Chapter 40 - Father's Treasure

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She pushed open the door to the villa and was greeted by Qin Yajuan. Her good mood from her time with Xi Ce instantly plummeted.

“Young Master Xi.” Qin Yajuan greeted him gently before looking at Qin Pan. “Cousin, why did you come back with Young Master Xi? When did you two become so close?”

“Who are you? Do I have to tell you everything? Do I have to report to you who I’m close to?” Qin Pan’s face was cold as she directly went over.

When Qin Yajuan saw Xi Ce, she immediately looked at him with tears in her eyes. “I’m just concerned about you. Cousin, what are you saying? How could you misunderstand me? Young Master Xi, look at Cousin…”

“I’m leaving.” Xi Ce didn’t even look at Qin Yajuan. He looked at Qin Pan and said goodbye, “Rest early.”

“Alright, thank you for sending me back.” Qin Pan smiled as she watched Xi Ce leave.

“Cousin, I…”

Qin Pan turned around, pushed away the person in front of her and walked in directly. She couldn’t be bothered to watch her act. It was really enough. It was always that move. Why was she even crying?

Did she think that all the men in the world would coax her whenever they saw her cry? She must be dreaming.

“Miss, you’re back.” When the butler saw Qin Pan return, he walked over with the things in his hands. “Old Master sent news today. He said that he won a battle at the front line and asked someone to bring back the spoils of war for Miss. This is for Miss. Old Master even brought Madam a fox fur coat. I’ve placed it in my room.”

“Father sent news?” Qin Pan was extremely happy. “It’s good that he won the war. It’s good that Father is fine.”

Qin Pan was really happy when she heard the news about her father. She didn’t ask for much from her father as long as he was safe and sound.

However, in her previous life, her father was killed by a traitor. Hence, she didn’t know if her father was truly safe now. Qin Pan was very worried.

“Miss, aren’t you going to open it and take a look?” The butler didn’t know that Qin Pan was worried. He only thought that she should be happy since Old Master had sent the news. Hence, he couldn’t help but say more.

Qin Pan nodded. Although she knew what was in the box, she still opened it.

Just like in her previous life, the box contained a set of exquisite jewelry. This set of jewelry was priceless. Her father had finally obtained it after much difficulty, but he had immediately sent it back to her.

His father said that he wanted to give it to his precious little princess.

However, Qin Pan didn’t know about this in her previous life. Although she was happy to see her father’s gift, she had thrown a tantrum back then. She wanted to see her father, not these gifts. At that time, she couldn’t understand her father.

Now, she understood that her father was protecting the country. He had a responsibility on his shoulders and abandoned the small family to protect everyone. Qin Pan was proud of her father.

As long as he thought of his father, Qin Pan’s interest in jewelry would not be as great. He then instructed the butler, “Put the things away.”

“Yes, Miss.” The butler took his things and left.

Qin Yajuan was jealous as she watched from the side. She was so envious that she almost died. She had never had these things since she was young. She wanted to have one even in her dreams.

Why did Qin Pan not do anything and still get all the good stuff? Meanwhile, she tried so hard but there was nothing.

Qin Yajuan thought about how Qin Pan would be able to enjoy wealth and glory and receive anything she wanted the moment she asked for it. Yet, she could only dream about such a good life. She was so jealous that she was about to go crazy.

What she didn’t know was that although Qin Pan was worried about her father, her expression was still seen and Qin Pan was able to detect Qin Yajuan’s jealousy.

Not only that, Qin Pan recalled what happened in her previous life and had suddenly remembered a small habit of Qin Yajuan. That was why she instructed the butler to take the things down.

Qin Pan had already turned off the lights in the room. When she heard the commotion outside, she opened the door and walked out.

Her goal was very clear—the dressing room. All her jewelry and other valuable items were placed in this room.

She pushed open the door gently and saw Qin Yajuan in the room. She was wearing the jewelry that her father had sent back.

“Who’s there?” Qin Pan turned on the lights and shouted, “Someone come, catch the thief, someone come quickly!”

Qin Yajuan turned around in fear when she heard the voice. She saw Qin Pan standing at the door, looking straight at her and shouting in fear.

She clearly came to the dressing room while Qin Pan was asleep and put all the jewelry on her just to secretly enjoy it.

Why was Qin Pan here?