30%."

"Isn't this possible? Although this holy dynasty does have some evil spirits, it is not that powerful. We are also immortals at the level of virtual immortals, and they may have some methods to deal with mortal immortals.

But compared with us Xuxian, are they comparable? "Another deputy general, He Jiang, said.

“You have to understand that the Cheng family is just a subsidiary force of the Holy City.

Even an affiliated force has the strength to deal with mortal immortals, so how can you be sure that there are no masters in the Holy City to deal with virtual immortals?

And have you forgotten how Qin Hui and the others disappeared?

I don't believe that their disappearance has nothing to do with the Holy City.

I don't think there is any force in this world other than the Holy City that has this ability. "Wang Hongyang reminded.

When Qin Hui was mentioned, the faces of everyone present turned ugly.

Qin Hui had indeed dealt a huge blow to their trip to the human world.

Let’s not talk about whether Qin Hui and the others are a disgrace, but at least it proves that this holy city is really not simple. They must have the ability to deal with Xuxian, and it can be seen that the strength they possess is very extraordinary, otherwise It was impossible for Qin Hui and the others to disappear so inexplicably.

The strength of their team now is actually no different from Qin Hui's.

If the Holy City has the ability to make Qin Hui and his army of 30,000 immortals disappear silently, it will naturally also have the ability to make their team disappear silently. Can this not scare them?

"Now I don't want you to talk about how miserable our fate is. I want you to come up with a way for me to ensure our safety." Guo Yuan felt even more annoyed when he heard them making noise in the hall. , said with dissatisfaction.

"General, it is almost impossible for us to escape unscathed this time. I think if we want to survive, unless the people dispatched by their Holy City are not as powerful as those who originally dealt with Qin Hui.

Otherwise, if Qin Hui and the others disappeared like this, their strength would be at least in the late stage of Xuxian or even the Great Perfection, and we would not be their opponents at all! "Wang Hongyang said.

"So you are ready to die?" Guo Yuan asked.

"I don't want to either, but what can I do? If we return to the Inner Dynasty like this, Shi Cong and the others will not let us go.

If they don't kill us, others will follow our example.

How could Shi Cong and the others let such a thing happen?

Therefore, apart from staying here, it is impossible for us to return to Inner Dynasty.

But if I stay here, I think those guys from the Holy City will appear sooner or later. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to make such a big noise here.

Don't they just do this in the hope that the inner court will send out some immortals so that they can kill us? "Wang Hongyang analyzed helplessly.

Does he want to die?

When he was first selected to participate in this operation, he refused, but all he got was threats from Shi Cong.

So he compromised.

If he's lucky, he still has a chance to survive.

But if he is unlucky, his ending should be the same as Qin Hui's.

He wanted to change this fate, but he didn't have the ability, so he could only see through it all.

Because it’s okay if you don’t see through it!

"This is indeed a very troublesome matter. Going forward, the strength of the Holy Dynasty may not be weaker than ours. Going forward, Shi Cong and the others will never allow it.

So whether we can survive this time depends on how strong the Holy Dynasty is.

If their strength is not as strong as we think, there may still be a chance.

And I think that even if there is a strong person in the Holy City who can easily kill Qin Hui, there are definitely not many such strong people in the Holy City.

Think about it, those who can do this are at least late-stage Xuxian and or Dzogchen.

I even think that even in the late stage of Xuxian, it may not be so easy and leave no traces.

Therefore, the person who solved Qin Hui and the others at the beginning should be at the Xuxian Dzogchen level.

Even if there are not many such people in our inner dynasty now, will there be many in the Holy City?"

If there are many of them, why waste time with such means?

Can't they just go straight to the inner court?

It's not like they don't know the existence of that passage. With their strength, it's impossible that they don't want to destroy that passage, yet they still waste so much time here.

It can be seen that the Holy City does have extremely powerful people, but the number is definitely not large. "Another deputy general, Marvin, said.