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Lu Dasong didn’t look at the villagers. He let go of Lu Sanzhu and warned him, “Our second sister-in-law and the others have just reunited with Erya. Don’t disturb them if you don’t have anything important, understand? Go back home.”

He had other matters to attend to in the fields, so he did not stay any longer. After glaring at Lu Sanzhu, he left.

However, this time, his footsteps were much lighter. After all, finding Erya was a joyous matter, and Lu Dasong was quite happy.

Watching Lu Dasong’s figure disappear, Lu Sanzhu snorted and spat at his back, “Big brother is really cunning. Never mind if he wants to leave, but he’s also blocking my way to get rich.”

Madam Liang blinked at him, “Don’t worry. We helped the second sister-in-law just now and exposed Old Lady Ruan’s scheme. Erya should at least remember this favor, right?”

“She must remember. Even if she doesn’t, I will remind her,” Lu Sanzhu scoffed and glanced at the Lu family’s courtyard. Then, he waved his hand, “Forget it. Let’s go home first. I’ll give them some time to catch up. We’ll go visit later and show our faces in front of Erya. It’s also fortunate that the real Erya is Miss Shu. She looks like a rich person. It’s only reasonable for her to help us out, her poor uncle and aunt who have helped her before.”

Madam Liang nodded, and the couple entered the house, imagining the riches they might gain and chuckling.

At this time, Shu Yu, who they were thinking about, was being pulled into the house by Madam Ruan.

As soon as she entered, Madam Ruan couldn’t help but want to cry again. She grabbed Shu Yu tightly with one hand and asked, “Erya, how have you been all these years? Did the person who bought you mistreat you? How did you find this place? Where are your adoptive parents? They…”

Her questions were quick and anxious, and Shu Yu didn’t interrupt her. When Madam Ruan was almost done, Shu Yu said, “I’m fine. I don’t look like I’ve suffered, right? The family that bought me back then wanted a boy, so after they saw that I was a girl, they gave me away. My adoptive parents treated me very well, and I was their only daughter. Two years ago, they had an accident and passed away. Only then did they tell me about my background and asked me to come and find my family.”

Shu Yu naturally couldn’t tell them about the Shu family, so she could only make up a story, “I only found out about your whereabouts a few days ago, so I wanted to come and take a look. I’m sorry I didn’t acknowledge you at first. I wasn’t sure if you would welcome me…”

“Of course, we would welcome you!”

“Yes, I know.”

After hearing that she had been living well, Madam Ruan finally heaved a long sigh of relief. She patted Shu Yu’s hand and said, “It’s all thanks to your adoptive parents. After we settle down, I will go with you to see them.”

Shu Yu was speechless. Where to?

She could only nod and avoid Madam Ruan’s gaze.

Then, she saw Sanya and Dahu who were standing at the side and looking at her with great concentration.

When Shu Yu saw their identical expressions, her mood could not help but improve. She smiled and waved at them, “What’s wrong? I’m your second sister, aren’t you happy?”

“I’m not unhappy. I’m very happy. It’s like, it’s like I’m dreaming,” Sanya said in a low voice and carefully came forward. Then, she reached out her small hand and touched Shu Yu gently.

Dahu also nodded hard at the side as if he was afraid that Shu Yu would misunderstand and leave again in a bad mood.

Madam Ruan looked at the three of them happily. At that moment, there was a knock on the door.