Chapter 410 - Chapter 410: Wang Ye’s Shocking Move

Chapter 410: Wang Ye’s Shocking Move

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“Swish, swish-”

In the electronic classroom of the new recruit platoon, Wang Ye and four other experienced soldiers, who were about to become platoon leaders for the first time, were busy writing.

The exam.

Today was already the third day.

After a brief training, there was only one final task remaining.

The exam.

Pass the exam to lead the troops; fail…

Well, if you can’t even pass this, then there’s no point in becoming a backbone. You might as well continue being an ordinary soldier.

After all, the exam wasn’t that difficult; it was just about scenarios that the new recruits might encounter, and you had to write down your approach based on the training content of the past three days.

“Qian Dongfang, eighty-nine points!”

“Wang Ye, ninety points!”

“Zhang Tian, ninety-three points!”

The exam ended, and the results were announced on the spot.

No one scored a perfect hundred, and even Wang Ye wasn’t in first place. The corporal from the Eighth Company, who came from the first batch, achieved an impressive score of ninety-eight points.

Of course, Wang Ye didn’t react much to these results.

This type of exam was open-ended, and everyone had different answers.

In such cases, to achieve a high score, it depended more on how well your answers aligned with the perspective of the person grading your paper.

Clearly, the corporal from the Eighth Company had won over the grader’s favor, while Wang Ye and the others were slightly behind.

However, it wasn’t a big deal; scoring eighty points in this assessment was considered a pass.

But next, the papers were redistributed, and the training officer from the regimental staff led another hour-long session.

He explained the points deducted based on everyone’s answers and conveyed his expectations.

Well… Wang Ye pretended to listen attentively on the surface, but inside, he was rolling his eyes.

What a load of nonsense. Take, for instance, the question where he lost five points – he wasn’t going to change that.

Or helping the new recruits wash their feet.

Absurd. Just fetching water was being too considerate.

It was the modern era, for crying out loud, the age of the internet.

Wang Ye believed that even the new recruits weren’t completely ignorant about military life.

lie had his own ideas.

And his ideas certainly wouldn’t change just because of the personal preferences of one training officer, even if he claimed it was tradition and explained why it needed to be done that way.

But when it came to helping them wash their feet, Wang Ye leaned towards finding alternative methods.

“This training concludes here, and I appreciate everyone’s cooperation over these past few days!”


Wang Ye and the other four soldiers clapped.

As they watched the training officer leave, Wang Ye stood up.

“All right, it’s getting late. Let’s go have lunch. Afterward, we’ll take a rest, and in the afternoon, we’ll prepare to receive the new recruits!”

Among the five of them, he was the only officer and the only platoon leader, so during this training period, they all reported to Wang Ye.

“Yes, sir!”

The other four responded in unison.

They walked out of the electronic classroom and headed to their respective platoons.

In the new recruit platoon, the new recruits hadn’t arrived yet, but the new recruit platoon leaders who had undergone training had already moved in.

As Wang Ye descended to the second floor, he walked straight into the dormitory with the number “205” on the door.

Yes, he was back in Class Five.

At the beginning of the year, he had left this dormitory as a new recruit, and now he had returned as a platoon leader and a platoon sergeant.

“Wang Platoon Leader, the… um…”

Around 1:50 in the afternoon, one of the new recruit platoon leaders undergoing training walked up to the door of Class Five’s dormitory.

He had just wanted to inform Wang Ye that the vehicle for receiving the new recruits was on its way, but in the next moment, he froze.

Staring at Wang Ye, he looked as if he had been struck by lightning.

Wang Ye turned to face him with a smile. “What’s with that expression?”

Zhang Tian snapped out of his daze, and the next moment, he dryly said to Wang Ye, “Wang… Wang Platoon Leader, why… why three?”

He pointed at the upper-left chest area of Wang Ye’s uniform.

In reality, he had many things he wanted to say right now, but he chose to voice the most straightforward question.

That was because on Wang Ye’s left chest, there were three rows of three medals lined up side by side.

The top row had three second-class medals.

The second row had three third-class medals.

The bottom row had two commendation medals and one outstanding trainee medal.

These were just recently awarded to Wang Ye.

It was also the first time Wang Ye had taken out all of his medals and pinned them to his uniform.

How would he lead the new recruits?

Wang Ye had actually been pondering this question for several days.

As the only officer among the platoon and squad leaders this time, Wang Ye was destined to attract attention from the new recruits.

In this situation, Wang Ye thought for a moment and decided to take a bold approach.

Give them a bigger shock, so these new recruits who had just arrived from the outside wouldn’t get too comfortable with him.

Simply dominate them from the start.

Of course, judging by Zhang Tian’s expression right now, it was evident that he had been stunned by Wang Ye’s row of medals even before the new recruits had a chance to react.

Now, as he saw Zhang Tian pointing at the position of his second-class medals, Wang Ye gave a mysterious smile.

“It’s a secret!”

Outside, people had always thought he had only two second-class medals.

As for what happened with Deng I lai, that was indeed a secret.

However, the incident needed to be kept confidential, but the medals didn’t.

He could wear them as long as he didn’t reveal how he earned that particular medal.

After all, faking a medal like that was impossible.

Zhang Tian took a deep breath.

“Wang Platoon Leader, are you… going to receive the new recruits like this?”

Looking at the rows of medals on Wang Ye’s chest, Zhang Tian felt a bit dazzled, but he couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

At this moment, he was truly taken aback.

Even though they were all in the same regiment, and everyone was aware of Wang Ye’s achievements to some extent, they had never seen him display them like this.

But now, he saw it.

The years of service medal, the insignia of second lieutenant, and the multitude of medals nearly covering his left chest.

It was a bit overwhelming to look at.

Wang Ye smiled and said, “Yes, I plan to give the new recruits in my platoon a little shock!”

“Heh, it’s indeed quite shocking…” Zhang Tian chuckled dryly.


No kidding. Not only would the new recruits be shocked, but even these seasoned soldiers would be left dumbfounded.

In fact, they were.

When Wang Ye walked out of the dormitory in this attire, the other new recruit platoon leaders who saw him were equally stunned on the spot.

And it wasn’t just them.

Even the veteran platoon leaders who had just arrived and didn’t need training, as well as some veterans who had come to assist and were preparing to welcome the new recruits, were equally flabbergasted when they saw Wang Ye.

The impact of all those medals on his uniform was truly immense!

“Hoo- Wang Ye, you…”

The platoon leader of the new recruit company, who was also the deputy platoon leader of the Criminal Investigation company, regained his composure and couldn’t help but address Wang Ye.

“Heh heh!” Wang Ye smiled and replied, “Isn’t today’s occasion quite important? It’s my first time leading new recruits, and 1 feel like I should be more dignified. What do you think, Company Commander? Do you think it’s not suitable?”

He was also a second lieutenant, with the same rank as Wang Ye.

Of course, their military experience was worlds apart.

This company Commander had ten years of service.

He had enlisted in the military three years after completing high school, entered a military academy after four years, graduated after four more years, returned to the army, served as a platoon leader for two years, and then as a deputy platoon leader for one year.

His military career was quite extensive.

But now, as he looked at Wang Ye, he couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed.

His mouth felt bitter, even though he hadn’t eaten anything.

No, it’s very suitable!” Jiang Huai replied dryly.

After saying that, he took a deep breath once more.

Turning around, he called out to the soldiers in his platoon who were still staring at Wang Ye, “Alright, everyone, get ready!”

He was the deputy platoon leader of the Criminal Investigation company, but this year, he was serving as the platoon leader for the new recruits.

Therefore, the welcoming team for the new recruits was naturally drawn from the Criminal Investigation company.

Hmm… he had pulled in most of the soldiers from the Security Platoon.

All of them were tall, standing at over six feet.

Currently, they were carrying some banners and even some drums and other instruments.

Upon hearing Jiang Huai’s words, they immediately dispersed.

However, even after they left, Wang Ye could still feel their lingering gazes on him.

To be honest, he felt a little uneasy being watched like this.

It was his first time being this high-profile.

But Wang Ye kept a straight face and didn’t pay them any further attention.

At this moment, Jiang Huai turned to look at Wang Ye once again.

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His gaze passed over Wang Ye’s chest, and he couldn’t help a twitch at the corner of his mouth. Then he quickly addressed the people around him, “Let’s get on the trucks and prepare to receive the new recruits!”

The people around him were the platoon leaders from various companies.

Not only Wang Ye and the other five undergoing training, but also the platoon leaders from other companies who had come along in the trucks.

There were five trucks in total, and as a platoon leader, Wang Ye naturally had a seat in one of them.

However, sitting in the front passenger seat at this moment was a bit awl