Chapter 394 - Chapter 394: Dark Northern Manual (2)

Chapter 394: Dark Northern Manual (2)

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“Zhong Kang, tell me about the dark realm.”

Mei Changge did not care about his second spirit body. Instead, his gaze landed on Xu Chu. Then, he learned everything about the situation in the dark realm from him.

Be it the Dark Star Puppet formation or the Dark King, Mei Changge had some understanding of them.

As for the ring that Mei Wuyan had given him just now, it contained the treasures he had obtained in the stargate. The Dark King had collected them in advance, saving Mei Wuyan and the others some effort to search for them.

“Zhong Kang, the dynasty will continue to open up new stargates. If there are any changes, your Golden Crow Guards still need to enter them.” Mei Changge looked at Xu Chu and said.

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. The Golden Crow Guards will be fine.”

Xu Chu’s expression turned serious and he agreed.

Next, Mei Changge planned to continue opening the stargates to increase the population of the dynasty. After all, the various cities were almost built and urgently needed more population.

After Xu Chu left, Mei Changge looked at the ring that the second spirit body had given him.

Among them, there were seven treasures, cultivation techniques, blueprints, and so on. After Mei Changge read them once, he took out four items.

Mei Changge had seen one of them before, and it was a treasure that Ye Yan had given him.

It was the Five Elements Star Jade.

“That’s strange… They found a Grade 4 treasure in a level-two stargate.”

Mei Changge looked at the Five Elements Star Jade and frowned slightly. This was the second time he had seen it.

Five Elements Star Jade

Grade: 4

Introduction: It harnesses the power of the five elements and appears to hold an inner energy. Resembling a spiritual formation or a standard five-pointed star, it is said that collecting five of these allows entry into a mysterious location.

The introduction of the two was the same.

“In other words, I’m still three short of knowing what’s hidden behind the Five Elements Star Jade.”

Mei Changge thought and looked at the Star Chain Bracelet on his wrist.

After opening Star Web, Mei Changge began to search for information about the Five Elements Star Jade. He searched for a long time but did not find anything.

“What a coincidence. I can see the same item in any stargate.”

Mei Changge looked at the jade in his hand and was a little surprised. Of course, he was more curious as to why Wang Yao would give this to him. It was as if she knew that he would be able to gather five of them.

“She’s acting mysterious. I wonder where she went.”

Mei Changge thought of her disappearance and could not help but walk in a daze. However, his gaze was quickly attracted by the other three treasures. “Heavenly Lightning Drum Platform, a Grade 6 treasure.”

Looking at the palm-sized but strange-looking treasure in his hand, Mei Changge’s eyes flashed with interest.

Heavenly Thunder Drum Platform

Grade: 6

Introduction: A platform constructed from Heavenly Thunder Stone with an ancient beast skin covering it. Legend has it that striking it not only boosts morale but also summons Heavenly Thunder.

“This thing is suitable for the battlefield.”

Mei Changge’s eyes were filled with thought. This building treasure contained a stone platform and a huge drum on it.

However, if he were to use it, he had to place it on the battlefield.

Yet, the battlefield for the Green Lotus Dynasty extended beyond just the stargate. Mei Changge still had to venture into the depths of No Man’s Land. The Green Lotus Dynasty was continuously fortifying its foundation, rendering it less useful at the moment.

As for the other two treasures, one was a fence surrounded by vines, and the other was a statue of a black figure.

Vine Grassland

Grade: 7

Introduction: A grassland enveloped by verdant vines, deemed the ideal pasture for horse breeding. Legend has it that if a horse consumes these green vines, it may transform its bloodline (random).

Shadow Statue

Grade: 8

Introduction: Allows you to summon shadows to infiltrate the shadows of others. A must-have item for both home and travel.

Of these two treasures, one could nurture a substantial number of mounts, while the other excelled in infiltrating the shadows of others—a treasure for concealment.

They were all rare treasures.

However, what satisfied Mei Changge the most was the Vine Grassland. After all, there was only one type of soldier with a mount in the Green Lotus


The other soldiers were very envious of this.

Certainly, the Nine Howling Wolf Cavalry was a cavalry unit by nature, but who wouldn’t want to have a mount? Moreover, as a general, having a mount that reflected his status made him feel complete.

As for the other treasures in the ring, including the blueprints, there was nothing that Mei Changge valued. He threw them into the Hidden Star Pavilion. Perhaps in the future, whoever made a great contribution to the dynasty would obtain the treasures inside.

Mei Changge briefly sorted out the treasures he had obtained from the dark realm. Then, he took out the Dark Northern Manual that Wan Liutang had given him.

“The Dark North Qi is in the sea where all river converges…”

Mei Changge flipped open the Dark Northern Manual and perused the words inscribed within. His brows furrowed at times, while other moments saw him easing into a more relaxed expression.

He realized that the Dark Northern Manual was an important item for cultivation.

It could even be said that without the Dark Northern Qi, the Dark Northern Manual would be useless.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any bloodline in my body.”

Mei Changge had a helpless expression. Then, he put away the Dark Northern Manual. However, in the next moment, a voice sounded in his mind.

“Give me the Dark Northern Fruits. I have use for them!”

The voice of the second spirit body sounded in Mei Changge’s mind. Then, Mei Changge knew his plan.

“Hahaha, that’s a good idea!”

Mei Changge sensed the thoughts of the second spirit body and threw Dark Northern Manual and 10 Dark Northern Fruits to the back of the Green Cloud Palace.

“Thanks a lot.”

Mei Wuyan’s voice came from behind the hall, and then it fell silent again.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Mei Changge’s eyes were filled with anticipation. It had to be said that his second spirit body’s idea was very bold. But once he succeeded, it would be very beneficial to him as well.

“It’s time to open the other stargates, Fu Yao!”

Mei Changge looked away from the depths of the Green Cloud Palace.

“Right away, Your Majesty!”

Fu Yao’s ethereal voice sounded in the Green Cloud Palace.

“How’s the fusion between Green Cloud Palace and Green Cloud City?”

Mei Changge asked.

Green Cloud City was a Destiny City, and as the true spirit of Green Cloud City, Mei Changge had given the authority to Fu Yao.

All the rare treasures in Green Cloud City were under her jurisdiction.

However, possessing numerous treasures, he decided to let Fu Yao attempt to fuse some of them into Green Cloud City.

After trying, Fu Yao affirmed that she could do it.

In fact, after fusing, it would not impact the ability of the treasures.

When Mei Changge came across the fusion ability on his interface, he initially believed it had been acquired by Green Cloud City.

But the result was different.

The concealed function of the interface was that the two items had fused, causing a transformation in the abilities contained within.

For instance, if Mei Changge utilized the fusion ability on the interface after Green Cloud City and Green Cloud Palace merged, there would be unpredictable alterations in their abilities—some advantageous, while others not so much. With Green Cloud City taking the lead and merging with the Green Cloud Palace, they fused the two to create a distinction between the primary and secondary.

In other words, after the fusion, Green Cloud City would remain Green Cloud City, while the Green Cloud Palace would become an integral part of it.

In the future, if he were to enhance the Green Cloud Palace, he only needed to upgrade Green Cloud City.

“Your Majesty, 80% of the fusion has been completed. It will be finished shortly.”

Fu Yao’s voice was filled with joy. It should be beneficial after the fusion.

“Alright, after the Green Cloud Palace fuses, proceed to fuse with the Hidden Star Pavilion, the Moon Well, the Spirit Bone Tower, and the other treasures one after another. Fully integrate these treasures into Green Cloud City.”

Mei Changge nodded. Once the treasures were integrated into Green Cloud City, there was no need to advance them individually. Advancing Green Cloud City would suffice.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“By the way, I will open two level-two stargates outside Green Cloud City. Afterward, inform Qing Feng to send soldiers in from the Heavenly General

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“No problem, Your Majesty.”

When Fu Yao heard Mei Changge’s instructions, she contacted Qing Feng, who was still counting the number of people in the Heavenly General Tower. After Qing Feng received Fu Yao’s message, he took out a token with the word ‘General’ written on it.

“All generals in the dynasty, come to the Heavenly General Tower quickly. Your Majesty is about to open two stargates.”

A message was instantly transmitted from the Heavenly General Token..