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Shu Yu’s cooking skills were not bad. In her previous life, to climb the societal ladder and stand by the side of her enemy, she had put a lot of effort into culinary.

Sanya immediately raised her hand, “I’ll do it. I’m good at controlling the fire.”

Dahu was not to be outdone, “Me, I’m better at it.”

“Nonsense, my fire is stronger than yours.”

Madam Ruan looked at the three of them getting along with each other. She couldn’t help but feel tears, but she was also very happy. She wiped her eyes and went forward to say, “All of you should rest. I’ll do it.”

Shu Yu would definitely not let Madam Ruan cook the noodles. Otherwise, there would be no oil or meat at all. She didn’t exactly like oily or salty food, but two drops of oil in a bowl of vegetables was something she refused.

Shu Yu pushed Madam Ruan out of the kitchen, then took out the bowls she bought in the county and gave them to her, asking the latter to wash them.

Madam Ruan couldn’t do anything about it. Since Erya was filial, she couldn’t be too polite. Otherwise, Erya would overthink it and take it as her reluctance to treat her as a daughter.

However, when Madam Ruan came in after washing up, she saw that Shu Yu poured a thick layer of oil in preparation to stir-fry the shredded meat. With that, Madam Ruan covered her chest and almost gasped.

She wanted to say that they shouldn’t pour so much oil since it was too wasteful.

However, she opened her mouth and quickly closed it again. Then, she endured her heartache and put the bowl back into the cupboard one by one, but her eyes kept glancing at the stove from time to time.

Shu Yu put the shredded meat into the pot. Sizzling sounds danced in their ears, and the fragrance followed closely.

Sanya and Dahu stood by the stove, puffed out their chests, and took deep breaths. Their eyes were closed in intoxication.

“It’s so fragrant. It’s too fragrant.”

Madam Ruan thought, “Well wouldn’t it be fragrant? After all, so much oil was used.”

The shredded meat had been finely cut, so it cooked quickly.

Shu Yu used a pair of chopsticks to pick up a piece of meat each for the two little ones. As soon as they put the meat in their mouths, the two of them looked up in surprise, “It’s so good…”

It was the most delicious meat they had ever eaten in their lives.

Sanya stomped her feet in joy. Dahu… Dahu went out and ran around the yard.

Seeing this, Madam Ruan couldn’t help but smile. Ever since Erya disappeared, she rarely smiled.

The noodles were cooked very quickly. Shu Yu poured the cooked noodles into a basin and placed the basin on the table.

At first, Madam Ruan didn’t notice it because she was standing far away. Only now did she realize that the serving of noodles was extraordinarily huge.

Her mother-in-law and husband weren’t around, so they shouldn’t be able to eat so much, right? But if she kept the noodles until tomorrow, they would become soggy.

She looked at Shu Yu and ultimately didn’t say anything. She just asked the two children to wash their hands.

Unexpectedly, Dahu ran in while in the middle of washing up and said, “Mother, second sister, third uncle is knocking on the door.”

Madam Ruan said a soft “shit” in her heart when she heard that, “Oh no, he must have come because of the fragrance.”

Without her mother-in-law, she was no match for her third brother and third sister-in-law. She might not be able to save the noodles from them.

Dahu hurriedly said, “I’ll take the basin to the room and hide it.”

Sanya shook her head, “That won’t do. Grandma said that third uncle has a dog’s nose.”

The three of them were panicking. Usually, they had nothing good to eat at home, and with the old lady’s presence, Lu Sanzhu did not come over.

In contrast, Shu Yu was very calm. She even took out a large bowl and picked out a portion of the noodles.

She then said to Dahu, “Open the door and let him in.”

“Ah?” Dahu was stunned for a moment. He quickly explained to her, “Second sister, you don’t know third uncle’s personality. He will…”

“I know,” Shu Yu smiled, “I made extra noodles on purpose. I knew he would come.”

The three people present were dumbfounded. What did Erya mean?