Chapter 460 - Chapter 460: She Suffered a Huge Blow

Chapter 460: She Suffered a Huge Blow

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Li Deze immediately turned to look at Ye Xiyuan beside him and said, “Xiyuan, let’s head to the principal’s office now. Ye Lengan is getting too arrogant, taking advantage of her good grades to treat you like this. We absolutely cannot let her get away with it so easily.”

“Brother Deze, I don’t want to go to the principal’s office.” Ye Xiyuan’s face turned pale. She tightly gripped Li Deze’s arm and spoke with a trembling voice, “I’m not feeling well. I want to go home.”

“Xiyuan.” Seeing Ye Xiyuan’s condition, Li Deze felt deeply concerned. He tried to persuade her, “You can’t keep letting Ye Lengan get away with this. You’re only encouraging her to keep bullying you. She’s been doing this to you more and more, and if you let her off this time, she’ll continue to torment you in the future.’

“I want to go home.” Ye Xiyuan remained unmoved, her eyes welling up with tears as if they might spill over any moment. She appeared pitiful as she said, “Brother Deze, can you please take me home now?”

Her mind was in turmoil, and all she wanted was to go home and find some peace. At this moment, she had lost her desire even to confront Ye Lengan.

Observing Ye Xiyuan’s state, Li Deze felt frustrated but couldn’t bring himself to reject her request. In the end, he decided to accompany Ye Xiyuan back home.

However, before leaving, he didn’t miss the chance to issue a stern warning to saying, “Ye Lengan, don’t think today’s incident will be forgotten.

It won’t. Just you wait!”

With that, he left with Ye Xiyuan.

Upon returning to the Ye family, they found Ye Li and Ye Anyun absent, leaving only Lin Wanqin at home,

When she saw Ye Xiyuan, with no trace of color on her face and bearing a bright red handprint, she was genuinely taken aback. She immediately stood up and rushed to Ye Xiyuan’s side, her eyes filled with concern and anxiety.

“Xiyuan, what happened to you? Who hit you?”

She hadn’t expected her daughter, who had been perfectly fine when she left in the morning, to look like this now.

“Mom, I’m okay. I’m just a bit tired,” Ye Xiyuan said, dismissing Chen Wanqin’s concerns. She continued, “I’m going back to my room to rest for a while. You don’t have to call me for dinner.’

Before Lin Wanqin could say anything else, Ye Xiyuan turned and headed upstairs. At this moment, she really didn’t want to say anything or have anyone asking her questions. She just wanted to have some quiet time to think about her next steps.

Observing Ye Xiyuan’s retreating figure, Lin Wanqin initially intended to continue her inquiries, but for some reason, she found herself unable to speak.

Once Ye Xiyuan’s figure disappeared around the corner of the staircase, she quickly turned to Li Deze, who had escorted Ye Xiyuan home, and urgently asked, “Deze, what on earth happened? How did Xiyuan get injured? Who did this to her? And why does she look like this?”

The look on her face, seemingly devoid of all vitality, was enough to make anyone feel alarmed as if she had suffered a tremendous blow.

Li Deze held nothing back, recounting the entire story about Ye Lengan. He was now convinced that Ye Lengan had bullied Ye Xiyuan, so naturally, he emphasized Ye Leng’an’s arrogance while describing the events.

“It’s that Ye Lengan again. Why is she so persistent?” After hearing Li Deze’s account, Lin Wanqin was fuming. “I’ve raised her all these years, even treating her as my own daughter, and this is how she repays me? In the past decade, I’ve always regarded her as my biological daughter. But after occupying Xiyuan’s position for so many years, she still dares to bully Xiyuan now. She truly has no conscience. Even if you raise a dog for so many years, it should know how to be grateful! ”

The mere mention of Ye Lengan filled her with disgust. Especially in recent times, Ye Li would occasionally complain about how it would have been better if they hadn’t let Ye Leng’an go.

She understood that Ye Li was now regretting his decision upon seeing Ye Lengan getting close to Young Master Huangfu. However, she didn’t regret it, especially when she witnessed Ye Leng’an repeatedly bullying Xiyuan. She even wished they hadn’t raised someone like Ye Lengan all these years. “Auntie, I don’t think we can continue like this.” Li Deze expressed his concerns. “Ye Lengan has been bullying Xiyuan like this, and I’ve caught her in the act several times. What about when I didn’t witness it? Who knows how many times it has happened? You know Xiyuan’s personality. She’s naturally gentle and even if she’s bullied, she won’t utter a word, absolutely unwilling to speak up, let alone file a complaint.”

Lin Wanqin couldn’t help but let out a sigh. “Xiyuan’s kind nature, I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse.”

“Auntie, Xiyuan’s naturally kind, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem lies with Ye Leng’an.” The moment that name was mentioned, Li Deze’s tone grew furious. “We can’t allow her to continue being arrogant. I wanted to step in, but I’m not Xiyuan’s real brother, so it wouldn’t be appropriate. So, Auntie, I think you should personally go and speak with the principal. At the very least, Ye Lengan should face the consequences.”

Lin Wanqin could no longer contain her emotions and stated directly, “I’m going to find Principal Zheng now. Xiyuan was injured at school. Regardless of the circumstances, the school needs to give me an explanation.”

Having said that, Lin Wanqin left in a hurry.

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Li Deze naturally followed suit. Since he had raised the matter, he felt obliged to accompany her. Moreover, he was a witness, and it was only right for him to be present to provide testimony.

In the meantime, Ye Lengan was attentively listening to the class in her own classroom. Although it was a bit dull, she focused nonetheless. She had noticed that she was the only one paying attention in the entire classroom. Perhaps she was giving some respect to the teacher. After all, she didn’t attend class often.

However, just as she was attentively listening to the lecture, someone suddenly arrived, interrupting the teacher’s teaching, and informed her that she needed to go to the principal’s office because the principal wanted to see her.

Ye Lengan was perplexed. She had just left the principal’s office not long ago. Why would the principal summon her again?

Nevertheless, she quickly got up and headed to the principal’s office..