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Shu Yu and Madam Ruan turned their heads at the same time, only to see Third Lu and his wife Madam Liang running into the courtyard.

Madam Liang didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the moment when Old Lady Ruan and the young lady weren’t paying attention. She directly grabbed the young lady and looked at her nape.

It was hard to tell if the girl was really unkempt or if she was deliberately making her appearance terrible, but she hadn’t taken a bath for a few days, so her nape was black with dirt.

Madam Liang immediately spat on the girl’s nape, then rubbed it hard a few times, until a layer of dirt was removed. Following this, she smiled in satisfaction. “I’ve taken a look. There’s no birthmark on the back of this girl’s neck. She’s a fake.”

Shu Yu was amazed. To think there was such a crazy genius operation?

She had seen Madam Liang twice, and both times she had been shocked by the latter’s unexpected actions.

Old Lady Ruan finally came to her senses and pounced on Madam Liang to hit her. “What are you doing? To think you spit on someone else’s neck, do you have some serious illness?”

Madam Liang wasn’t a pushover. She simply shoved Old Lady Ruan away and said, “What am I doing? I’m helping my second sister-in-law to prove whether this girl is really Erya. Miss Shu has already shown her nape to my second sister-in-law so openly and straightforwardly. Aren’t you guys clearly diffident since you’re so elusive?”

Third Lu was also clamoring from the side, “That’s right, that’s right. You took advantage of my mother and second brother’s absence to come over. Did you think that the Lu family has no one and you can deceive us as you please?”

As they spoke, the couple stood beside Madam Ruan and Shu Yu with an expression that said, “If you dare to talk nonsense and do anything stupid again, we’ll kill you”.

Shu Yu looked at the couple suspiciously. What were they trying to do? They had never been so righteous before. Hadn’t they just been standing at the entrance of the courtyard and watching the show not long ago?

However, she couldn’t bother with them at this time. Shu Yu looked at Old Lady Ruan and the girl while walking towards them step by step. “Now, can you tell us what you want to do by bringing along this imposter?”

Old Lady Ruan couldn’t help but take a step back. “I, I…”

She looked at Madam Ruan, Shu Yu, Third Lu and his wife, and Lu Dasong, who were standing in the courtyard. Her heart skipped a beat.

Old Lady Ruan couldn’t help but regret not bringing her son over. At that time, she thought that since the old lady from the Lu family wasn’t around and Second Lu had also gone to the county town, she and the girl would be enough. Their combination would be just nice to appear pitiful and soften her daughter’s heart.

She had never expected a Miss Shu to appear out of nowhere. On top of that, this Miss Shu was the real Erya.

Old Lady Ruan was unwilling to fail, but seeing the Lu family’s fierce gazes, she suddenly closed her eyes and sat on the ground. Then she slapped her thigh and cried, “Oh my, my life is so hard. My good intentions have been taken for granted. How would I know that this girl is a fake? I’m the one who’s been deceived. My life is bitter.”

Shu Yu watched the other party’s excellent show and smiled. Then, she turned to ask the girl, “She said she was deceived by you, so you’re the liar? Where did you come from? What do you want? You’re trying to trick the Lu family by impersonating Lu Erya, but what’s next? The Lu family has nothing to offer, and they’re living a poor life. They have nothing worth your deception. Don’t tell me you’re trying to use this opportunity to stay in Shangshi Village and use your identity as the Erya of the Lu family to do something to the villagers. Tell me, do you have an accomplice? Where are your accomplices? What are your plans?”

The girl was dumbfounded. She, she didn’t want to do anything. Since when did she have accomplices?