Chapter 40 - Fire Dragon's Advancement

Chapter 40 Fire Dragon’s Advancement

When Su Luo looked at his attributes, he even had time to smile. He didn’t think that he would really succeed. After this series of operations, he really managed to fix the little Fire Dragon in front of him.

Now, its attributes had also become very complete, and they were more than one level higher than before. There were also many new skills, such as Fire Breath, which increased all kinds of fire attribute buffs, and all kinds of fire attribute damage reduction. Su Luo was very happy to see this.

“Fire Dragon, we’ve succeeded. You’ve successfully transformed into an SSS pet. Now, there are no more shackles on you. You’re a complete pet. You don’t have to worry about the side effects anymore. You can fight with me. Are you happy?”

After Su Luo finished his sentence, the Fire Dragon in front of him was also extremely excited. It jumped over and hugged Su Luo. Su Luo was also very happy, and he was jumping around. However, the Fire Dragon in front of him didn’t look like a simple pet, and its attributes were also very strange. However, Su Luo didn’t think too much about it.

The Fire Dragon in front of him was extremely excited. Su Luo had also gotten the Fire Dragon to help him a lot during today’s collection event. He did not expect a pet to be able to do so many things.

“I didn’t expect you to be so perfect. Your functions are so powerful. I won’t have to be so busy in the future. With your help, it’ll be much more convenient and easy.”

After Su Luo finished his sentence, the Fire Dragon beside him was also very happy. It rubbed its dragon horn against Su Luo, and Su Luo also applied a concealment potion on its head, causing its dragon horn to disappear temporarily.

“If others see that you’re an SSS pet, they might try to take you away from me. It’ll be troublesome then. First, hide your edges. This way, we’ll look like teammates.”

The Fire Dragon was embarrassed after hearing Su Luo’s words. It was obvious that it could not speak the human language. Su Luo had nothing to teach it, so it kept taking advantage of Su Luo’s situation.

“Okay, don’t worry. I’ll teach you how to learn and speak the human language. The most important thing now is to train your strength. When you reach the highest level, I’ll take you out to clear dungeons and fight monsters, okay?”

Although the Fire Dragon in front of him couldn’t speak human language, it seemed to understand human language. After seeing it nod crazily, Su Luo was very satisfied.

After that, he went back to the training camp by himself. Su Luo needed to check what equipment he needed for the next step. “What’s going on? Where did this guild come from? Why are they speaking up for me? Do they know that I’m not a bad person? That shouldn’t be the case. I’ve never met them before, so how do they know that I’m not a bad person? Don’t tell me they’ve met a scammer like My Heart is Wandering? There are many people like My Heart is Wandering, so it seems that it’s very normal for them to have a war of words.”

“Forget it, I’ll just ignore this matter. If you know more, you might get involved. Let them curse on their own. Although my name is in the name list, I don’t care.”

After Su Luo finished speaking, he continued to pick his own materials.

On the other side, a small meeting was held in Dragon Tiger Guild.

At the same time, they were also looking at the chat history on the world channel.

“It seems that the internet water army we hired is pretty good. They’re helping Su Luo to start a war of words with the Morality Association. Although we can destroy the Morality Association at any time, it’s really unnecessary. This will harm our people’s lives. We might as well let the internet water army start a war of words with them.”

This water army was publicly acknowledged as the people who spoke up for him in the world channel.

In fact, in this world, there were many people who were slandered by others, and those who were slandered would also invite these internet water armies to help speak up for them. However, these internet water armies did not necessarily only help good people.

They would help anyone, so they didn’t have an advantage in the war of words. However, they successfully attacked the Morality Association with their high frequency of words.

[You guys just don’t know who My Heart is Wandering is, right? Your boss is just a real liar. This time, the reason why our water army helped was not because of how much money we took, but because we were tricked by him before.]

In fact, this saying was true. At that time, the boss of the water army guild was found just because he wanted to improve his strength. He planned to go to the dungeon with My Heart is Wandering After he had obtained good equipment, he would show his guild members how hard he worked as a boss. However, he hadn’t expected that he would fail to obtain any good equipment. He was even swindled of his own equipment after a poison gas bomb. This had caused him to return to the guild in an extremely embarrassing manner. Fortunately, everyone still recognized him as their boss. Although his equipment was poor, he was still allowed to join the guild and became the guild leader.

After such a long time, he finally managed to get all his equipment back. Now that My Heart is Wandering was lying about Su Luo cheating him of his equipment, the guild leader was furious.

[You’re an animal! Last time, you made me feel like I was about to die. I lost all my equipment. I spent my entire life to make those, but you made them all disappear. Now that I’ve finally gotten them back, I’m going to spit at you to death! You’re an animal!]

That was also the first time that the guild leader of this guild had taken the initiative to participate in a battle. Everyone in the Dragon Tiger Guild laughed at him. “This guild leader is quite interesting.”