Chapter 249 - Chapter 249: Soul Self

Chapter 249: Soul Self-Detonation, Eternally Buried Demon King’s Palace!

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“I’ll unleash my full strength now.”

The elegant young man was reprimanded by Chen Kun before he came to a realization.

The current crisis situation was no longer something he could control.

He suddenly released the powerful soul power he had and attacked the guy in front of him.

As expected, facing the direct attack of the two sides at the soul level, the Demon King-level expert opposite him was also shocked.

He knew that it was definitely difficult for him to resist an attack of this level.

After all, he was already pulled into the Dreamscape.

Many powers were greatly restricted.

The only possibility now was to leave this Dreamscape first before making plans.

He did not dare to fight at all and immediately retreated.

“You want to leave now? It’s too late!”

When Chen Kun saw this Demon King-level expert immediately want to escape without thinking, he knew that this expert was at his wits’ end.

Even if the other party was a hell demon king-level expert,

he couldn’t compete with the ultimate Nightmare that Chen Kun was using when he only had his soul power left.

After all, if he did not leave his body and fought with the power of a Demon King,

he might even have the strength to fight them.

However, his remaining strength was no longer enough to support a confrontation with him.

Chen Kun immediately waved the powerful Dream Power around him.

An endless stream of chains of fear was released.

Those powerful chains instantly trapped the Demon King!

He immediately struggled to break free from these chains of fear.

“What? This guy actually…”

The Demon King expert immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation and let out a series of angry wails.

However, it was still useless.

These chains of fear were too strong.

With his current soul strength, he could not break free at all.

Chen Kun released an endless stream of powerful impact power to damage his main body.

For a moment, the soul of a Demon King-level expert instantly began to split into pieces.

Even the shape of his soul’s main body began to be difficult to maintain.

At this critical moment, the elegant young man delivered a critical blow.

With his powerful soul power, it bombarded his body.

Shockingly, the soul power in the Demon King’s body began to shatter greatly.

Endless soul power seeped out, but it was absorbed by Chen Kun.

“No, I definitely can’t let you two young juniors completely absorb my power.”

He felt the power in his body rapidly flowing away.

If he continued to stay in the land in the dream world created by Chen Kun,

he would be completely absorbed by Chen Kun sooner or later.

Instead of dying in grief and indignation.

it was better to detonate his soul and perish together with Chen Kun.

At the thought of this, the Demon King-level expert did not hesitate at all.

His soul body began to swell instantly.

After all, as a Demon King-level expert, he also had his own dignity.

He definitely did not want to die so miserably.

Seeing that this guy was really going to self-destruct at all costs,

Chen Kun’s eyes widened.

After all, this guy was indeed extraordinary.

Even if Chen Kun was confident that he could slowly exhaust him to death,

if the other party was determined to self-destruct,

Chen Kun indeed did not have any additional methods to stop him.

“Damn it, retreat!”

The next moment, Chen Kun immediately ended the Ultimate Nightmare’s Descent.

In an instant, everyone returned to the real world.

Without thinking, Chen Kun pulled the elegant young man and immediately wanted to retreat.

Hence, when he looked back.

They even saw the Demon King’s body and soul split into two.

They stood in front of the huge throne.

Chen Kun’s eyes widened when he saw this.

He realized that the situation was not good.

When the Demon King-level powerhouse saw the threat of his death finally forced Chen Kun to remove the restrictions of the Dreamscape and return to the real world,

he naturally wanted to enter his body again.

In that case, he could still keep his body.

He would wait here for the person who would revive him in the future.

However, Chen Kun would not give him such time.

He immediately released the Fear Chain again and locked the Demon King’s body.

Then, he used the consecutive methods of spatial jump.

Chen Kun pulled his body into its storage space.

“No, you abominable fellow, you can’t do this!”

Seeing this, the trace of hope that the Demon King-level expert had just had was instantly extinguished by Chen Kun.

He let out a series of painful roars.

Blood had already begun to flow out of his eyes when he looked at Chen Kun.

After losing his physical body, he no longer had the ability to revive.

His fate of death was already decided.

Therefore, the expanding soul power began to be released again.

In his shock, the dilapidated soul tide swept out in all directions.

The power of taboo surged out.

Clearly, the self-destruction of a Fiendcelestial powerhouse’s soul was unbelievable.

The incomparably terrifying power it caused was not something guys like them could withstand at all.

Even if Chen Kun had the power of the Nightmare Template, he could not resist this soul power.


At this moment, Chen Kun and the elegant young man only had this thought in their minds.

That was to escape from this dangerous place immediately.

There were even many sub-divine artifacts placed at the entrance of the Demon King Palace.

They were not in the mood to take them away.

When they flew out of this underground cave, only then did the huge soul behind them explode and roar towards the surroundings.

Under the huge energy fluctuation, the entire underground Ancient Demon Race palace was instantly destroyed.

Even the Cave Dweller Demons who were besieging the Fiendcelestial Array at the core of the ancient demon ruins sensed that danger had already descended.

Amidst the king-level Cave Dweller Demon’s widened eyes,

Many Cave Dweller Demons immediately dispersed.

They did not dare to approach this dangerous place again.

This was because the soul power in the passageway had already erupted towards the surroundings.

A moment later, a wave of soul smoothness that soared into the sky exploded from the ground.

It rushed towards the incomparably dark sky of Hell.

The shocking aurora illuminated the surroundings as if it was daytime.

Chen Kun and the elegant young man quickly left along a path at the side.

In the end, they rolled to the ground and collapsed on the ground of the Blood Wasteland.

When they looked up at this shocking scene, the two of them felt extremely complicated!