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The matter of Bai Zun barging into the mythical-grade secret realm had caused the Lighthouse Country to panic. The Lighthouse Country contacted various countries and called for a supreme meeting.

The Dragon Country, the East Sea, the Spice Country, and the Romance Country…

Representatives of many countries attended the meeting.

They gathered in the Supreme Conference Hall.

“What’s going on?!” The representative of the Spice Country was at a loss, but his nerves were tense.

The representative of the Kimchi Nation kept sighing, “Damn it! What the hell is going on?!”

The East Sea’s representative said arrogantly, “Hey! You guys need our East Sea Empire to save the world!”

On the other hand, the representative of the Dragon Country was sitting quietly. Although nobody could tell how he felt, he looked a little nervous.

The representatives of the other countries were either stunned, panicked, or helpless.

After a while, Dent, the President of the Lighthouse Country, came to the stage.

Dent was the one who held the meeting. When he appeared, the conference hall instantly fell silent.

Everyone was looking at Dent.

At the same time, Dent clapped his hands.

Behind him, a huge projection screen opened, and a projection immediately appeared.

On the projection screen was a projection of the entrance to the Sirius Wolf Secret Realm, which is situated on Mount Heaven-Returning.

Dent turned to look at the screen. Afterward, he stood solemnly in front of the conference table.

“Everyone, we are about to face the darkest moment of human society!”

Dent began his speech. The expressions of the representatives of the various countries were uncertain and gradually worsened.


In the Sirius Wolf Secret Realm.

Bai Zun was holding the Immortal-slaying Sword and continuously using the Sky Soaring Sword Technique. Together with the Sky Soaring Domain, he was fighting against hundreds of mythical-grade Sirius Wolves.


Bai Zun kept swinging his Immortal-slaying Sword, and it even split the void. However, none of the Sirius Wolves in front of him died.

On the other hand, Bai Zun was forced to retreat by the hundreds of Sirius Wolves.

It was only a few hundred Sirius Wolves. Bai Zun was only at the periphery of the secret realm.

If Bai Zun went to the inner regions, there might be thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Sirius Wolves.

Bai Zun instantly felt immense pressure.


Even though it was hard to kill the Sirius Wolves, they would reward rich experience points.

After killing a dozen Sirius Wolves, Bai Zun’s experience points increased visibly.

Bai Zun didn’t retreat any further. His eyes turned cold, and his body came to a halt like a sword stuck on the ground.

When Bai Zun faced the approaching Sirius Wolves, he raised his sword and condensed the figure of a blood-red sword.

The Crimson Level skill, the Sky Soaring Judgment!

The huge sword phantom descended, and the mythical-grade Sirius Wolves mutated beasts were slashed into a bloody mist!


The aftershock of the great sword phantom even shook the entire Sirius Wolf Secret Realm!

For a moment, Bai Zun could hear the sound of footsteps. He looked over and saw countless of them, like an endless number of Sirius Wolves!

At a glance, Bai Zun couldn’t see to the end!

However, Bai Zun snorted coldly and stared at the Sirius Wolves in front of him.


Bai Zun slowly rose into the air.

The Immortal-slaying Sword in Bai Zun’s hand floated in front of him, and a blood-red light suddenly appeared, as if it wanted to split the world.


With a buzz, the blood-red light surged like a tide and gathered on the Immortal-slaying Sword!

It was blood-light.

A monstrous bloody light!

The pack of Sirius Wolves stopped in their tracks and looked up!


The blood light was still changing.

Slowly, the blood light went from deep to light and was divided into nine layers.

The blood color on the top layer was so thick that it seemed like it was about to overflow. The blood color on the bottom layer was faint like red water flowing.

On the other hand, Bai Zun looked indifferent when he stood behind the nine layers of light that were slowly formed by the blood-red light.

Following that…

Bai Zun used the Immortal-slaying Sword as the core and formed the “nine layers of hell” with the thick blood light.

The power! The ferocity!

Most of the Sirius Wolves couldn’t help but tremble just looking at it!

After the “nine layers of hell” were completed, Bai Zun was like a god who looked down on the world. After he slightly moved his finger, the “nine layers of hell” descended!

The Crimson Level skill, the Nine-Layer Hell!


The “nine layers of hell” expanded rapidly. It expanded to the point where it trapped all the Sirius Wolves in sight!

Afterward, it shrank rapidly!

The bloody light was like a knife. It shrank as it reaped the lives of the Sirius Wolves.

For a moment, the Sirius Wolves howled in pain.

The place was like hell on earth. Crying, blood, and tears were everywhere, and corpses were also everywhere!

On the other hand, Bai Zun was like a grim reaper from the abyss. His expression was gloomy and calm as he stood in the air, watching large groups of Sirius Wolves being stripped of their lives.

Bai Zun’s experience points were also increasing rapidly.

The “nine layers of hell” gradually shrank to nothing. Corpses were everywhere in front of Bai Zun.

The Sirius Wolves…

They were all dead!

Just like that, Bai Zun stepped on the corpses and walked step by step into the depths of the forest.

On the other side.

Outside the Sirius Wolf Secret Realm.

In the Supreme Conference Hall, Dent was finishing the speech.

The general content of Dent’s speech was nothing more than to gather the power of the entire world to suppress the Sirius Wolf’s Secret Realm and prevent mythical-grade mutated beasts from escaping and harming the world.

After listening to Dent’s impassioned speech and realizing the reality, the representatives of many countries attached great importance to the issue and even agreed with Dent’s idea.


Just as the conclusion was about to be reached, a shocking scene appeared on the projection screen in front of the conference hall.

A figure flashed and escaped from the gate to the Sirius Wolf’s Secret Realm on Mount Heaven-Returning.

“Darn it! Look!” The representative of the Kimchi Nation slammed the table and stood up. His eyes widened in disbelief.

“What is that?” The East Sea’s representative also stood up. He was also shocked.

Other than them, many other representatives of different countries also noticed the figure that flashed across the projection screen.

Dent, who had just finished his speech, also looked at the projection in a daze.

Dent immediately ordered, “Replay! Replay!”

The subordinate nodded and immediately did as he was told.

At this moment, the conference hall was a mess. All the representatives of different countries were anxiously waiting for the projection to replay.

Ten seconds later…

The scene on the projection screen began to replay.

Everyone, including Dent, stared at the playback.

The scene gradually stopped at the moment when the figure left the secret realm.


Even though the resolution of the satellite camera was very high, the figure fixed on the screen was very blurry. It was impossible to recognize who it was.

“Who is this?!” Dent glared.

“The person came out alive?” The East Sea’s representative was shocked.

One had to know that it was a mythical-grade secret realm!

It included level 210 to level 240 mutated beasts!

What did level 200 mean?

Level 200 meant that a mythical-grade monster could destroy the East Sea!

The East Sea’s representative was terrified!

The representative of the Kimchi Nation swallowed his saliva again and again. He carefully and seriously stared at the image on the projection, trying to analyze who the blurry figure was.

The representatives of the other countries were either shocked or terrified.

Only the representative of the Dragon Country sat in his seat and looked thoughtfully at the blurry figure on the screen.

“Everyone, don’t be anxious! We can’t be sure that that person has conquered the mythical-grade secret realm!”

Dent steadied the situation in time and suppressed the noise. “Listen to me! It was very likely that that person had been forced out of the secret realm by the mythical-grade mutated beasts! Therefore, we are still facing the risk of being trampled by the mythical-grade mutated beasts!”

The representative of the Kimchi Nation suggested, “Darn it! Hurry up and send a drone to take a look!”

Dent nodded and ordered his subordinates when everyone was looking at him.

Afterward, the subordinate relayed Dent’s order to deploy the army at the foot of Mount Heaven-Returning.

In less than five minutes, a drone appeared on the screen of the satellite projection.

Everyone stared at the drone at the same time.

The drone slowly approached the mythical-grade secret realm.

It was almost there.

The representatives also tensed up and became nervous.


Just as the drone was dozens of meters away from the secret realm, the mythical-grade secret realm’s door suddenly lost its light and shattered like a shattered stone.

The entire conference hall fell silent for half a minute.

The mythical-grade secret realm…

It… It was shattered…

Since it was shattered, it meant…

It meant that someone had conquered the mythical-grade secret realm!

The blurry figure that only the satellite could capture had conquered a mythical-grade secret realm!

Half a minute later, everyone was speaking in the Supreme Conference Hall.

The representatives of the various countries contacted their higher-ups and prepared to leave.

Dent hadn’t recovered from his shock. He kept shaking his head and repeated, “How is that possible?”

However, the representative of the Dragon Country had secretly left.