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The Presidents from all over the world gathered in the Supreme Conference Hall!

“Everyone, this is the crucial time for the survival of humanity!”

Dent stood on the podium in the conference hall. His voice sounded solemn as if the end of the world was coming.

The escape of the mutated beasts from the three mythical-grade secret realms was no different from the arrival of the apocalypse for humans.

Every mythical-grade mutated beast was equivalent to a seventh transition expert among humans. At least hundreds of thousands of mythical-grade mutated beasts were in the three mythical-grade secret realms.

However, apart from Bai Zun, whose strength was unknown, the strongest player among humans was only at the early stage of his sixth transition.

There was a huge gap between humans and mythical-grade mutated beasts!

Even though Dent wanted to gather all the power of the human race to resist the mythical-grade mutated beasts…

Only ten or fewer experts, including Bai Zun, were in their sixth transition or higher.

One had to know that a player’s strength would soar every time they transitioned.

A sixth transition player might be able to defeat dozens of fifth transition players.

Therefore, it was obvious that the disparity in strength between humans and mythical-grade mutated beasts was to the point of despair.

“Everything is over. We are doomed…” The Kimchi Nation’s President held his head and had a mental breakdown.

“Sigh, is our human race going to be destroyed?” The East Sea’s President no longer had his previous arrogance.

Some small countries’ Presidents cried in despair, “It’s hopeless. The human race is doomed…”

There was no solution to the predicament!

Even if they all knew that Bai Zun had once conquered a mythical-grade secret realm, the combined number of mythical-grade mutated beasts in the three mythical-grade secret realms could reach a terrifying level of hundreds of thousands or even millions. No one dared say that Bai Zun could withstand them alone.

For a moment, the Supreme Conference Hall was filled with despair and fear.


The projection screen behind the conference table suddenly flashed.

Afterward, a video call interface appeared.


Nearly everyone looked at the projection screen when a coughing sound suddenly appeared.

“I am the patriarch of the Dragon Turtle Race, the Dragon Turtle King.”

On the projection, the Dragon Turtle King’s huge figure was staring at everyone in the conference hall. “On behalf of the Dragon Turtle Race, the Hellhound Race, and the Blood Spider Race, I officially issue a punitive order against the Human Race’s Lord of the Sword!”

“Two days later, the three mythical-grade mutated beasts will attack the Nightmare Guild!”

“The Human Race’s Lord of the Sword! Prepare to die!”

Afterward, the video call was cut off.

After a brief silence, the conference room erupted with voices.

“What?! How can this mythical-grade mutated beast speak?!”

“Is this the main point? The main point is that the Dragon Turtle King just declared that it intends to attack the Lord of the Sword!”

“Lord of the Sword? Is it the powerful Lord of the Sword of the Dragon Country? I heard that the Lord of the Sword had just broken through a mythical-grade secret realm.”

“It’s scary! It’s truly a terrifying thing! Three ‘bosses’ wanted to attack the Lord of the Sword!”

“What should we do next? Should we support the Nightmare Guild?”

“Support for what? The mutated beasts won’t attack our country. Why should we care if the Lord of the Sword lives or dies?”

“Stop bullshitting here. Currently, the strongest among humans is the Lord of the Sword. If he dies, our human race will no longer have any combat strength in front of these top-notch mutated beasts!”

“Our country is too weak. We can’t help him… Sigh.”

The small countries were in an uproar.

The major nations—primarily the Lighthouse Country—kept quiet.

Suddenly, Dent asked the President of the Romance Country.

“It should be the case.” The President of the Romance Country nodded uncertainly.

Dent said, “Then… Are we safe?” Meanwhile, he glanced at Long Zhan.

The President of the Romance Country repeated, “We are safe.” However, compared to Dent, his tone was more relaxed.

He seemed to be relieved.

The presidents of the few big countries looked at Long Zhan, trying to find some hints in his face.

However, Long Zhan was expressionless and didn’t say a word.

Immediately after, Long Zhan stood up and left.

The Dragon Turtle King had mentioned that it wanted to crusade against the Dragon Country’s Lord of the Sword. Long Zhan’s every move was also particularly eye-catching.

Long Zhan’s back attracted the attention of everyone in the conference hall.

Until Long Zhan disappeared.

“Fortunately, the Dragon Turtle King would only attack the Lord of the Sword.” After Long Zhan left, the President of the Romance Country showed a glad and gloating expression.

“Hahaha! Let’s wait for the show!” The President of the East Sea laughed.

Dent thought, “It doesn’t seem bad if the Lord of the Sword dies.”

Dent had long wanted to kill Bai Zun.

Dent could use the Dragon Turtle King to eliminate Bai Zun this time.

Dent wasn’t too worried about how to deal with the mythical-grade mutated beasts after Bai Zun’s death.

It was because…

The mysterious Sea Clan was reviving in the Great South Sea.

The satellites of the Lighthouse Country detected that it seemed to be a long-dormant marine civilization inhabited by the powerful Sea Clan.

At that time, as long as the Lighthouse Country signed an alliance with the Sea Clan with generous conditions, the mythical-grade mutated beasts shouldn’t be able to cause any disaster to the Lighthouse Country.

As for the other countries…

Dent thought, “If they are destroyed, so be it. What does it have to do with me?”

The more Dent thought about it, the more the smile on his face grew.

In just a few hours, the matter of the Dragon Turtle King and the other three great mutated beast “bosses” mentioned that they wanted to fight against the Lord of the Sword had caused the Internet to be in an uproar.

Almost every netizen was discussing the matter.

[The Hot-Kid Milk is good to drink: The Lord of the Sword… Was he the one who killed the leader of the Dragon Country’s Player’s Alliance with two attacks?]

[Oh! My baby: That’s him. However, how did the Lord of the Sword provoke the mythical-grade mutated beast “boss?” Moreover, he provoked three of them at once. I feel that they are powerful just by hearing their names. Could the Lord of the Sword defeat them?]

[Music brings me flying: It’s a mystery. Think about it. The mythical-grade mutated beasts are usually between level 210 and level 240. They are equivalent to human’s seventh transition players. It’s the seventh transition! Does our human race have seventh transition players? There might not be a sixth transition player!]

[Lime-flavored: The previous commenter must be ignorant. The Lighthouse Country’s Superpower Alliance’s leader is a sixth transition player, and the East Sea’s Special Operation Team’s leader is also a sixth transition player. As for Bai Zun, people said that he is also a sixth transition player? He is probably a seventh transition player!]

[Happy everyday: Oh my goodness! The Nightmare Guild is doomed this time! Even if Bai Zun is a seventh transition player, he is the only seventh transition player! There were so many mythical-grade mutated beasts, and the weakest is equivalent to our seventh transition player! Not to mention the mythical-grade mutated beast “boss”!]

[Flechazo: With the death of the Lord of the Sword, the Dragon Country will also be doomed. At that time, our Lighthouse Country will be invincible!]

[Ustinian: Oh my goodness! The Lord of the Sword is targeted by three mythical-grade mutated beast “bosses!” The Lord of the Sword will be dead meat!]

[Windy: Great! In two days, the Lord of the Sword will die. Our East Sea Empire is willing to accept beautiful young women from the Dragon Country!]

[The corner flower: Haha! Everyone, don’t fight! Everyone can get a share!]


Other than the netizens in Dragon Country discussing the matter, netizens from other countries discussed it on the Internet.

However, many people were smug and unconcerned about the situation. Some were gloating over Bai Zun’s misfortune.

The matter of the mutated beast “boss,” Dragon Turtle King, wanting to attack Bai Zun was still spreading, and its influence was growing.