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“It’s you?”

The moment she saw Lu Erbai’s appearance, Shu Yu finally understood what the Dongqing Temple master’s letter to her meant.

She was indeed in debt.

It wasn’t the original owner of this body’s debt of being born, but her own debt of being saved.

A year ago, she had transmigrated to this world because the original owner of this body had fallen off a cliff.

At that time, she had just woken up and was hanging on the slope of the cliff. Her body was covered in injuries and she had no strength. Lu Erbai happened to pass by. Seeing her in this state, he quickly climbed up and saved her.

When they were going down the mountain, a huge rock rolled down from above. Lu Erbai couldn’t run fast enough with her tagging along. When the rock arrived, he pushed her away and was hit by the big rock then.

His leg had been injured then.

At that time, Shu Yu had just transmigrated and did not understand the situation. However, Lu Erbai’s actions shocked her.

She did not understand. If he had just left her behind, he could have saved himself.

Lu Erbai didn’t even know why he did that. He could only say that it was a subconscious action.

Now that she thought about it, it was probably because the father and daughter were connected by heart, and their blood relationship was too strong.

Later, the two of them fainted and were brought back by the people from the Daoist temple who came to look for her.

After Shu Yu woke up, the first thing she did was to ask about Lu Erbai’s condition. The temple master said that they were lucky. There was a traveling doctor with brilliant medical skills in the temple, so their lives were not in danger.

Even Lu Erbai’s leg had been reattached, but he needed to rest for some time.

Shu Yu’s injuries were more serious. She was drowsy and spent most of her time sleeping. Even though she wanted to see Lu Erbai, she couldn’t get up. She could only wait until she was well before she went to thank him.

At that time, the Shu family who came to offer incense had already left, leaving only Shu Yu and a lazy little servant girl to accompany her to recuperate.

Shu Yu wasn’t valued in the Shu family. Before they left, they didn’t even send anyone to see Lu Erbai. They didn’t take the fact that he saved the Shu family’s young lady to heart either. To the Shu family, he was just a commoner, and since his life was not in danger, he was not worth a glance.

Shu Yu didn’t think much of the Shu family’s actions either. This was her life, so she would thank him herself. Back when she had just woken, she had given the only money she had to the temple master and asked him to send it to Lu Erbai. The rest could wait until she could get off the bed.

She hadn’t expected that in less than two days, the temple master would come and tell her that Lu Erbai had left.

It was said that Lu Erbai had a daughter who had gone missing, and he had been looking for her all these years. He had appeared near Dongqing Temple and had managed to save her because he had heard that his daughter might be there.

He had already been delayed for a few days after saving Shu Yu. He was afraid that he would miss the clues of his daughter’s whereabouts, so he left the Daoist temple impatiently and went down the mountain.

Back then, Shu Yu only knew that his surname was Lu but not his name. His home was not in the prefecture either.

She wanted to find him, but she had no clue.

Dongqing Temple’s master didn’t know much either. He only said that Lu Erbai’s leg bones had been connected, and if he recuperated well, there wouldn’t be a big problem.

However, now that Shu Yu looked at Lu Erbai again, it was obvious that his leg was not well. Not only did it not recover, but it had also become more serious.

Dongqing Temple’s master was good at reading people’s faces. Perhaps, after seeing her and Lu Erbai’s faces, he got suspicious and went to investigate, so he knew who her biological parents were.

Many of the doubts in Shu Yu’s heart were answered. She took a deep breath and walked toward the people in the courtyard.