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“I finally reached level 120.”

Bai Zun looked at the attribute panel and smiled knowingly.

After a night of hard work, Bai Zun could finally start his fourth transition.

At the same time, the transition materials required for the fourth transition appeared on the attribute panel:

[Class advancement materials required for the fourth transition: The bones and skin of a thousand-year green python, the blood essence of a desert rat, and three drops of the flower juice of a “ghost hand flower.”]

The required materials for the transition weren’t much. It only needed six materials.


Aside from the “bones and skin of a thousand-year green python,” Bai Zun had all the other materials in his storage bag. He had obtained them by clearing the secret realms over the past few days.

“I’ll consider about it tomorrow.”

Without dragging his tired body, Bai Zun took a few deep breaths and urged his strength. He quickly rushed back to the villa.

At this time, Ye Shuishui had just taken a shower and was eating fruit on the sofa in the living room with a towel wrapped around her.


Hearing the sound of the door lock being opened, Ye Shuishui was startled at first, but then she stopped chewing and looked at the door. Her eyes met with Bai Zun’s, who had pushed the door open and walked in.

Their eyes met, and the living room was silent for a few seconds.

Ye Shuishui blushed and her ears turned red.

Afterward, Ye Shuishui quickly put down the pear in her hand, held the collar of the towel, and walked towards the guest room.

Bai Zun only glanced at Ye Shuishui but didn’t look at her for long. He didn’t have any other thoughts.

After Ye Shuishui left, Bai Zun picked up the apple on the fruit tray on the coffee table and took two bites. He stretched his muscles and bones on the spot and went back to his bedroom to sleep.

The next morning.

Bai Zun and Ye Shuishui woke up early and ate breakfast together at the dining table.

While eating breakfast, Ye Shuishui’s expression was still a little unnatural.

Bai Zun’s expression was indifferent, as usual.

“Boss, what are we doing today?” Ye Shuishui coughed and broke the silence.

Bai Zun replied indifferently, “Go to a faraway place to clear the secret realm dungeons.”

The material required for the fourth transition, the “bones, and skin of a thousand-year green python,” was a material that could only be obtained in a platinum-grade secret realm. They had already investigated the surroundings of Autumn-Water City, and at most, there were only gold-grade secret realms.

“Oh.” Ye Shuishui nodded.

The atmosphere turned silent.

After a while, the two of them filled their stomachs and left the villa.

When they were about to leave the Autumn-Water City, Bai Zun noticed that walls were being built. From the looks of it, they were going to seal off the entire city.

In Bai Zun’s previous life, regardless of whether it was Autumn-Water City or the various large cities of the Dragon Country, city walls were slowly built, turning “cities” into “cities with city walls.”

After the city walls were completed, Autumn-Water City completed its transformation into another form.

Bai Zun and Ye Shuishui quickly left the city.

Bai Zun didn’t stop as he passed by the entrances of many secret realms.

Ten minutes later, Bai Zun found the first platinum-grade secret realm’s gate that was shining with platinum light.

Bai Zun didn’t hesitate and rushed inside with Ye Shuishui.

Bai Zun appeared on an isolated island.

The island was surrounded by the sea, and in the middle of the island was a dense rainforest.

The rainforest was huge, so big that one couldn’t see everything at a glance.

In front of Bai Zun was a dense pile of fist-sized blue ants.

Bai Zun knew that these were “Rainforest Ants.” They were generally between level 90 and level 100, and their individual attack power was relatively weak. Their defense was also relatively weak. The only advantage was that they were more than enough.

Looking around, there were at least 100,000 Rainforest Ants more than ten meters away from Bai Zun!

However, it was only the situation at the periphery of the rainforest!

The number of Rainforest Ants in the inner region was even more terrifying!

However, Bai Zun wasn’t going to make a move.

Bai Zun had reached level 120, which was also the limit of the third transition. When he successfully reached the fourth transition, he could continue to gain experience points and increase his level.

Bai Zun didn’t want to waste the batch of experience points, so he called out to Ye Shuishui, “I’ll leave these Rainforest Ants to you! I’ll support you!”

As soon as Bai Zun finished speaking, he rushed out before Ye Shuishui could react.

Ye Shuishui quickly summoned her gold-grade weapon, the “Poisonous Handgun.”


Ye Shuishui released her Purple Level skill, the Bizarre Bullet Suppression!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

In Ye Shuishui’s hands, the “Poisonous Handgun” became a Gatling gun. Energy gathered, and bullets shot one after another as if they were endless.

Under the suppression of the powerful firepower, the periphery of the rainforest’s Rainforest Ants were all cleared out in a short while.

Bai Zun also brought Ye Shuishui into the inner regions.

Sure enough, as Bai Zun had expected, the number of Rainforest Ants in the inner regions was even more terrifying.

With just a glance, there were millions of them!

Following the same method, Ye Shuishui then released the “Bizarre Bullet Suppression” skill.

It took longer than the time spent on the periphery, but fortunately, they had cleared out all the Rainforest Ants.

As they continued to venture deeper, the number of Rainforest Ants increased.

Ye Shuishui only needed to turn her head slightly to see countless Rainforest Ant corpses lying on the ground.

Finally, they arrived at the nest of the secret realm’s “boss,” the “Rainforest Ant Queen.”

After killing so many Rainforest Ants, Ye Shuishui had barely reached Level 112. Facing the Level 120 mutated beast “boss” in the platinum-grade secret realm, she subconsciously felt a little afraid.

However, Bai Zun had already raised his sword.

The Five Elements Domain, the Five Elements Sword Technique, and the Five Elements Crime…

Under the bombardment of Obsidian Level and Crimson Level skills, the Rainforest Ant Queen couldn’t last 30 seconds before Bai Zun chopped off its head. Afterward, it was dead.

After picking up the equipment and items obtained from the death of the Rainforest Ant Queen, Bai Zun left without looking back and signaled Ye Shuishui to follow him.

They spent the rest of the time grinding in secret realms.

Bai Zun stopped in front of the door of a secret realm that flashed with dazzling white light.

“Is… Is this a diamond-grade secret realm?” Ye Shuishui recognized the grade of the secret realm gate at a glance.

Bai Zun didn’t say anything. He just frowned and stared at a corner of the diamond-grade secret realm’s door.

There was an obvious crack in that corner.

However, it was the only crack.

The mutated beasts in the diamond-grade secret realm were generally between level 120 and level 150. Any random monster would be higher level than Bai Zun, let alone the level 150 “boss” in the secret realm.

With Bai Zun’s current strength, if he tried to force his way in, he might succeed, but there was also the risk of failing and dying in the secret realm.

Bai Zun felt he had better wait until he was in his fourth transition.

Bai Zun shook his head and left with Ye Shuishui to continue to search for the platinum-grade secret realms that could provide him with the “bones and skin of a thousand-year green python.”


Soon after they left, another corner of the diamond-grade secret realm’s gate began to shatter.

However, only a few stones were broken. It wasn’t a big deal.

As the Player’s Management Office of Autumn-Water City recruited more players, the great benefits attracted almost 40% of the players in the city.

It was also because of the increasing number of official players that the chaos in Autumn-Water City was slowly curbed.

In the Player’s Management Office, Chief Zuo Yan was drinking tea in his office.

Before Zuo Yan could take a sip of the freshly brewed flower tea, he was interrupted by his subordinate, who didn’t even knock on the door and had a hurried expression.

“Chief! Chief!”

“What’s the matter?”

Zuo Yan swept his gaze over the table coldly and put down the teacup.

“Here’s the situation…”

The subordinate’s expression was pale as he moved closer.

“You said that there’s a diamond-grade secret realm ten kilometers away from Autumn-Water City?” Zuo Yan’s face turned pale.