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The chime of the sword shook the heavens and earth, and its phantom shook the universe!

A huge sword phantom that was flashing with golden light descended from the sky and split the barren mountain in half!


That wasn’t all!

The huge sword phantom slowly dissipated, but the golden light was still there.

The golden light glowed around the barren mountain. Meanwhile, there was a mighty force that seemed to be able to twist space. Afterward, it shattered the barren mountain!


With a loud bang, the barren mountain collapsed on the spot!

Within a hundred miles, it was all flat ground!

Bai Zun stood in the air and looked at the dust cloud that had suddenly dispersed, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

However, in the next second, Bai Zun frowned and looked at the distance.


Li Chang and Wang Meng were here because Zuo Yan ordered them to investigate the UFO. At this moment, they were stunned on the spot.

Previously, they were talking nonsense. In the next moment, the sky seemed to have a crack, and a monstrous golden sword descended. The scene had frightened them.

The mountain immediately exploded after the giant golden sword split open the barren mountain.

Li Chang and Wang Meng were dumbfounded.

They gulped in unison. When they looked at each other, they could see the panic in each other’s eyes.

They thought of the same thing as if they had a tacit understanding.

They thought, “Run!”

When Li Chang and Wang Meng reacted, they used all their strength to escape.

Since they were only two weaklings who were in their third transition, Bai Zun thought they weren’t worth his attention.

Bai Zun only glanced at them before looking away.

Afterward, Bai Zun used the Crimson Level skill, the Sky Soaring Sword Technique, to quickly clear the dust and fog that had been created by the collapse of the barren mountain. Following that, Bai Zun willed and placed the Storm City.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Storm City slowly turned from a phantom into a corporeal form. The sound was as loud as a volcanic eruption.

Bai Zun quietly hovered in the air, watching the Storm City slowly emerge.

On the other hand, Li Chang and Wang Meng didn’t run too far away. The commotion in Storm City soon caught their attention.

“This! This!”

From afar, Li Chang was shocked to see the huge and domineering city that was accompanied by a storm.

Wang Meng was also shocked and speechless.

“What’s this?!”

The two of them spoke in unison, their voices filled with shock.

“We must report the matter right now!”

When Li Chang saw the Storm City gradually become corporeal, he hurriedly picked up his phone and called the chief of Autumn-Water City’s Player’s Management Office—Zuo Yan.

Wang Meng stared at the Storm City shockingly.

In front of the Storm City, Bai Zun slowly descended and arrived in the city.

Bai Zun didn’t land on the ground but floated in the air, observing the city.

Storms surrounded the city walls, streets, houses, halls, and defensive measures…

Bai Zun couldn’t help but be shocked just by looking at it.

Before this, Bai Zun had only seen the Storm City in the game, and he had only felt that the model was more detailed. However, when the Storm City descended into reality, he truly felt how majestic the mythical-grade guild was.

With such a city, why would they fear the mutated beast tides and alien invasions?!

Bai Zun was full of pride.

After walking around the Storm City, Bai Zun soared into the sky. With a wave of his hand, a defensive barrier rose in the Storm City. It was a chaotic storm that was as sharp as a knife.

Afterward, Bai Zun followed the path he came from and stepped on the Immortal-slaying Sword to fly back to the villa.

At the same time.

In the Autumn-Water City’s Player’s Management Office, the chief’s office…

Zuo Yan was dumbfounded when he received Li Chang’s call and the live video from Li Chang.

Meanwhile, he thought, “This…”

“What the fuck is this?!”

Zuo Yan rubbed his eyes and almost stuck his head into the screen.

Such a tall city wall, such a violent storm, such a…

The Storm City was simply a miracle!

Zuo Yan anxiously asked Li Chang, “Do you mean… Do you mean the Storm City wasn’t there when you two arrived? Are you telling me that it just suddenly appeared?”


Li Chang was silent for two seconds and then nodded. “The hundred-mile barren mountain was destroyed by a giant golden sword. After that, this city appeared.”

“I suspect that all of this was done by the UFO you asked us to investigate.”


Zuo Yan’s screen was still playing the Storm City’s image. The shock in his eyes didn’t diminish as he swallowed his saliva.

“Come back! You guys come back first!”

Zuo Yan spoke incoherently.

Zuo Yan quickly said it and hung up the phone. Afterward, he hurriedly called for an emergency meeting.

The mysterious city was right in the middle of Autumn-Water City. Nobody knew whether it was beneficial to the city. The threat was so great that Zuo Yan didn’t know what to do for a moment.

The Player’s Management Office was panicking because Bai Zun had brought down Storm City. On the other hand, Bai Zun quickly returned to the villa after locating Storm City.

However, when Bai Zun returned to the villa, he saw an old man standing outside the villa with a few middle-aged men.

One of the middle-aged men seemed to be Wang Yi, who had come to visit yesterday?

Without thinking much, Bai Zun descended from the sky.

Bai Zun’s actions immediately attracted the attention of the old man and a few middle-aged men.

“The big shot! The Lord of the Sword!”

When Wang Yi saw Bai Zun, he greeted him with a smile.

The other middle-aged men also turned around.

However, the old man looked at Bai Zun coldly.

“We just came looking for you…”

Wang Yi came to Bai Zun’s side and lowered his posture. He smiled apologetically and introduced the old man in front of him, saying, “This is the head of the Player’s Alliance Creation Office, Elder Lin. We are here to discuss the matter of you being the leader of the Player’s Alliance…”

“Didn’t I say it before?” Bai Zun frowned and looked at Wang Yi, who was smiling apologetically. Afterward, he turned to look at the old man, whose eyes were filled with coldness.

The old man clasped his hands behind his back and raised his head slightly. His expression was very cold, and he had a superior posture.

His stance made Bai Zun unhappy.

“Maybe you’ll have a different idea if you talk to Elder Lin?” Wang Yi smiled sincerely.

Bai Zun didn’t say anything, nor did he do anything. He just frowned and looked at Elder Lin, who was standing at the door.

Elder Lin took two steps forward with his hands behind his back, his expression becoming more and more arrogant.

He stopped when he was three steps away from Bai Zun. He raised his head and looked down at Bai Zun.

“I’m the head of the Official Player’s Alliance Creation Office. I’m here to invite you to be the leader of the Player’s Alliance.”

Elder Lin’s expression was cold, and he didn’t seem afraid of Bai Zun’s cold gaze. He said, “I heard that you rejected my subordinate?”

“So what?” Bai Zun sneered.

Bai Zun wanted to see what Elder Lin’s intentions were.

“I won’t blame you for being young and impetuous.”

Elder Lin curled his wrinkled lips, looking like an immoral senior lecturing a junior. He said, “I’ll give you another chance now. As long as you agree to be the leader of the Player’s Alliance, I’ll forget about the previous rejection and not pursue it. How about it?”

The few middle-aged men behind him were all players, which gave Elder Lin confidence. He looked at Bai Zun with confidence after he finished his words.

However, Bai Zun’s eyes were filled with coldness.

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet and subtle when Elder Lin finished his sentence.

Wang Yi and the other middle-aged men stood behind Elder Lin, not daring to breathe loudly.

“So, I must agree?” Bai Zun sneered.

“I’m improving your reputation by asking you to become the leader of the Player’s Alliance. You have to accept it even if you’re unwilling to!” Perhaps Elder Lin was annoyed. As his tone became serious, he even threatened Bai Zun.

The sneer on Bai Zun’s face grew even more intense.

Wang Yi and the middle-aged men didn’t even dare to look up.

As for Elder Lin, he still maintained the contempt of those in high positions.

The atmosphere fell silent again.


In the next second…

A destructive power descended and landed on the fearless and ignorant Elder Lin.